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Lashley Communication Studies 2012-2013

Model Essay

Module 3 – Speaking and Writing

You are a member of the Abstinence Club in your high school. You are concerned
about the small numbers of students that attend your weekly meetings. You have
been asked to organize a campaign that would convince students to attend

In an ESSAY of no more than 500 words, write a proposal for your advertising
campaign. Include the following:

a) Strategies you would use to attract students to club meetings and

justification for these strategies
b) Language varieties and registers you would consider appropriate
c) The information you think must be relayed during this campaign

I propose that through a newsletter, an evening of fun and games, and the creation
of a wonder wall of pictures, members of the Abstinence Club in my high school
will be encouraged to re-commit to the club, and attendance at meetings will be

Through the use of a newsletter in which Standard English, and therefore a formal
register, would be used I would make an impassioned plea to my peers to attend
meetings. I would remind them of the importance of our cause, which concerns not
just abstinence from substance abuse, but from sexual activity as well. I would
remind them of our motto, which is, WE ARE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS
KEEPERS, and our pledge which is, “With each other’s help, we can each keep
ourselves pure”. In this newsletter I would remind my peers of the drunken driving
tragedy that led us to form the group. This strategy would reinforce the tenets of
the club, and refresh commitment to its philosophies.

Furthermore, I would attract students through a “fun and games” evening for the
next club meeting. Discussions, games and other activities would be informal and
any language used would be a mixture of colloquial, teenage slang and creole, and
therefore, casual or intimate in register. We would play charades as an icebreaker,
M. Lashley Communication Studies 2012-2013

but as the evening progresses rehearsed skits about drug and alcohol abuse, and
risky sexual behaviour would be put on by the core who always attends meetings.
Afterwards I would chair a discussion, using teenage slang and the creole, based on
the skits. Everyone would be encouraged to speak their minds in a completely
intimate and casual way. Finger foods would be available throughout. The aim of
this activity would be to connect club membership and attendance to a memorable,
fun activity, and offer the hope that subsequent meetings could sometimes take a
similar form.

Moreover, I would attract students by creating a wonder-wall of pictures online of

group members and club activities, including pictures of the fun evening. Over
time, every club member would be profiled and each could share his or her
abstinence story. This “story” would be a detailed explanation of why the
individual member is interested in being pure. It could be a personal story, a story
of a friend or relative who has inspired the adolescent to remain free of drugs and
alcohol, and to delay sexual activity until adulthood. The story could be told
formally, colloquially or completely casually through the use of Standard English,
Slang or Creole. This activity it is expected to interest club members who all love
Facebook and who love to take photographs and share their pictures. It is expected
that the club members will bond and be more willing to meet. It is also expected
that the stories will remind them of their purpose as a club.

The above information and strategies are what I would propose to increase
attendance of the Abstinence Club in my high school.

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