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New Product

Solder Paste Inspection Machine

VP5200-V Series

Pursue Speed and Accuracy to

go to New Stage.

CC-1041A 1
VP6000-V / 5200-V

Inline Detection

Inline detection of mounting faults at the initial stage,

where 70% of faults are developed Printing quality improvement
by utilizing SPC Function Intelligent Eye


Adjustment of Printing
Machine based
on Inspection Result Data. improved
total line shall be
lder Qua lity of the
on of So
Eliminati lts at the
ti n g F a u
Prin ge.
initial sta After-Reflow
Reflow Inspection Machine

VP6000-V/5200-V Mounter Inspection Machine
Solder Paste
Inspection Machine
PCB quality shall be improved by combination function
Printing Machine
with another machines.

SmartRIn (Remote Monitoring)

(Remote Monitoring)
Inspection, production situation for max 6 sets of VP can be monitored
by mobile terminal.

High speed inspection

The Highest Speed of VP Series:9,400mm2/sec.
VP-V series has achived higher speed
to realize corresponding high speed product line.

Top class inspection speed in the industry

(25μm) 9,400m㎡/sec
Advanced SPC Function
Various statistical work functions achieve process improvement by complete simple operation.
(With Color Image Saving Function for All Pads at Real Time)

Displaying Print Trend Flexible Statistic Display

Solder paste's volume or displacement trend can be Statistic Data can be displayed flexibly per time
confirmed on the PCB layout. It helps to recognize periods, parts and areas. For instance, it makes a graph
easily musks leaving solder paste and displacement of only the same BGA inspection results, which
areas. produced in the same month.

Printing Condition Improvement Report Function

By grouping Statistic Data to each category, Printing The Report of solder paste situation can be created
Trend can be compared. It is optimized to compare automatically on the basis of inspection result data. The
each printing condition, and that of cleaning report with images also is available.
before/after printer.

Barcode Reading Function, Option Environmental Support

Inspection camera reads barcode on
PCB. The read information shall be Lead

input to inspection results. Support for RoHS Directive Mercury Cadmium

6 Materials RoHS Bans

RoHS directive is supported.
Not required Pneumatic Supply. PBDE Polybrominated

This machine is friendly to global Support for Sexivalent

environment. RoHS Directive.

The machine which cares for Long term maintenance free guide is
Support Experience : 1D, 2D global environment and does adopted to control accuracy degradation
(Data Matrix ECC200, QR Code Model 2) not required pneumatic supply. and human power for maintenance.
High Accuracy
High Accuracy and Repeatability Inspection Resolution Switch
support Inspection of Fine Pads Function
Repeatability of height inspection: within 1μm at 3 (height standard jig) Inspection Resolution can be switched by parts unit to
Repeatability of volume inspection: within 2% at 3 (CKD's sample PCB) pursue either accuracy or speed.

0603 pad

CSP Solder Shape CSP Solder Shape

(microscope) (Shape Display VP6000M-V)

Standard Inspection High Resolution INSP

(25μm) (12.5μm)
QFP Solder Shape QFP Solder Shape
(microscope) (Shape Display VP6000M-V) Image Pictures

Foreign Material Inspection(Option) Glue Inspection(Option)

Foreign material can be detected at the same time as solder paste
inspection. Exclusive NG check screen comes up with alarm.

Realized 3D
glue inspection
[Detected Sample] for quality
Size of detectable foreign material (X・Y): 100μm on more improvement
height: Upper level of printed silk
Dust of PCB
string cutting dust
Solder paste inspection is also usable.

Dust of Scattering of
cleaning paper solder paste

PCB Warping Distribution Display

Coplanarity Inspection (Standard) Causing
connection. Confirmed
at this area.

Each pad is judged as “OK”,

but “NG” on Coplanarity

Trend of PCB warping is displayed in colored distribution.

■ Confirming PCB quality.
Maximum height pad Minimum height pad ■ Possible to examine the relation between warping trend of PCB bottom side and
reflow condition.
Difference between maximum and minimum height of IC pad (BGA, CSP) ■ Possible to examine the relation between warping trend of PCB and inspection

can be detected. result.

Simple Operation
Creating Inspection Program : Only 3minutes
■ It takes only 3 minutes to complete Inspection Program from
Parts loading Gerber Data.
Loading Data Completed ■ Inspection Program without Gerber Data can be created with
scanning printed PCB.
■ Optional mount data conversion function can make parts
registration easily.

Simple Operation − Full Touch Panel Method

Specification Setting Start Inspection Inspection Result Check Pad Shapes

■ Pursuing Simple Operation, full touch panel is adopted,

instead of operation buttons and switched. Complete one Besides displaying 3D shape image,
touch operation can be achieved from setting specifications 2D actual image (color display) is
to checking inspection results. also checked on the screen at the
■ Each menu is tag selecting type with simple menu, which same time, and solder paste shapes
anyone can operate easily. One Touch
can be recognized efficiently.
■ Setting log-in ID can make operating administrations. Operation

Inspection Principles of VP Series

Ring Light Projectors
Outline of only solder paste is extracted with a ring shape A camera, which positioned at the vertical direction, captures
(360°circle) light source projecting against inspection inspection object (solder) images with stripe pattern light by twin
object (solder). This method inspect by 3D for only solder projectors* from the cross angle. With the height of the objects,
paste existing area, achieves more reliable inspection. the stripe pattern is sifted against the base face and captured,
so the shift amount is converted with the triangulation principle.
* only VP6000-V

Camera Camera

Projector Projector

Z axis Auto-Focus Function

PCB Warping is recognized per inspection area by correcting the
distance between inspection camera and PCB. It can inspect follow
suit PCB Warping by focusing.
■ Standard Specification
Model VP6000-V VP5200-V
Inspection Method Phase Shift Method
PCB Size (M) 50x50mm~330x250mm
(L) 50x50mm~510x460mm
PCB Thickness 0.3~5.0mm
Projection Twin Projectors Single Projector
Inspection Resolution Digital Switching Method
25/12.5μm 20/10μm 15/7.5μm 25/12.5μm 20/10μm 15/7.5μm
Speed (mm /sec) Standard 8900 5700 3200 9400 6000 3300
High Resolution 5600 3500 1900 6000 3700 2000
Accuracy (Volume 3 )*1 Within 2% Within 3%
PCB Warping ±5mm
Outline Dimension (M) 724x870x1450mm
(L) 904x1080x1450mm
Power Supply Single Phase AC200~230V 50~60Hz MAX 1KVA
Pneumatic Supply Not Required
Weight (M) 500kg
(L) 560kg
UPS Standard Equipped, for Only PC.
Environmental Support RoHS
*1 Use CKD sample board
∙ Data Station, VPDS. ∙ Transformer. ∙ Glue Inspection. ∙ SmartRIn. (Remote Monitoring)
Up to 6 units can be connected. ∙ Barcode Reading Function. ∙ Foreign Material Inspection.
∙ Loading Conveyor. ∙ Mount Data Conversion Software. ∙ Advice Function.
∙ Unloading Conveyor.

■ Outline View

VP6000M-V/VP5200M-V VP6000L-V/VP5200L-V


724 870 904 1080