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Question 1

Question text
You would like to invest INR 1000 in a bank? The bank is offering you an interest of 10% APR
continuously compounded. If you want to withdraw the whole amount after 10 years, what is the
amount (in INR) you will be able to withdraw (rounded to the nearest integer)?

Select one:

a. 1649

b. 1822

c. 2718

d. 3320

Question 2

Question text
XYZ Co. has taken a building on lease for 5 years. The lease contract is in the form of half
yearly payments at a 10% stated annual interest rate (APR) compounded semi-annually. The
Present value of lease payments is equal to INR 10 crore. Suppose that the first payment is due
immediately. What will the lease payments be every half year (in inr crores if total no. of
payments is 10 payments only)?

Select one:

a. 1.233

b. 2.15

c. 0.95

d. 1.5

Question 3

Question text
Sukhi (male) and Rukhi (female) are husband and wife. They would like to buy a new house. For
that they are thinking of taking a home loan from BSI Bank. BSI Bank says that the rate of
interest on a 50 lakhs (inr) loan is 10% APR compounded monthly for a 20-year loan. However,
there is slight rebate in the rate for female borrowers. The rate of interest for female borrowers is
9.5% APR compounded monthly for a 20-year loan of 50 lakhs (inr).
Rukhi takes the loan. What is the per month savings in inr (rounded to nearest integer) in the EMI
if Rukhi takes the loan instead of Sukhi.
Select one:

a. 2021

b. 1590

c. 1645

d. 1440

Question 4

Question text
ABC Co. is planning to invest in in-house operating system for mobile phones. They have
forecasted that with the new operating system the following are the expected cash flows that will
be generated: -
This project will generate $10 million at end of Year 1 which will grow at a rate of 10% for next 3
years from Year 1 onwards. From Year 4 onwards, the growth rate in cash flows will stabilize to
3% per year till perpetuity.
If the discount rate is 12% what is the Present Value of the Cash Flows generated. (rounded to
the nearest integer in million dollars).

Select one:

a. 132

b. 98

c. 118

d. 148
Question 5

Question text
A farmer has taken a loan from Kidar Co. for INR 100. Kidar Co. told the farmer that he can take
INR 100 today but will have to pay the company INR 110 after 20 days. If the farmer was not
able to pay off the loan for over a year, what is the amount he is supposed to pay to Kidar Co.
Interest is compounded every 20 days (Take 1 year has 360 days). (Answer rounded to the
nearest integer in INR)

Select one:

a. 556

b. 1238

c. 1967

d. 769