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I. Identifies interrogative pronoun in sentences. ( MT3GA-IIa-b.2.2.3 )
Give answer one at a time.

II. A. Grammar Awareness Identifying interrogative pronoun in sentences.

B. CG, TG and LM
C. activity sheets, meta strips, strips of manila paper, projector

III. A. Preparatory Activities:

 Spelling test. Give at least 5 words to be spelled.
 Pronunciation drill. Say the words/phrases correctly.

1. Unlocking of difficulties:
 Mildred and Nestor narrated their experiences while they were in
their cousin’s house.
 They go around with friendly people in barrio.

2. Motivation:
Have you ever experienced spending days away from your family?

3. Motive Question:
Who experienced spending days away from his / her home.

B. Developmental Activities
1. Lesson Proper
Let pupils listen attentively as you read the story, “There’s No Place
Like Home”.
 Answering of the motive question
 Answering of the comprehension questions.

2. Practice Exercises:
Activity 1
 Underline the interrogative pronoun in each sentence
Activity 2
 Add an interrogative pronoun that will best complete
each sentence
Activity 3
 Write questions that start with interrogative pronouns
who, what, where or when for the following sentences.

C. Generalization:
What are interrogative pronouns?

The question words Who, What, Where and When are called
interrogative pronouns.
Interrogative pronouns are words that are used to ask questions
 WHO asks for a person.
 WHERE asks for a place.
 WHEN asks for time.
 WHAT asks for a thing, or event.
D. Application:
Identify the correct pronoun to complete each sentence.

IV. Evaluation:

Identify the interrogative pronoun to complete each sentence.

1. ________ will you do tomorrow?

2. ________ will sweep the room?
3. ________ is your birthday?
4. ________ did you place your things?
5. ________ is on the table?

V. Assignment:
Write 2 sentences for each interrogative pronoun.

Process Observers:

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