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Fatality Management

Ade Kurdiman

Seminar Online HSE Indonesia

Group Whats App, 2 Nov 2019
ade.kurdiman19 Ade Vanka Ade Kurdiman OHS Ambassador
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 Corporate HSE Manager, PT Harmoni Panca Utama

 General Secretary, Asosiasi Profesi Keselamatan Pertambangan Indonesian (APKPI)
 Assesor of Competency: Pengawas Operasional Pertama (POP) & NQF – K3 Pertambangan
 Auditor, Writter, Public Speaker, & Trainer in occupational health & safety

UN-ILO. Geneve, Switzerland (2017)

Current National OHS Project:

- 2018: Review RSNI K3 Pertambangan, Direkturat Teknik & Lingkungan Minerba, KESDM RI
AOTS. Tokyo, Japan (2015) - 2019: Develop of National OHS Strategy & Program yr 2020 – 2024, Kemenaker RI
Guest Speaker …

Las Vegas, United States (2019)

• facts
• Key points
• how
facts …

2.78 Mio
Fatality (Occp. Accidents &
work-related disease, per-year)

374 MioFatality (non-fatal work-

related injuries & illness, per-year)
facts …

Fatality (per-day)
Morethan 2.000 fatality per-year*

2016 : 2.382 orang ; 2017 : 3.000 orang

(BPJS – Ketenagakerjaan; Trend Global 2020)
3 - Key Points
• Management
• Fatality (“Risk”)
• Un-controlled
Management ?

Henri Fayol, "to manage

is to forecast and to
plan, to organise, to
command, to co-
ordinate and to control.“

Fredmund Malik defines

it as "the transformation
of resources into utility.“
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Risk ?
Uncontrolled ?

“uncontrolled = failure”

Case study in Mining

• Mining is high risk,

• Serious injury & fatality still happened,

• Many changes in mining process & technology,

• Risks uncertainty, complex, non-linier, etc

mining is high risk, serious & fatality accidents still happened
... many changes in mining industry

16 – 20 Oct 2017

ILO has reviewed and

adopt revised code of
practice Safety and
Health in Opencast
Mines --- regarding
OHSMS approach
Original COP published in 1991
Integrated Into Bussiness

The Variable Approach

• Safety system as one
variable amongst

The Metaphor Approach

• Safety sytem as
something inherent in
all aspects of the
Resilience Approach
... in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.
Benjamin Franklin

Park, DY. 2018. IIHA Connect

From ‘Reactive’ to ‘Proactive’
Quality: Reliability & Validity
We often think of reliability and validity as separate ideas but, in fact, they're related to each other.

Figure 3.33 The shooting-target metaphor for reliability and validity of measurement.
• The validity is an equivalent to accuracy.
• A measure is said to have a high reliability if it produces
similar results under consistent conditions.
Willian M. Trochim. Cornell University, 1999 diunduh tanggal 16 Sep 2016
Step by Step to Culture Change

E1 E2 E1 E2

(E1) (E3) (CC)

Engineering Enforcement E3 BB Culture
E1 E2
E1 E2
(E2) (BB)
Education Behavior-based

S.K.Poon., Heinrich, HW., Petersoon & Nester Roos (1980). --- telah dimodifikasi APKPI
Academic Review
Contributing Factors of Safety Culture
Contributing Factors in Safety Culture
Literature :

• Each main factors have dynamic interaction

each other (Akselsson et al., 2009).

Source : Ade Kurdiman, Thesis, 2017 Figure 6.1: Analisa Faktor Pembentuk Utama
Research (2): All subfactors have correlation
Indicators of SC using principal component analysis

KMO-Barlett Test

KMO and Bartlett's Test

Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin Measure of 0,815
Sampling Adequacy.
Bartlett's Test of Approx. Chi-Square 2.359,681

df 406,000
Sig. ,000

Learn : All sub factor indicators of

safety culture have correllation
value each others.
New Era IR 4.0 = New Mindset
Ridwan Z Syaaf., 2019
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Ade Kurdiman