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© PARTIAL DIFFERENTIAL ERUATICNS Dotreductisn, Tn te case of orcktnany differential equations, the unknown, soy y, depended em & Shgle Naratle, Say sc. However, Uno mest physteal phencrena, the mankoown depends on mere than one independent Nonoble. The redetng ef such phenemence leods bo eqpwrotions tnvetieng perbal densobve OF trese Norables, Sich equatong are cotlted Parka Defferenbial Equations CP-pe’s) Te sedy of PDEs Polls vacthes the, dl loranch ef methemetics cated onelsses . Here, we wow foous en the thre rein cas of pde’s | te heat, Laplace's anct te = sane. ag padiorn . =O: Gey SHH Ay* —- @® Seturtien - . = cae . “S Sac dg ard order, ULneor, nen — herrogenesis Ths us @ ntegrote er ae pde. To sce ©, Simply Area ting yas em constent . BD wy = Bot — Sey + coo = SO a Sumeterty , cntegroting sore a as oO censtent gwes) Bwonyd = sety — teeyt + Fp + ge 3 a Tres us Are general solubion af O. aS aoe ® a8: Meta he Sovwe “ns pde given Adrot ee ee Sdutton. Again, thes us a and order, 4" nen -hemogenesus eqrebion. po robing usr sc, breaking Yo ooS O Constant anes» Ay = w- ax + FY) => Vy mR tat oe — & We must neo use echeg riers feeter crathed here - s ay ee = te ie = e~ Ma Lepigeng, @ threvajhouk by te I-F, or Cy a) = ce a eS cy) = S [ve] = pa “Fe 7 -3 roa ue = Roce + hoy) 4&) > w= asc + Hly) + gered —E Ubi eng the condi iene gwen, uw Lo, yo =o D aleryd= Hey + gtoe4 = 6 => to = — ges —_ © Second 4 cecie> = se* We must Perse nel Use Coe 4) Fem ©, tectayde at g'Gde® =. Ww Cio = a+ ge = =" => a Cecd = sea > ge = 2 re A —@ Herce frees © , HUy= —-Aed Subshiiutingy © 4 © ente © gues etsy = ase Aes a Gee ae Ett) es D> uleiyd = aco + = Tee) The. Weve Eqpabien COne- Diren stone) exearncne the SO- cotledt Weave equchen Which anges prosiems ast QO A Nebr ting elastia string @ Tronemessdon of elechrerky to o Coble ® Sond weaves urn a cube. @ Wekrer Waves Un a corset @®_ Secunds ef mustecal Unstruments © Newe unputses co Beeleqy. > —— oo aw at = 5S ~ te Use 9 SUS non-zero cecstant . Te sWe thes PDE, we reed bo presen be So-cotted boundcany condi ens and cc eak conditions, Such ai preblern “Ss Cotbed a Boundary Nol Problen CBVP) we . we) = ace) Pek us consdder the Fottovscng speclial poysteal problem + Aa eastie string Us stretchecl betoan =o and s=L eleng the ants and claspect ot the ench pocnts. Tt es then dus placeoL ah eid Un Some pestben of tan Lbere v > coo preple, “ FSO. Te vec then ce leased. devermine cts displacement Ula, t> ab any porate sc Ciefs 2 onc oe any ame kee. Oletuousty , the dusplacement voll depench 8m boty ac and &. The Uncle Veloohy Uy, Gat) =o. Tre equation deseriorrg the subseqvent motien ef the. Stra es the Oe-Demrensvenal Wave Eq. i b ques Xy ee ase Sues wo We need Lo solve Ww aubject ts he UY boundary condi tions , uUfoti =o, “UCL, =a —- and the ench’ol Condi lvens eC ey = FSD —- Wd a ke, os= — © & Ts solve the BNE depineck byw -w , We use We method ef Separation of Vormalles. Here, we assume tet the eeninouen -func-con ules) can be separated tank Functions oF these boo Linde pence itt Nanatcles - ves pie ae Mie Toe), 2 After subsbinting mints O , tre. gen pde %S duce ko a system of ode Subst tuking aves, KOT") = &* XK"Cad TCE) > qGD 2 ec oe TLE) Kad The LHS YS & furnckicn of + eoky, woke le. the RH S ws mo fone bien of 1 onky . These Us only posse ble. uf both sides are egal ko GQ Common Constant whech we shall fe ee a C for comvencence) -»? ves catted He separation constant . Thos , ay tT OG) = 465) = — x7 = oe” Tle) Cee) Leas — () ” x" ATX ZO ees ay (> and @ are Steple hermonce mokhen equations , and thecr general Sclitvens an ger Tae Aces A Xt + BStrn Ket X= Ccos>sc + Dea dsc ee Da [Ceas dee + Dein dela coe deb rBsen nt — (CS) Noo, we appg Khe boundary conc’ tens ko we). ie Recatl wle,t> =o j-e ult =o Za uleOD= Cc LAcesrct+ Barn rath =o => C =o Since ArosdAxnt + Bsinrtxt= T FO Thus ed moy be reeds fled as, Ulsutd) = Deer rsa [Aces At + Banraty Ce, utes E> = stm rec cease kek + be cin rect eG) Nos uth) = sin ALLacosdect + le scnrcky =o Furstty, » etn xl =o aL ow » oT 2 © L nese Volues us an veteqars of » are called the exgenvelues of He guren BNP Sire the gen PRE vs LKnear and homogeneous’, we rey applky the Super pesth oo proeple to ge* Solution « eee OO a eer eee - Ulex, &) =Zsun omse{ nea n c Tret +b sta att iL. c eo = Now We can apply the encthol Concli bions ° Recau, ulsre} = flo) Sais oa wy Coc, ©&> ® = co wre + oT Fansen aT b+ bacas nrc) c c om met n=t 4 (249-39 Snot ore si tna i i ty da Z Lom (os bY =o I : a Seo aise n=1 b. nee u L =o Osx al Thes can only be sSabsfed of b,=o S ,OBt Hence uCx,t>= Z An SUN OTe cos nTet —— @ n= ut L Facty,, the men homogeneous Condon leads to, 2 uwlst,e> = Zaygsinat = £5 » Of0c8L as te Thes us exactly the Hele — range Founer Stne Serves represen ta_ban, for FG) and so an cs gruten by, L Qa,= 2 fl FEO SUN OTSc daw —@& c aaa fe c ir Summanze, the soliton of the BYP WO) LS gen by ule t)= BZ aiscn ote cog atret c C net Where, acai Qe by ®. 25D: Seive the BVP GW —~—w) the case Where w + Coed =] ® Feo = asen Tee — 3stn Hite cl ws ‘@® The Hear Equation € We heck equation vs ore of the mast weddely sticied equations Sie medels Oo number of Phystcol proitems such as: © Corductken sf heat en o body © Nor travty transpert OO a furd flos ete. Wes equation vs gNen by uy = x Ue — oo Where wCs,%) and & SO US a Constant representing heck conductyvcby - Te can be chewsn thet < Vanes From metenial bo metenal. Pee us eXamine a specsfhcao 1-D heat equation : Consider o fincte rod of lenat, be oft megk gible tdhuckness . > se ° e Assuring Ket the end pens are. held ot Zero temperature and crtatty, Gre Kempemture of the rod us To, deterncre. dhe compere ot ony pocnt cn the rod ec any subsequent ee Where ok a peat sc Subject to the wCo,t> wouL+) area te ; B84 m20 — t1) ucsct> represerts he = temperoture en the vod ot ony Lime t, boundary Condit'ens, =o ea) Gb) tathetl condiivons , “wo D= Ts y oeacstzt, a2 ulaiod= Te ulot)=o 4LLiQ=as Ulss,*) Applying te separatven of Nanable technrqgue, let wtset> = “Ase Tctk> — ‘ed Swiesbieue OD obo O37 ALOE = & A COT CE) > a _ -_x" ae x ok eee) fT “he Chs ef () es a farction of & omy whete the ohs US a fancies a =e only. S vw enmty possble of, Toa = XX" Cx) =o Cesastent) of TLE) KX) — eo => ee “oT and ft. = ->* [oa esy K M: Te At&T =o Pana), (®): “> 4 RX =o — ud he soutreon of M SS = rot 7 = fe — w While the soliken Sf Ue) us Kled = Bees Ax + CStenrA~Re — OD AP 7. uced=a € . { cos dx + bb sen rdse — 2 We need to determine the constants, a,b and AlLSseperatkon constant). os >a a =o 5 t Bo > o2=06 — Nrect Nees ea ees eS Cad @5): utél Wee Pet oe stn AL = Oo , Bo > SA AL =6 > y= a Say ete > ~ = OT = tre edgenvelnes Hence , oy dre Super poss tien proce: o —atret vtut}= 2 bre ie stn nits. -—US) 91 aaa Fenay , @ : utse,odo= Te => 2. ba StnoTm = TS , ofa 2b aa G Ths 6S a belt |e FS for To . Therefore Bre bb.’ ss are ges by + L bas =f Te. Stn at pce ob, = ate [f -cos nT av] ; ec ov ce ° : n even Wt | nm edd aw b i ate pannel ee eT Frome (15), 2 co =Canst) TE wWimAt= # iT «|, = Stn C30-") Tec an GOW io =| spve * -- utente 4, o Gord rest — = Sto C2071) Tx nel (2n-1) ee Ex: Consider the cose Where the boundary candibons are en ~ hone geneous Cer wy = eee u Co, H= we CLO= PB mw Cx, oD = fod ® Laplace 7s Equation ‘Vhes ts represented| by Auto crm qo Where OB cs. cattecl Loplace ’s Operotor : Ta 8-D Cartestan Coordinates Gey i 1%) a be cemes Yor Fo YMyyg +t Ug,.=0 Whee tn Qa-D, te recices to Uae + yy Pes. Students are ed ko leplace ?-s equatisa “ac wut the research cb CS assocVatec| mest famous and cenper tent of al porttoL chifferenst® aL 2apoten.s