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Grade Level: 6 Subject: Art Prepared By: Bella Garcia

Overview & Purpose Education Standards Addressed

The limitation art form is used in everyday life in architecture and how it is important to 117.202. Art,(2)(c)- produce artworks, including
be creative . drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures/modeled forms,
ceramics, fiber art, photographic imagery, and digital art
and media, using a variety of materials.

Lesson Details
Objectives Many shapes can be created into anything with a good Materials Needed
(Specify skills/information that will imagination  Paper
be learned.)
 Pencil
 Worksheet provided

Information The worksheet that will provided is about Limitation

(Give and/or demonstrate necessary which is a artform of one shape that can be created to
be whatever that individual is creating.

Verification By creating a example to show the class and then see if Other Resources
(Steps to check for student the students understand (e.g. Web, books, etc.)

Activity They will create their own artwork and the lesson is all
(Describe the independent activity to about how a shapes can be anything just by using one
reinforce this lesson)
shape .

Summary Going over the art style of limitation and explain how Additional Notes
different yet it is used in everyday life but creating our
own individually.