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Secret Recipe was Founded in 1997, Secret Recipe Cakes and Café Sdn Bhd is a

Malaysian halal-certified café chain company established since 1997. Secret Recipe
Cakes & Café’s concept can be found in prime urban locations and shopping malls in
major cities in the region including international branches in Singapore, Indonesia,
Thailand, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Myanmar, Maldives and Bangladesh. It serves cakes
and fusion food in a service environment. Secret Recipe made its mark, renowned for its
extensive range of fine quality gourmet cakes. It has since evolved to become one of the
fastest growing lifestyle cakes and café chain in the region with over 440 café outlets to
date. Secret Recipe promises a value lifestyle proposition of great variety and quality food
at affordable prices. The uncompromising quality of food and desserts using quality
ingredients, coupled with moderate pricing, has created a new lifestyle cult, compromising
of a loyal base of food and cake lovers.
Secret Recipe Cakes & Café offers a friendly and personalized full-service dining
experience for customers and enhance it with a modern touch of contemporary and
vibrant interior concept with comfort ambience, and great dining experience. It provides
a great respite for customers to enjoy awesome food and quality time with friends, family
or associates, after a long day at work. They did offer plethora of snacks and beverages
to attract more young generation market and provide service from 1000 till 2200.
As a leading and largest café chain in Malaysia with Halal-certification awarded by
Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM), Secret Recipe is committed to continue to
adhere to the standards of preparation of all food and processing plant in the restaurant
in accordance to the regulatory guidelines including HACCP and VHM guidelines.
Not only that Secret Recipe have plenty of recognition as for examples the company
won “Best Cheesecake Award 1998 By Kuala Lumpur Cakes Competition 1998”, ””Most
Original Chocolate Cake Award 1999 By Kuala Lumpur Cakes Competition 1999”,” Best
Cheesecake Award 2000 By Kuala Lumpur Cakes Competition 2000,” Best Lamb Stew
Award 2001 By Galaxie Magazine”, “Enterprise 50 Award 2002 By Small And Medium
Industries Development Corporation”,” Malaysian Emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year
2003 By Ernst & Young”,” Young Entrepreneur Of The Year 2003 By Johnny Walker, The
Peak Magazine”,” NPC Productivity Award 2003 By National Productivity Corporation”,”
The 2nd Asia Pacific International/Malaysia Honesty Enterprise By The 2nd Asia Pacific
International/Malaysia Honesty Enterprise”,” Special Award For Development Of
Malaysian Brand 2003 By Ministry Of International Trade And Industry”,” Malaysia Book
Of Record 2003 – Largest Café Chain By The Malaysia Book Of Records”,” Malaysian
Emerging Brand Award 2004/2005 By Malaysian International Chamber Of Commerce &
Industry”,” Industry Brand Excellence Award 2007 – Category III By Ministry Of
International Trade And Industry”,” TOP TEAM 50 Enterprise Award 2007 By Persatuan
Usahawan Muda Malaysia in 2007”,” Best Brand Food & Beverage Cafe 2007 By The
Brand Laureate”,” Best Casual Dining Restaurant Of The Year 2007/2008 By Hospitality
Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA)”and aso” Malaysia Branded Service Champion – Category
Local Restaurant 2009 By MarkPlus Inc”.
The founder of Secret Recipe Mr Sim Chee Keong or better known as Steven Sim was
born in Malaysia on the 13th of May 1982 and a very successful Malaysian entrepreneur
as Secret Recipe expanded to 200 outlets worldwide. Which 150 are in Malaysia and the
other 50 outlets in countries all over South-East Asia.
Currently fifty nine year old Datuk Steven sim Leong Thun was born in 1959 in Kota
Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia. Although now a rich man, he has a poor background as his
family couldn’t even afford a toy. Thought youngest of the eight siblings the life of living
without toys was unbearable, which at first seem to be a curse but it was actually a
blessing in descries as it force him to be creative and make his own toys to play.
Before he started his own business he was a marketing director of a multinational
company which is rolling in 5 figures per month, travelling all over the world which meant
the opportunity to eat various types of food from different cultures. Such opportunities
prepared him to open a business of his own . Together with his three nephews which are
professional bakers he opened Secret Recipe with a capital of about 150 thousand. He
said it in his own words, he didn’t expect it to become such a success not only in Malaysia
but overseas as well.
The concept of a café made to make people stay and enjoy life was revolutionary as
the branches grey more and more to countries like Singapore, china, Brunei, Philippines,
Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and others. All of these was not achieved in a day. In 1997,
he started small in SS2 Petaling Jaya with their own logo, uniforms, menu and standards.
Within a short span of three years Secret Recipe expanded into 16 branches 15 in Klang
Valley and another in Singapore. Furthermore he even started his own franchise business
with Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn Steakhouse.
Datuk Steven Sim success was not handed to him, he has to grind his way with blood
and tears to get to this point of his life as his road to entrepreneurship was filled with
challenges like financial crisis of Asia, a small capital of 150 thousand, a market filled with
competitors and struggles with maintaining the quality of product produced all over the
world. However it all change when a reporter suggested him to participate in a
cheesecake competition, but he forgot the date of the competition so in a desperate
situation he sent a normal cheesecake and he stuck gold and won the champion ever
since that day the popularity of Secret Recipe exploded and gain worldwide recognition.
The second turning point however let us see the determination of Secret Recipe as
they close the franchise in Australia solve the problem with the shopping malls in Australia
and reopen stronger and more popular than ever. Such event happened and help Datuk
Steven Sim achieved the status of Datuk which was given by the sultan of the states of
Lastly the awards won by Datuk Steven Sim himself was uncountable. Awards such
as Outstanding Entrepreneur by Asian Pacific Entrepreneurship Award (APEA) in 2012,
Brand Laureate SMEs Entrepreneur of the year award 2012, ASEAN Master Class
Awards by ARFF, Brand Personality Award, and last but not least Chief Executive Officer
of Secret Recipe in year 2007.