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HALEYS Group Middle East

One Stop Shop for Technical Excellence
One Stop Shop for Technical Excellence

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Haleys Group Legal Entity


M/s. Haleys Trading and Contracting W.L.L.

Haleys Group Organization Unit


Fabrication, Certification Agency & Rental Dept.

Haleys Group Address:

PO Box: 82931

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Salwa Road- Qatar Mr. Sudheesh Polakkal



: (+974) 4029 0398

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Haleys Group Middle East established in 2013 to meet the growing demand for high quality, standardized engineering support services in Oil and Gas industry. We are functioning as one stop shop for Industrial support services offering superior outcomes and benefits to our Clients, by providing innovative spatial solutions with an unrivalled level of support.

We are providing expert technical advisory and support services to main scale industries to meet their requirements in design and verification, manufacturing, modification, repair, testing, equipment rental and logistics in compliance with statutory requirements. Haleys Group ME founders possesses extensive practical and theoretical knowledge in Oil and Gas service industry with proven industrial expertise.

As a trusted partner, we can offer you the best of our services that go beyond simple compliance with regulations and standards, reducing risk, improving performance and promoting sustainable development.

Our in-depth expertise and uncapped professional capabilities generate confidence which produces a winning formula of productivity and efficiency. We have history of winning repeat business and we believe this testifies to our ability to meet market demands. Haleys Group ME has become the most- sought-after service provider due to its emphasis in providing only the highest quality standards in engineering industry.


A one-stop solution focused on technical excellence


Quick response in deploying new capabilities Consistent and homogeneous service delivery


Robust technical expertise Multi skilled engineers to minimize cost, maximize quality and efficiency Entrepreneurial and client-driven culture


Thorough knowledge of applicable regulations and standards Extensive markets knowledge Long term professional relationship with Certification bodies such as, but not limited to;


Bureau Veritas





All QHSE requirements covered.



To deliver above average growth in stakeholder value by providing significant industrial customers with premium technical services.

To achieve this by building an organization prepared for its’ future and by creating an exciting and stimulating working environment that measures success through safety, quality and customer satisfaction.


We will become Middle East’s One Stop Shop organization offering superior outcomes and benefits to our Clients, by providing innovative spatial solutions with an unrivalled level of support. We will be an employer of choice and achieve consistent and sustainable growth in Stakeholder returns.



Our QMS is structured to address the context of our business of manufacturing, modification, repair, validation, proof load test, NDT and renting of yard space and meets the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

Haleys Trading & Contracting W.L.L. understands the importance of being customer focused. In order to be competitive, the company has to truly understand the needs of each individual customer. Our diverse market spread means we need to be aware of what is critical within many different market segments.

We have a long history of winning repeat business and we believe this testifies to our ability to meet market demands.

However, we are well aware that in order to continue to survive in an ever changing market it is vital that we continue to invest in a robust QMS in order to maintain our competitive edge and this is reflected in our business plans.

We have developed a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. All our employees are actively encouraged to work and develop within the framework that this provides. We see real benefits from using this framework for the customer, the company and our employees.

To ensure that the quality processes within the QMS continue to provide benefit in terms of customer satisfaction we will ensure the following:

The effectiveness of the QMS will be monitored, analyzed reviewed and continually improved

Quality objectives will be periodically reviewed

Actions will be taken to address risks and opportunities

The competency of all employees will be monitored to ensure that they are able to discharge their duties

The performance of suppliers and partners will be monitored and reviewed

The adequacy of resources will be monitored and reviewed

It is the aim of the company that the commitment to quality will result in continual improvements. All employees are encouraged to play an active part in improving the QMS and by doing so will result in benefits to all. The company will also consider any impacts to the QMS that may occur as a result of any regulatory or statutory changes and will ensure that all operational processes are reviewed and formalized, either within the Quality Manual, procedures or work instructions.


We commit to complying with all legislative and client requirements whilst continually improving the effectiveness of our Business Management System.



We know that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take time to do it safely.

We feel confident and empowered to stop work and to intervene where inappropriate behavior or

unacceptable conditions are encountered.

We identify and assess risks to the health and safety of people, property or the environment in our

work. We ensure they are effectively managed and that areas for improvement are prioritized.

We foster a culture where everyone is actively involved in setting a good example and pursuing,

adopting and sharing good HSE practice.

We develop, resource and implement HSE plans to deliver continual improvement in HSE

performance. We openly report and appraise our HSE performance and measure our achievements

against our plans and goals and take action to address shortcomings.

We treat incidents including near misses and hazards and feedback from employees and

customers as an important learning opportunity.

We select our sub-contractors and suppliers based on their ability to provide services which meet

our safety, health and environmental requirements.

We will visibly demonstrate leadership and commitment to high standards of health, safety and

environmental performance.




Haleys Group Middle East is dedicated to providing impartial, efficient, reliable, standardized and localized inspection, testing, certification and appraisal services in Qatar. We carry out inspection, appraisal, certification and testing independently as an asset to develop inspection markets in Qatar.

Haleys Group Middle East can help you:

Achieve the required certification of the zone you are operating in and ensure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements and safety standards. Assure the safety performance and integrity of your equipment and their components. Ensure that your equipment is regularly (frequent and periodic) assessed, tested and inspected at the right time and in-line with applicable standards Verify the design of your equipment according to local and international design codes. Our technical support team may assist in filing and securing permit to operate lifting appliances

Haleys Group Middle East professional services areas includes:

Proof Load Test

Hydro Test

Pneumatic Test

Non-Destructive Tests

Magnetic Partial Testing

Dye Penetrant Testing

Radiography Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

PMI Inspection

Thickness Survey

Welding Procedure Specification

Tank Inspection (IMDG Standard)


Design Verification is an independent review of the designed intent of an engineered system or process to confirm that it meets the best practice standards. These checks can be performed against:

Duty Holder’s Performance Standards, National Regulatory requirements, Regulatory Guidance and associated Approved Codes of Practice, Recognized international standard (ISO/ IEC / DIN / BS etc.), Standards from professional societies (ASME / API etc.), Corporate Standards, Design Specifications, etc.

As per widely accepted local or international legislations:

An Owner / Employer must ensure that;

(a) Equipment is of sufficient size, strength, design and made of suitable materials to withstand

stresses imposed on it during its operation and to perform the function for which it is intended or was


(b) The rated capacity or other limitations on the operation of the equipment, or any part of it, or

supplies as described in the manufacturer’s specifications or specifications certified by a professional

engineer, are not exceeded,

(c) Modifications to equipment that may affect its structural integrity or stability are performed in

accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications or specifications certified by a professional engineer,



Equipment and supplies are erected, installed, assembled, started, operated, handled, stored,

serviced, tested, adjusted, calibrated, maintained, repaired and dismantled in accordance with the

manufacturer’s specifications or the specifications certified by a professional engineer.

Business Challenge

New Design

Sometimes what the job calls for just can't be purchased--but it can be designed, fabricated and


Whether it's a spreader bar, a lifting device, a tool rack, a man-basket, or a jib crane, sometimes the

job calls for a custom design. Our team can help define your needs and then create and validate a

design to fulfill them. We can produce drawings from which to build the design to specifications and

to code, load test, inspect and certify the resulting equipment. We can produce the required

documentation on capacity, safe use and maintenance that you will need to use the new design


Whether your custom design sees use in the field, on a third-party site, or only on your own location,

having verified capacity ratings, operating and maintenance instructions and a validated design are a

necessity. A culture of safety has safe, documented, and maintained equipment at its heart.

Existing Items

You own it, you use it--but you have no documentation--and that's a problem.

It happens more often than you think. Lost documents, obliterated manufacturer's marks, bought at

auction, fabricated by Joe's Welding the way he's done a hundred of them, got it when we bought out

XYZ Corp--all sorts of reasons. But you have been using it, safely, sometimes for years. Then the

day comes when some questions come up:

How do we repair it?

How do we maintain it?

What is its maximum safe working load?

What jobs is it useful for?

What jobs should it NEVER be used for? These are questions that an employer is legally responsible for answering under local or international legislations. When there is no original manufacturer you can turn to answer these questions and fulfill these legal obligations, we can help. Our engineering team can document your 'mystery' equipment, validate its design, work out safe working capacities, and supply operating and maintenance instructions and certify the equipment as safe to operate.


Haleys Group Middle East’s qualified and internationally experienced engineers certified from “Association of science and engineering technology professionals of Alberta”- Canada assess all safety aspects of the facility design and check compliance with international standard requirements. The design appraisal is performed through a review of the design documents prepared by the designer or manufacturer, including drawings, calculations notes, specification & functional diagrams, special surveys and more. We are using industry’s best and premium software to produce models, assembly and drawings. Our results are verified by reliable simulation software.

Our services include but not limited to;

Equipment Capacity Verification

Prepare Safety Notes

Run Finite Element Analysis to Verify the Capacity Calculations

Perform Failure Mode Effect Analysis

Produce Detailed Manufacturing Drawings

Produce Bill of Materials

Assist on Project Management


Haleys Group Middle East is a high precision custom machine shop that has built an industry leading reputation with regards to quality and on time delivery over the years. It is our policy to supply products and services which at all times meet and or exceed both the design requirements and the quality specifications of customer contracts. We specialize exclusively in high precision machining. We provide integrated and valueadded services with regards to multi component kitting and supply chain management. Currently we are employing with highly skilled personnel whom are having at their disposal some of the most advanced state of the art technology and equipment. This allows us to maintain our continued goal of achieving the highest quality standards in the industry. Combined with the skills and

experience of our personnel, Haleys Group Middle East can produce and assemble very tight tolerance

parts with complicated shapes. We do it efficiently, on schedule and at the lowest overall cost while

maintaining the highest standard of workmanship.

In addition to our machining services we can also provide service of Water jet Cutting which enables

us to cut almost every material out there with precision and little waste.


Haleys Group Middle East design and manufacture in accordance with DNV Standard / EN 12079

certification for offshore containers. Haleys Group Middle East offers an extensive range of

maintenance and refurbishment services including repairs, preventative maintenance, re-purposing

and document management, for a variety of equipment types. Haleys Group Middle East has a

successful track record in custom manufacture and modification of containers to suit client

requirements. Haleys Group Middle East experienced and skilled production team designs,

manufactures and tests all containers in accordance with the relevant offshore standards and

specifications and can custom build a solution, no matter what your container storage requirements.

Our organizations design & manufacture activity areas includes:

All types of Offshore Containers

Accommodation Cabins

Our products adhere to stringent quality and manufacturing standards that comply with EN 12079, DNV 2.7-1, DNV 2.7-3 international quality certifications. Our cargo carrying units also meet the requirements of QP Lifting regulation


Haleys Group Middle East Rentals is a leading provider of specialty rental equipment to the Oil and Gas

market in Qatar. We strives for quality of products and services. We use only the very best containers

and equipment and support one of the most modern fleet. Our units are designed, manufactured &

certified by Third Party Inspection Company in compliance with BS EN 12079 / DNV standards / QP


The equipment that we can offer for hire in Qatar and surrounding areas includes:

Mini Containers

10 Feet Open Top & Closed Containers

20 Feet Open Top & Closed Containers

Cargo Baskets

Half Height Offshore Containers

Offshore Waste Skips

Offshore Reefer Containers

Bottle Racks

Drum Baskets

Chemical Tank Containers

Offshore Lifting Frames

Steel Pallets

CSC Containers


Haleys Group Logistics tops a list of loyal customers that span a variety of industries including energy, manufacturing, assembly, heavy industrial, food, wholesale, retail, and many others. Haleys Group Logistics offers a breadth of simple, reliable, and affordable services, including less-than-truckload (LTL), truckload, expedited freight, air and ocean freight forwarding, warehousing and fulfillment, project cargo, import/export, customs brokerage, and global trade compliance. Working as your partner, we’re the company that handles supply chain challenges from start-to-finish by doing what other logistics companies can’t or won’t do. Haleys Group Logistics solution offering reduced road miles travelled and carbon emissions through its dedicated and specialized door-to-door services.


Haleys Group Middle East constitute an extension to your organization, offers a broad range of recruitment and work force management solution for the oil, gas, power generation and petrochemical industries. Haleys Group Middle East’s experienced human resource team manages the interface between the client, project team and the secondees thereby relieving you to concentrate on other more critical areas of the project.

Haleys Group Middle East’s global search capabilities and constantly updated database provide optimized candidate profiling and screening ensuring the best qualified candidates are put forward to the client for consideration. Haleys Group Middle East specializes in the following Engineering discipline: Construction, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Controls, Civil, Hook up & Commissioning, Piping, Structural, Installation, HSE, Project Engineering and Project Management.


Haleys Group Middle East established in 2013 to meet the growing demand for high quality, standardized engineering support services in Oil and Gas industry. We are functioning as one stop shop for Industrial support services offering superior outcomes and benefits to our Clients, by providing innovative spatial solutions with an unrivalled level of support.

We pride in offering solutions leading to customer delight. A comprehensive and readily accessible maintenance history of clients, transparent and swift response by our engineers and an impeccable record in safety at work has helped further define the firm’s reputation globally. Haleys Group Middle East endeavours to sustain its excellence by providing best-fit product and service solutions to our growing customer base, thus contributing to continual growth of the company and its employees.

Company Details

Haleys Group Legal Entity

Haleys Group Organization Unit

Haleys Group Address:

Contact Person




M/s. Haleys Trading and Contracting W.L.L.

Fabrication, Certification Agency & Rental Dept.

PO Box: 82931

Salwa Road- Qatar Mr. Sudheesh Polakkal


E-mail :

: (+974) 4029 0398