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1. What is the central issue in the text?

The evolution of Spanish user to the immigrant that immigrate to America

2. What a suitable title for the text do you think?

The growth of Spanish and English

3. Based on the text, what “the shame of our family” refers to?

My brothers and I don't speak Spanish. Wow, we didn't care about speaking Spanish.

4. Why did the immigrants learn English?

To adapt and become part of American society and also to find a work in America.

5. What did the writer suggest in learning second language?

It isn't constructive to promote English by insulting Spanish, for one language does not have to
come at the expense of the other. As millions of Latinos already know, speaking Spanish has never taken
anything from our proud American experience. It has only enriched it.

6. What do you think about the role or the position of English and Spanish in American context?

The role of Spanish in American context is as a native language that used by Latinos that immigrate
to the American and the role of English in American as daily language. Different with Spanish, Spanish is
used to Latinos family and rarely used in daily activity. The most language that use in American society is


1. What is the role of language? Elaborate your answer.

The role of language are :

1. As a communication tool
2. Language to facilitate interaction among people who may or may not come from different
cultural background
3. Language as a logic and ideology
4. Language as a culture and the Identity of a Nation
5. Language as a media to learn various sciences and history

2. Why was Malaysian government worry about the use of English among their people?

Because Malaysian citizen use English even more commonly than their native language

1. Do you think that language is influenced by the culture of the native speakers or people are influenced
by the language they are speaking?

I think the people are influenced by the language they are speaking, for example if you speak
English you will influenced by the culture of English such as speaks bluntly, or if you speak Java I think you
will influenced by the culture of Java such as you will speaks politely and slowly

2. What do you think about the spread of English in the world?

Nowadays the spread of English growth more higher because all of aspect there is English. such
as song, film, foods, drinks there is always English. not only that the English is also spread from school.
and now English is a language that must be mastered so it will support the spread of English in the world

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