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DOC. NO. 91007538 HD AMENDMENT TO GROUND LEASE AND CONSENT TO SUBLEASE FILM CODE ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS § 00004671685 cowry or mravis 8 sora5 mh song 3a Str This ANENDNENT T0 GROUND LEASE AND CONSENT TO SUBLEASR4oo7s.34-pact dated as of Novenber 1, 1990, by and among JUNIOR ACKTEVENEWD “8-OME OF CENTRAL ‘TEXAS, INC., @ Texas non-profit corporation “(hereinafter called the “Sublessor"), THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED Ross, a corporation chacteced by act of Congress (hereinafter called the "Sublessee"), and the CITY OF AUSTIN, a home rule city and body politic organized and existing under the laws of the state of Texas (hereinafter called the "Lessor“). HITNESSETH Reference is made to that certain Lease Agreement dated Decenber 6, 1973, but affective April 1, 1973 (the “cround Lease") executed by and betwoen the City of Austin, as lessor, and the Sublessor, as lessee, covering and describing the property described in Exhibits A and 8 attached hereto and made a part hereof for 11 purposes, subject to the sewer tunnel easement described in Exhibit ¢ attached hereto and made a part hereof for all purposes (said lands as burdened by said sewer easement being hereinafter collectively called the premises"). Reference is also made to that certain Partial Assignment of Lease Agreement dated May 23, 1975 (the “gublease"), executed by the Sublessor in favor of the Sublessee, and, also executed by the Lessor for the purpose of consenting thereto, covering and describing a portion of the TY RESOADS REAL poo? "TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS bi bs 11362 0140 premises set forth and described therein. Reference is also nade to that certain Amendment to Lease dated april 15, 1982 (the “hease Amendment"), executed by and among the Lessor, the Sublessor and the Sublessee, pursuant to which tertain amendments were made to the Ground Lease and the Sublease. ‘The Sublessor ond the Sublessee have concluded on agreement between them for the Sublessee to lease oll the Premises from ‘the “Sublessor, subject- to the approval by the Lessor to certain emendments of the Ground Lease, as heretofore amended, to which amendments the Lessor has agreed as hereinafter provided. The Sublessee is 9 corporation chartered by the United States of America which hes as its primery purposes the provision of disaster services and services to the Armed Forces of the United States of Americe, In addition to these mandated significant services services, the Sublessee also provid Girected to the relief of human suffering and health and safety education, These services are provided to the citizens of the City of Austin through the efforts of the local chapter of the Sublessee, which presently utilizes # portion of the Premises. NOW, THEREFORE, KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: and of That, for and’in consideration of the premi the services provided to the citizens of the City of Austin by , the Sublessor, the the local chapter of the Sublesi Sublessee ond the Lessor do hereby covenant, stipulate and agree as follows: ae 57 "aang abe 11362 O14) amended, 1 For convenience, the Ground Lease, as heretofore shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Amended “ ground Lease" and the Sublease, as heretofore amended, shall hereinafter be referred to as the “Amended Sublease". Ir. 2.1, Section I of the Ground Lease and paragraph 1 of the Lease Amendment: are hereby: deleted in their entirety and the following substituted in the Ground Lease in lieu thereof: The term of this Lease shall be for twenty (20) years from April 1, 1973, to March 31, 1993. Such Lease term may be extended, at the option of either the Lessee or any sublessee or assignee of Lessee, for six (6) additional periods of five (5) years each upon written notice to the Lessor, in each case delivered not later than six (6) months, mor earlier than three (3) years, prior to the expiration of this Lease or any extensions hereof; provided, however, Lessor shall have the right to cancel the Lease at any time during the €i€th and sixth option periods by giving written notice to the Lessee or, if the Lessee shall have Subleased or assigned this Lease as permitted herein, then to the sublessee or assignee of Lessee, at least one (1) year prior to the effective date of the cancellation. 2.2, Baction III of the Amended Ground Lease is hereby amended by adding a new paragraph thereto which shall read as follows: In addition to the uses set forth in the previous paragraph of this Section III, the leased premises may also be used for the purposes of operating a chapter Of ‘The American National Red Cross, including, without limitation, the conduct of its chapter and national directed or assisted operations, delivery of its educational programs and services, handling of its client cases, storage of its facilities and equipment and all other functions and programs now or hereafter Customarily provided or conducted by a local chapter o£ The American National Red Cross. REAL Popenry RECORDS "TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS B 11362 Olu2 qn. 3.1. Concurrently with end conditioned upon the execution of this instrument by the Lessor, the Sublessee and the Sublessor are executing and delivering a certain Sublease Agreement between them covering and demising the whole lessed premises described in and covered by the Amended Ground Lease, together with all improvements thereon (such Sublease Agreement being hereinafter called the “Revised Sublease"). The Lessor does hereby expressly approve end consent to (a) the cancellation and termination of the Amended Sublease and (b) the sublease of the whole of the leased premises covered by the Amended Ground Lease upon and subject to the terms and provisions of the Revised Sublesse. 2.2. So long es the Revised Sublease is in force and effect and the Lessor has not received written notice from the Sublessor that the Sublessee is in default under the Revised Sublease, the Lessor and the Sublessor agree that the Sublessee shali have the right to exercise the options (1) to renew the Amended Ground Lease on behalf of the Sublessor provided that the Sublessee prior thereto shall have timely notified the Sublessor of the election by the Sublessee to renew and extend the term of the Sublease in accordance with its terms and (2) to purchase the Premises under the terms and provisions of Article IV below provided, that as to this clause (2) Sublessee shall have concurrently therewith or theretofore exercised its option to purchase granted by Sublessor under the Revised Sublease. REAL PROPERTY REOOROS "TRAVIS COUNTY TEXAS 11362 0143 wv. 4.1, The Sublessee agrees to plan and conduct, within two (2) years after the date this instrument is approved for execution by the City Council of the Lessor and is so executed by it, a public capital fundraising campaign primarily for the purpose of obteining the necessary funds for the construction of permanent improvements and appurtenances to the Premises costing at least: $300,000, including therein not only the costs o£ the labor, materials and equipment incorporated in the work of constructing such permanent improvements, but also the costs of architectural, legal, accounting and other consultant and professional services necessary or customery for the construction of such improvements. Attached hereto Exhibit p and made a part hereof for all purposes, are copies of a preliminary, conceptual design of improvements to the Premises being considered by Sublessee. ‘The attachment of such preliminary, conceptual design hereto is not intended to to evidence or provide for Sublessdr or Sublessee to construct” improvements based upon such design. Rather attachment of such dosign is intended merely to reflect the present concept being considered by Sublessee for improvement of the Premises, The actual improvements constructed by Sublessee will depend upon, among other factors, the amount of money which it is able to raise during the public campaign which it agrees to conduct under this Section. 4.2. within one (1) year after the public capitel fundraising campaign described in Section 4.1 is concluded, the REAL PROPERTY REOQRDS "TRAVIS COUNTY, TERAE 11362 Oldd aoe Sublessee agrees to commence the work of constructing said improvements. and appurtenances. end to pursue the completion thereof with diligence, subject to delays which are beyond the reasonable control of Sublessee; provided, however, in the event that such improvements or other approved improvements the total cost of which exceeds a minimum of $300,000 are not completed within five (5) years after the date of City Council approval of: this Amendment: -to Ground Lease and Consent to Sublease, then the Lessor shell have the option to cancel and terminate the Amended Ground Lease, as further amended hereby, at any time by giving the Sublessor and the Sublessee written notice at least one year prior to the date of termination specified in such written notice. All such improvements shall be and remain the property of Sublessee until the expiration of the term of the Amended Ground Lease, as further amended hereby, or its earlier termination as a result of a default hereunder by Sublessee, but not otherwii 4.3, At any time during the term of the Amended Ground sor’ (or if lease, as further amended hereby, the Subl Sublessor shall have theretofore given Lessor written notice that Sublessee has been granted the right to do so, then Sublessee) shall have the option and right to require the Lessor to initiate the process to sell or exchange the Premises pursuant to the provisions of Section 272.001 of the Texas Socal Government Code. Any such sale ox exchenge of the Premises shall be made subject to and burdened by the terms and provisions of the Amended Ground Lease, as the same is further REAL PROPERTY REDOROS ) . "TRAVIS COUNTY, TEKAS 11362 0145 amended hereby, ond subject to and burdened by the terms and provisions of the Revised Sublease, .as either or both of the foregoing may be further amended hereatter. The Lessor agrees to commence the exchange or sale procedures specitied by said Section 272.001, whichever is selected by Sublessor (or, if applicable, by Sublessee), within ninety (90) days after the date on which written notice of the election by the Sublessor (or, 4£° spplicable, by Sublessee} to~require such selected procedure to be commenced is given by the Sublessor (or, if applicable, by Sublessee), and to diligently, pursue the conclusion of such exchange or sale procedure. Lessor further agrees that eny’such sale shall be for cash only, payable at the closing of the sale. Lessor agrees that any such exchange of the Premises shall be closed within ninety (90) deys after the date on which a contract covering the exchange is approved by the city Council of the Lessor. Gublessor (or, if applicable, Sublessee) agrees to pay the cost for the appraisal of the Premises required by the provisions of Section 272.001 and further agrees that the appraisal work shall be conducted by an appraiser approved by the Lessor, in accordance with instructions approved by Lessor, such approvals not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed. Sublessor and Sublessee further agree that in the event that they bid at such sale, the they will bid not less than the fair market value of Premises as determined by said appraiser and without any reduction in value on account of the sale being made subject to the Amended Ground Lease and Revised Sublease, es hereby and hereafter amended. REAL PROPERTY REgORDS ase 6? "TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAE 11362 O146 4.4, In the event the mandated purposes of the Sublessee change significantly after the date hereof, then Lessor shall have the option and right to terminate the Amended Ground Lease, as hereby and hereafter further amended, by giving at least 180 days prior written notice to Sublessee and Sublessor specifying the effective date of such termination. 3. Under present lew, Lessor, Sublessor and Sublessee are not subject to assessment of ad valorem taxes on their respective real or personal properties. In the event or or Sublessee in or to that the respective interests of Le! the Premises hereafter become subject to taxation, then Bublessee agrees to pay such taxes prior to delinquency and provide evidence thereof to Lessor. In the event the interest of Sublessor in or to the Premises become subject to ad valorem taxation, then Sublesscr shall pay such taxes prior to delinquency. ve 1.-Any notice required or permitted to be given under or pursuant to this instrument may be delivered in person or may be deposited in the United States mail, as registered or certified item with return receipt requested, postage pre-paid and addressed to the person to receive such notice as follow Té to Lessor by hand delive! City of Austin 124 W. Bth Street Austin, Texas 78701 Attention: City Manager EAL PROPERTY REOORDS cae 63 8 TRAVIS ODUNTY, TEKAE 11362 0147 and to City of Austin Department of Public Works & Transportation Real Estate Services Department 505 Barton Springs Road ‘Austin, Texas 78704 I to Lessor by US Postal Service: City of Austin P. 0, Box 1088 Austin, Texas 78767-8828 Attention: City Manager and to City of Austin Department of Public Works & Transportation Real Estate Services Department P, 0. Box 1088 Austin, Texas 78767-0020 I to Sublessor: Junior Achievement Of Central Texas, Inc. 2220 Redwood Avenue Austin, Texas 78723 Attention: Executive Director If to Sublessee: The American National Red Cross Centex Chapter 2218 Preshing' Drive Austin, Texas 78723 Attention: Chapter Manager Any party hereto may change their address for the receipt of notice hereunder by giving’ written notice of such changed address to the other parties hereto. All notices shall be deemed to have been delivered et the time of personal delivery or upon mailing thereof as hereinabove provided. 5.2. The parties hereto expressly warrant and represent to the others of them that none of them have had dealings with any broker or agent in connection with the REAL Prorenry neoonos ane b4 - ‘ia aan sea 11362 Ol48 negotiation or execution of this instrument. In the event that any agent or broker shall make any claim for a commission or fee, the party responsible therefor shall be responsible for the payment thereof and hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold harmless the other parties hereto from any liability for such commission or fees. 5.3. All remedies provided in this instrument or by law are cumulative and ‘not exclusive. The waiver of a breach of any of the terms or provisions hereof is not a waiver of any prior or subsequent breach, Each and all of the covenants, obligations, conditions and’ restrictions set forth herein shall be deemed to be covenants running with the land and shall inure to the benefit of, and, be binding upon, and enforceable against, as the case may require, the respective successors and assigns of the parties hereto. 5.4, The general rule of law governing construction of to be resolved instruments which provides for ambiguitic against the person drafting or causing the drafting thereof shall not be applicable. 5.5. Tf any term, covenant, condition or provision herein contained or eny construction thereof is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be void, invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the provisions hereof and the application hereof to other circumstances shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected, impaired or invalidated. 5.6. This instrument shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas and EAL. PROPERTY REGORES \ 69 -10- ithe Gaus veRae 11362 O148 venue of any case or controversy with respect hereto shall lie -solely within Travis County, Texas. ‘S.J. Failure of any party hereto to insist upon the strict performance of the terms, conditions and agreements herein contained, or any of them, shall not constitute nor be deemed nor construed as a waiver or relinquishment of such perty's rights to thereafter enforce such terms, conditions or agreements in -the ‘sama shall be and continue in full end effect. 5.8. This instrument constitutes the entire agreement of the parties hereto with respect to the matters covered hereby and no other agreement, statement or promise made by any party hereto or by any employee, or officer or agent of any of them, which is not contained herein, shall be valid or binding. Time is hereby expressed and declared to be of the essence with respect to this instrument and the provisions thereof and ‘in ‘the performance ‘of all the covenants, agreements, conditions and obligations herein contained. 5.10. In any action or proceeding between or among the parties hereto seeking enforcement of any of the terms or provisions hereof or in connection with the Premises, the prevailing party shall be awarded a reasonable attorney's fee in addition to the primary relief recovered thereby. 5.11, Notwithstanding anything in this instrument to the contrary, all parties hereto expressly acknowledge and agree that the obligations of Sublessee hereunder and under the AEM. paoreaty neooqO bb are AAV Soul. TeRae 11362 0150 Anended Ground Lease, as further amended by this instrument, and the Revised Sublease are to be performed exclusively by end at the sole expense of the Centex Chapter of The American National Red Cross. Seid Centex Chapter is » duly constituted local unit of The American National Red Cross, a federal corporation (36 U.S.C. §§1 et seq.); and all obligations of Sublessee under this instrument and the Revised Sublease shall be undertaken and completed exclusively by said’ chapter and solely at the expense of said chapter, without resort in any event to, or commitment of, the funds and property of The American National Red Cross (or any unit thereof) other than of said Centex Chapter. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this instrument as of the date first above written in multiple original counterparts, constituting one and the same 7 instrument, and it shall not be necessary for ell parties to execute the same counterpart hereof so long as each party hereto hes executed at least one counterpart hereof. JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT OF CENTRAL TEXAS, INC. ‘THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS By Title: G7 an. RMON a 11362 O15! tment of Law WHR REAL PRorEnTY REOORDS <1 "TRAVIS COUNTY, TEXAS 11362 0152 ‘HE STATE OF TEXAS 5 COUNTY OF TRAVIS § fA... Tis ipstrument was acknowledged before me on the of, 1994, by . 2. z of TUNTOR ACHTEVEMENT “OF CENTRAL “TEXAS, INC., a Texas nonprofit corporation, on behalf of said Texas nonprofit corporation. Notady Public ~ State of Texas NOTARY SEAL ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS § COUNTY OF TRAVIS § ‘This instrument was acknowledged before me on the asth day of November, 1990, by R. G. Converse, Chapter Chairman Of THE AMERICAN NATIONAL RED CROSS, a corporation chartered by 8, on behalf of said corporation. wunesau | Sa estan S| Notafy(Public = State of Texa: ena | * NOTARY SEAL ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS § § comme or mais § was acknowledged before me gn /5 “so, City of Notary Pub¥ic ~ State of Texas NOTARY SEAL BT aw. SRN RE we 11362 0153 ‘0woOSU AT aa0ud Wan e020 zge11, AGL ALunOD sinvEL BAHIBIT "A" 91,376" square feot of land, same being out of and a part of Lots 14, 15 & 16, Block 1, Crest Haven Addi- ‘tion, a subdivision in the City of Austin, Travis Canty, Texas, of record in Volume 501, at page 425, of the Deed Records of Travis County, Texas, which Lots 14, 15 16, together with other property, were Ceavoyed to tho City of austin by the Following to (@) warranty deeds: (Q)_ Dated January 13, 1964, of record in Volune 2720, at page 315, of the Deed Records of Travis Camty, Texas; . (2), Dated February 18 , 1965, of record in Volime 2927, at page 154, of the Deed Records of Travis Comty, Texas; | : : said 91,376 square feet Gf land being more particu- arly described by metes and bounds as follows: BEGINNING at the southeast corner of said Lot 16, for the southeast corner of the herein described tract of lend, same being a point in the west Line of Redwood. Avenue; : ‘THENCE, with the south line of said Lot 16, S 70° 44''W 297.55 feet to the southwest corner’ of said Lot 16, for the southwest corner of the here- dn described tract of land; . ‘THENCE, with the west line of said Lot 16 and the west line of the aforesaid Lot 15, N 18° 44" W 202.18 feet to a point in: the southeast line of Pershing Driye fr the most southerly nortiwast corer of the herein described tract land; . ‘THENCE, with said southeast Line of Pershing Drive, N 38° 15' E 133.25 feet to the point of curvature of a curve having an intersection ane of 30° 16", a radius of 509,48 feet end a tangent distance of 157.82 oot THACE, continuing with said southeast Line of Pershing Drive, along said curve to the left an arc distance of 239.15 feet, the chord of which arc ‘pears N2i° dg" E 256.96 feet, to a point in the north line of the aforeseid Ege Ay for the most northerly ndrthwest corner of the herein described tract of lends 4 : . THENCE, with said north Line of Lot 14, N 70° 44" E 15,35 feet to the northeast corner of said Lot 14, for the northeast corner of the herein described tract of land, same being a point in the aforesaid west line of Redwood Avenues B THENCE, with said west line of Redwood Avenue, same being the east line of Lots 14, 15 and 16, S 19%=9' E 444.00 feet to the point of BEGINNING. ‘4 molt . 15° 49', 2 radius EXHIBIT * 31,520: square feet of land, sane being out of and a part of lots 5 § 4, Block 1, Crest Haven Addition, a subdivision in the City of Austin, Travis Camty, Texas, of record in Volume 502, at page 425, of the Deed Records of Travis Couey, Techs, which Lots 3°44, togather wich other property, were conveyed £0 the City of Austin by warranty deed dated Jarwary 1 1964, of record inVolune 2720, at Page, 313, of the Deed Records of Travis County, Texas; said 31,520 square feet of land being more particu- larly described by metes ond bounds as follows: BEGINNING at the southwest, corner of said Lot 4, for the mst westerly corner of the herein described tract of lad, sane being the "intersection of the east line of Greenwood Avenue wit least line of Drive, said curve having an intersection angle of ‘971.86 feet, and a tangent distance of 155,00 feet; the aurving south- ‘THENCE, vith said curving southeast line of Pershing Drive, said curve to the right an arc distance of 125.42 feet, the chord ich arc bears N 34° 33" E 125.35 feet to the point off tangency of ‘said curve; ‘THENCE, continuing with the southeast line of Pershing Drive, IN 38° 15" B 258,66 for the most northerly comer ‘THENCE, aforesaid Lot 4,°S 18° 44' W 202.18 fe ‘Lot 4, for the Southeast corner of the herein described tract of land; “suung9 sivas ooaay issa08d Way hoZO Z29E11 of with said east line of Lot eet, feet to a point in the east line of the aforesaid ‘the herein described tract of 3 and the east line of the ‘to the southeast corner of said THENCE, with the south Line of said Lot 4, 8 70° 44" W 300,60 [feet to the point of BEGINNING. J 2 ‘000008 GOZO 29EI) 57x31 Auunoo stays i : a A strip of land twenty-five (25,00) feet in width, ‘same being out of and a portion of Lots 4 and 16 : of Block 1 of Crest Haven Addition, a subdivision of a portion of tho J. C. llarrelson Survey, in the : City of Austin, Travis County, Texas, according to a mp or plat thereof as recorded in Volune $02, at page 425, of the Doed Records of Travis County, Temas; which anid Lots ¢ ad 16 yere con: . veyed into Warranty deed dated of the Deed Records of ‘Travis County, Texas; the centerline of said strip of land twenty-five (25.00) feet in width being more particularly described as follows: . BEGINNING at a point in the south property line of said Lot 16, amg Line also being the north property Line of Lot 17, of Block 2 of . suld Crest Haven Addition, sane also being Engineer's Station 140+35.01, ul fran which point of BEGINING the aoutheage corer of said Lot 16, "same being a polnt in the vest right of way ‘of Redwood Avenue, bears N + 70° 35" E, 165.50 feet; é el t ‘THENCE N 84° 20" 45" W 261.05 feet to point of termination in ‘ths west property Line of Lot 4, same point Engineer's Station 145+16.06" sara point also being in the east right of way line of Pershing “Drive, and from which point of termination the southeast corner of the ! intersection of Pershing Drive and Greemood Avenue bears S 38° 02' W at ‘feet and with the chord of a curve to the left S 32° 46' 02" W . 18 feet; ‘THE. APPROXIMATE TUNNEL DEPTH under said Lots 4 and 16 of said j-Block 1 of said Crest Haven Addition is + 100 feet. fl 9020 Z9EIt ‘REAL PROPERTY RegORDS 11362 “0207 8020 z9e11 20s. Aunos stan EE I, Stephen H, Richards, dul preaident, Secretary & General National ed Cr American National Red Cro! I In, rrr. Iv. RCMErr 6 CERTIFICATE haxel certify, on behalf of the att me Centex chapter, Austin, Fexa constituted unit of the Anerican Nati Cross, a United States corporation (cf. 36 U.S.C. Section 1 et seq.), and is authorized and responsible to Btovide Hod cogs Services to the people within ite assigned territorial jurisdiction. . In the conduct of services referred to above, the Chap- fac hee authority frou seid corporation to receive and expend eracecn monic = act at Sis) ee oe en oEsonal property, Sheer into and be boun: persona Proper ey aay be necessary ¢o facilitate. such Services, ei in tha’name of and xt the sole rick and expanse of the Chapter. ‘he chapter is authorized by said corporation to solieit and receive monetary donations from ublic to assist in financing the Chapter’s operations and to finance an assigned portion of the monetary requirements of the ational sector of said corporation. ‘ha exact amounts Of monies referred to herein, which the Chapter is not. authorized to expend for its'local purposes and is ob! gated to rouit to the national, sector $f ‘said corpore Mon, are disclosed fron time to tima in the books and peer. | The chapter may commit and ° records of the @nounber only those funds not required fhe national sector of the corporation. ‘The Joga} title, to 11 real property acquired by, the Chapter is required to be in the name of the American National Red Cros but the equitable owner- Ship, tse and possession of auch resl property 1s vested in Eke Chapter. tthe chapter has bean authorized by said corporation to wae tht a Revised Gublease Agreemant with tho Junior SuiiSvonont of Cantral Texas, Ino,, for tho entarg aot of the facilities availéble to said chapter Ender said Sublease, for the real property located 2e 2220 Redwood Aveiue, Austin, Texas, samo being Gooated adjacent to the ourrent Chapter Facilities 2E°S58 Pecohing Avenue, Austin, Texas, furthermore, She Chapter hea beon authorized by said corporation he char‘tnto'a Ground Lease and Consent, to Sublease By. ant’ among the City of Austin, Pexas, the Junior Mnlovenont of Central Texas, Iho. ana the said aeubeees gaia Ground Lease to encompass the real Deer Located ge 2220 Rodvood avenue and 2218 Rorbhing Avenue, Austin, Texas. ‘be remitted to 6020 7961) “Pohean 78. VI. ALL obligations undertaken by the chapter in connection with the transactions described in paragraph V. hereof . will be solely those of the Chapter. January 18, 1990 Pacesatt € TOE 0 Crgaens Ait, Shee 2000 Aegreat, Tb, 2622) MTEC RecoRpees iy itt nee RAND - ‘ere eg bgt at ae Phot copy Stet oF Ragin METAS renbokienpata red . at Wa ed and nce at ti FILED 29 (039 A'S) : — aa ya . Sein ance ya Texas tle rieeho SAN 29-55) Ose TRANISCOUNT, tex seat 14mg AE