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Statement Of Purpose

Name : Jaldhi Himanshu Bhatt

“There is an amazing power getting to know your inner self and learning how to use it and not
fight with the world. If you know what makes you happy, your personality, interests and
capabilities, just use them, and everything else flows beautifully.”

This quote inspires me which is said by Juhi Chawla, an acclaimed Indian Actress, to see
through my inner strength and abilities. I hail from a middle class Indian family and I believe
that hard work with intelligence will definitely bring happiness and will help you to stand
against difficulties in life. My father is serving as a music teacher in a private school and my
mother is supporting him by doing a small business of catering and food supply.

I remember that, in my childhood, I was keen to know about unknown things and I had a skill
that I could learn about features of technical devices very easily with no stress to mind. Well,
there is no surprise that I feel that I got this ability from my mother. So, when I was 10, my
parents bought a personal computer for me to get idea about how this new machine works. At
that time, this type of computer was new to IT industry in India. By using that personal
computer, my skills had grown up and by practising basic things in that computer, I increased
my enthusiasm to know more about technologies.

It was very clear for me that I will choose computer related field. But I had no any idea about
how websites, apps and games are made. However, I liked to play computer games daily that
raised my artistry and creativity of thinking. My cousin was also in the same field so, at my
young age, I heard some of the related words to the IT field such as iOS games and Java. I
learnt about basic computer hardware and software at my secondary and higher secondary
school, too.

I found that computer jobs need strong mathematical skills, so I strengthened my maths to solve
problems regarding computer. Although, I was not so good at maths during 2 years of higher
secondary school, one of my friends suggested me to study maths in a different way that helped
me a lot and also my scores in maths increased in engineering.

But still, I was blank about advance stuffs of computer and I wanted to learn more about that
so I chose Computer Engineering in my Bachelor’s study. During initial 3 semesters, I learnt
many things about computers but, I had not idea that how I can build applications for real
world. My senior friend suggested me to learn by myself instead of depending only on
university syllabus. So, I joined a software company named Peafowlsoft Pvt. Ltd. near my
college to take training of building websites in my 4th semester of engineering. They taught me
basics of programming in C# language and building web applications using ASP.NET. I did
training for almost 6 months from Jan, 2016 to May 2016. Moreover, during vacation period
after 4th semester, I explored market opportunities and various technologies that are emerging
in industry and learnt programming things about developing android apps by using online
resources such as YouTube and Udacity. After that, I joined the same company as a part time
android developer to keep practising.

I thought that only practical or theoretical knowledge wouldn’t help me to find good
opportunities, so I tried to manage both the skills during the 4 years of engineering and I got
8.95 GPA out of 10. In addition, I was also awarded in Devang Mehta IT Awards for being
topper of the 4th year in engineering. I studied many interesting subjects that helped me to
understand computer architecture and programming language such as Computer Organization
and Architecture, Data Structure, Mathematics, Object Oriented Programming Using Java,
Mobile Computing, System Programming and there are many other subjects that I learnt.

The four years of my bachelor’s degree were very adventurous for me because I got lot of
opportunities to show my talent in both curricular and extracurricular activities. I studied my
two subjects, Web Data Management and Mobile Computing & Wireless Communication in
Laurentian University, Sudbury, Canada where I got a chance to know about totally different
culture and teaching schemes. Also I built an android app for accurate attendance management
in project that can take a student’s real time attendance using location by using one device per
student to avoid proxy attendance. It was a surprise for me when I was chosen for Google India
Challenge Scholarship 2018 during my final semester (Feb 2018 to April 2018). We had a
major project in final year, for that I had continued my project from Canada and had built that
app in cross platform framework ‘Flutter’. Then I got confidence that I can build any type of
application for user without any programming language constraint because, I learnt that how
to solve problems.

To put a step forward into industry, I joined Glasier Inc after completion of my bachelor’s
degree, as a Backend Developer where I develop web application for clients of company. As I
was also doing freelancing, I had good experience in Android development, too. So after four
months of basic experience at Glasier Inc., I joined as Jr. Android developer at Sapratigs in
January 2019. I just wanted to get little experience before starting my Master’s degree so that’s
why I got this opportunities to show up my skills and learn new things from the industry.

I have also won many medals in tables tennis as I have been a table tennis player since
childhood. I was a leader of my team in national table tennis school games when I was in 10th
standard. I also won numerous medals at state and district level. Apart from studying, I also
prefer to attend workshops and seminars to get updates about new things in my field. I attended
a workshop of building AR and VR games using Unity. Leadership is also vital thing that I
always consider, hence I attended a leadership workshop in Devang Mehta IT Award.

I think that the field of computer science is growing daily and new technologies are coming to
make life easier for humans. I believe that I can add value to the industry by doing research or
internship in computer science and by exploring hidden things because it is my field of interest.
I will implement my own ideas and techniques to solve computational problems. I am willing
to get admission in Laurentian University because it is highly reputed in Canada, that provides
best facilities to students and I am aware about the teaching schemes and environment of there.

Master’s program in Computer Science will allow me to gain in-depth understanding of

Computational Science, Data Management, Mathematical Algorithms. As MS programs are
linked to the industry trends, I will also gain advance knowledge of trending domains such as
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Human Computer Interaction, High
Performance Computing, Mobile and Web application development and Cloud Computing,
which are used by practicing professionals. The Master’s program will also allow me to keep
up with the fast paced world of IT and give me the ability to design and create software
solutions in accordance with the emerging technology trends and help me in achieving global
career in Computer Science. As I am working as a professional software developer, I am able
to build applications, but by doing MS program, I want to learn more about the vast field of
Advance Computer Science that would enable me to develop more intelligent software systems
and also that would give me more opportunities in my field of interest. After completion of
MS, I will utilize my skills and knowledge to give the best solutions to the IT industry of India
and to different communities to make their life easier using advance technologies. After coming
back to India, I will have good opportunities with the added advantage of master’s degree from
reputed university of Canada. I can get good job at Bangalore, Hyderabad or Pune which are
known worldwide for IT hubs of India.

The reason behind I chose Canada to study get my higher education is because, every individual
is valued in Canada. All type of field and subjects are appreciated in Canada. Also I had very
good experience when I visited Canada, where I have seen new culture and met new people,
too. I find people very supportive and dedicated towards their job in Canada. Comparing to
other countries such as USA, Australia, UK and Germany, cost of living and education is quite
economic. Studying in your university would add values to my education and it would give me
better opportunities in my field. I am sure that Laurentian University would provide me all
equipment, facilities and education to do research to develop innovative things that would make
life easier.


Jaldhi Bhatt