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Metabolic Solutions Report

Terry Chamberlin, B.Sc., C.N.C., Bioanalyst Nova Scotia, Canada 902-584-3810

Colloidal Silver and CF

[Editor's note: Although I would assume the initials, CF, stand for Cystic Fibrosis, the writer of this testimony never uses those
exact words. Nevertheless, the value of this testimony is in this woman's improvement from her significant health issues.]

Just before my August hospitalisation of this year - I started taking a product called Colloidal Silver. I have tried MANY different
health products, all which I'm sure helped in their own way, but a significant improvement was not really made or noticed. My
mum's masseur first mentioned Colloidal Silver, which immediately aroused mum's interest. We then asked about it at our local
health food shop. The owner, (who also has a niece with CF) told mum and I more about this product called Colloidal Silver -
which claimed to be a NATURAL ANTIBIOTIC. Our curiosity was further aroused, so we went home and looked on the internet
for more information. We were astonished at the wealth of information on it. So out we went and got some, and I just started to
take it as I got yet another cold. (The cold quickly went to my chest and a rapid loss in FEV1 occurred, so back to hossy I had to

Whilst in hospital I kept taking the Colloidal Silver and was astonished when my first sputum sample (within three days of taking
the CS) came back with no bugs present. This puzzled my doctors, and even more so when, in the 10 day stay, I had another 3
sputum samples taken, 2 of which were bug free, and one had pseudomonas present. (I'm not sure if it were the mucoid strain or
not.) The bugs I had previously were Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Staphylococcus Aureus and Aspergillus+ (a type of mould). What
concerned them as well, was the amount of sputum that I was producing. I was coughing at least a cup (foam coffee cup) of mucus
a day or more- and my doctors and physio were saying "it doesn't seem like CF mucus". The mucus, after the usual, initial,
"morning green frogs", became foamy and clear, but very sticky, hard to move and cough up. My suspicions were being aroused -
in the past I have always felt uncomfortable about bombarding my body with antibiotics, particularly intravenous anti's - but there
was always no choice in the matter. But I felt a growing reluctance taking them, especially having intravenous antibiotics. I
suspected that the intravenous ABs were contributing to the INCREASE of mucus.

My doctor wanted to keep me in for a longer amount of time than the 10 days - I had had enough and wanted to get out!! I had
been feeling ok before starting them, but after about 5 days started to feel the side affects, and felt my cough was getting no better
but WORSE. My doctor didn't know what to think of the results of my sputum samples (that three of them were clear), but decided
it was ok to let me go home.

While in hossy, after the amount of mucus began to increase, they decided to put me on inhaled atravent and ventolin. It did dry up
my mucus to SOME degree, but also made my throat very dry, and going outside to the cold air, or trying to sing made me cough.
I was already battling an unknown "irritation" in my throat, and this was adding more complications to the matter. After I got out
of hospital, I also had to have tobramycin inhaled (180mg) morning and night, and flixitide (an inhaled steroid - was to help with
inflammation of the lungs).

After a couple of days, the volume of mucus began to decrease, but I still struggled with "dryness" and "irritation" in my throat and
felt a bit fed up with all these things I was putting into my body.

In the meantime, I read all about the Colloidal Silver, and decided that if it really did what it claimed to do, then I could cope
without all these other medications and give myself a break from them. So after a week of being out of hospital, I stopped taking
the Atravent, Ventolin, Flixitide and Tobramycin. (I must admit I am a bit naughty - please discuss with your doctor if you are
intending to make changes to your medication.) The next week I had my hospital check-up, and my cough and FEV1 reading had
improved a little, and a throat irritation that I'd been having trouble with had cleared up. So I felt confident in keeping on with this
regime. I decided not to tell my doctors/physio for the time being, as I wasn't quite sure what to tell them!!

It is now approx 4 MONTHS later - my appetite has returned, I have put on 5kgs, my energy and vitality has returned, my cough
and FEV1 reading have improved. I still have daily phlegm, but nothing like it was. (Remember over a cup a day - now I'm down
to perhaps one tenth of a cup.) Could be coincidence. I believe that getting off all the drugs has helped me get back to some stable
health. I think the colloidal silver helped give me some confidence in keeping colds and other nasties at bay.


I had my 3 monthly checkup recently, and had good results with my breathing test. I told my doctor that I had stopped the AB's
and other inhaled medications, and he was quite happy with my decision. My physio wanted to have a sputum test done, and I just
got the result. There was some pseudomonas aeruginosa, but not the mucoid strain (the one that's much harder to treat). As I
understand it, once you have pseudomonas, especially the stronger mucoid version, you cannot get rid of it. But I seem to have
been able to, and wonder at the significance of this.

June 1st 2001

I am still taking Colloidal Silver - 1 tspn 3 times a day. I have still caught 2 colds the last 3 months or so, but have been relatively
unaffected by them and they have not gone to my chest like EVERY other time!! Which is fantastic.

I am not taking any antibiotics at all, nor anything inhaled, and I am feeling and keeping very, very well.

I am not saying the CS has contributed to all of this, as I use many other things to keep me well, such as my acupuncture (twice
weekly), good diet, physio, exercise, etc., but I believe that the CS is definitely contributing to a much healthier girl than 12
months ago.

What do I think about antibiotics?

I want to speak about antibiotics purely from my point of view. I am not quoting from any text or what other people have said.

When I was younger, my body responded quite well to antibiotics and I didn't notice any side effects from taking them. My
infections usually got under control easily with oral antibiotics, and if not, when I had intravenous treatment, I immediately
improved with my infections clearing up very quickly, feeling much, much better, and my FEV1 readings improved dramatically.

As I grew older, this trend changed. I guess as the bugs grew more resistant, it took longer for me to respond to the antibiotics,
which in the scheme of things is a normal response. But what I found increasingly distressing was the side affects of the
antibiotics. Now as antibiotics go, that’s expected - they warn you on the packet a long list of possible side affects from taking it.
However, when you are already feeling quite crap from an infection, adding such things as headaches, nausea, lack of appetite,
dulled taste buds, exhaustion and dizziness aren't, from my side of the fence, a desired affect! The lack of appetite particularly was
annoying - I was literally having to force myself to eat, and when already underweight it was so important for me to keep up my
energy and try to put on weight. During my last 2 hospitalisations, I noticed really no change for the better by taking intravenous
drugs - but I did notice the side effects and felt much worse than when I was first admitted. And in fact I felt that I was having an
allergic reaction to them (I was taking two different drugs to address two different bugs) as I felt I started producing more sputum.
Now this is all SPECULATION on my behalf. But for me, I felt I started to feel worse - because I was already at an all time low, I
don't feel my body could cope with the added burden of chemicals in my body. It was interesting, that once out of hospital, and I
took myself off all inhaled antibiotics and inhaled steroid, that I began to feel "normal" again - increased energy, vitality, appetite
and weight gain. Essentially, antibiotics are a chemical and it is a very strong force to be putting in our bodies. For CF's there
really hasn't been any alternatives, which is what makes this disease so frustrating - with growing resistance to bugs, antibiotics
increasingly become ineffective, and the pharmaceutical companies bring out stronger antibiotics, but its not long before the bugs
conquer it too. In the meantime, as the body is assaulted with more and more chemicals, it's too busy getting them out, and there is
no energy left to recover. My gut feeling kept telling me that I had reached a stage where the antibiotics were doing me more harm
than good, because my body was so run down and couldn't cope with the chemical cocktail.