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Summary of Annotations

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#1 Highlight (Shabbir)

Springs will generally require little in the way of maintenance

#2 Highlight (Shabbir)

Overheating, usually shown as blistering of the surface

protection can, in extreme
circumstances, show a change of
colour of the metal due to the loss of temper

#3 Highlight (Shabbir)

In some instances, springs have to be checked against figures

or graphs to prove whether they are in a suitable condition to
continue in service

#4 Highlight (Shabbir)

The most common check, done on coil springs is on its static measurement

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#1 Highlight (Shabbir)

The other check, usually completed in a workshop environment,

is the load/deflection check
#2 Highlight (Shabbir)

Springs must be examined for:

 Corrosion
 Overheating
 Fatigue checking / expected life measurement
 Static Measurement
 Load / Deflection Check

#3 Highlight (Shabbir)

If a spring fails any of these checks it is, simply, replaced by a

serviceable item

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#1 Highlight (Shabbir)

if a spring that carries cyclic

loads becomes corroded, then the combination of fatigue and
corrosion can result in a serious loss of fatigue strength