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Company:_________________________________ EMPLOYEE NO.

Business Address: __________________________ SSS NO.:
__________________________ PHILHEALTH NO.:


Dear ________________________________:
(name of employee)

This confirms your employment in the company on a Probationary Status subject to the following terms
and conditions:

DURATION: 6 months (___________ to ____________)

SALARY Basic __________ per day
TOTAL __________ monthly

Tasks and Standards: The tasks to be performed are stated in the Job Description, a separate attachment
which forms an integral part of this contract.
Evaluation: The performance of your assigned tasks shall be evaluated periodically against standards
to determine your fitness to continue with the job.
Company Rules & You shall abide by the company policies as stated in the Employees’ Manual, the
Regulations: company’s Code of Discipline, and the instructions of your superiors.
Any information&that Y You may obtain in the course of your work regarding company’s operating procedures
Intellectual Property shall be kept strictly confidential. Any hardware or software in which development you
Rights: may take part shall not be given, sold, purveyed and/or communicated to third parties
without the written permission of the Company. Violation of this provision shall
constitute a valid ground for the termination of your employment.
Termination: Your employment shall be evaluated before the end of the 3rd month to determine your
final employment status. On the other hand, the Company may likewise terminate your
employment for just causes provided by law, for serious violation of company policies
and code of discipline, and/or for misrepresentations made in your application for
employment or resume.

We take pleasure in welcoming you to ________________________ and we look forward to a mutually beneficial
working relationship. (name of company)

Please indicate your conformity to the above terms and conditions of your employment by affixing your signature
on the space provided below.

Saila Watanabe / Sunrise Bagoyo


Conforme: _______________________