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Dance as a skillfully choreographed

art practiced largely by a professional


Ramon Arevalo Obusan was born on

June 16, 1938 and died on December
21, 2006. Obusan is credited for his work
in promoting Philippine traditional
dance and cultural work.

-an international acclaimed dancer

Dancing is both an art form and a form -dance anthropologist
of recreation. Dance as art may tell a -choreographer
story, set a mood, or express an
emotion. -artistic director
-founded the Ramon Obusan Folkloric
Group (ROFG) in 1971
Dance is a powerful impulse, but the art
of dance is that impulse channeled by -He was declared as a National Artist of
skillful performers into something that the Philippines in May 2006
becomes intensely expressive and that
may delight spectators who feel no wish
to dance themselves. -He's a Bicolano. A son to Dr. Praxedes
Obusan of Camarines Norte and Josefina
from Albay
These two concepts of the art of dance:

-He studied in University of the

1. Dance as a powerful impulse Philippines where he graduated with BS
in Fisheries
- On the same year, he directed a
documentary for the Cultural Center of
-He then went to teach courses in
the Philippines (CCP) entitled “Sayaw”,
Fisheries in Aklan Polytechnic Institute
which won the grand prix award in the
“International Video Dance Competition”
-It was in Aklan where his love for in France.
Philippine folk culture was born
1992- he was given the Patnubay ng
-Obusan later went back to UP where, Kalinangan award by the City of Manila
inspired by his teacher, Dr. Espiridion for his contributions to the preservation
Arsenio Manuel, he decided to study of traditional Filipino dances.
1993- he was conferred the CCP Gawad
-He then joined the Bayanihan Dance Para sa sining Para Sa Sayaw for his
Company where he began his career in researches in Philippine Folk Dances and
the 1960's, first as an instrumentalist, other art forms.
then eventually as a dancer
1998- Obusan was commissioned by the
Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group Department of Tourism in designing
floats themed with historical significance
during the parade for the centennial
He founded the Ramon Obusan Folkloric celebration of the country's
Group in 1971. Through the Ramon independence.
Obusan Folkloric Grop (ROFG), he had
effected cultural and diplomatic
exchanges using the multifarious aspects Works:
and dimensions of the art of dance.
Among Obusan's notable works are the
Awards/Achievements: following:
* Vamos a Belen! Series (1998-2004)
Philippine Dances Tradition
1982- He was designated as Artistic
Director of the first Asian Dance * Noon Po sa Amin, tableaux of
Company Philippine History in song, drama and
* Obra Maestra, a collection of Ramon
Obusan's dance masterpieces
* Unpublished Dances of the Philippines,
Series I-IV
* Water, Fire and Life, Philippine Dances
and Music--A Celebration of Life
* Saludo sa Sentenyal
* Glimpses of ASEAN, Dances and Music
of the ASEAN-Member Countries
* MJ (Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group):
Philippines Costumes in Dance


Obusan died on December 21, 2006 due

to cardio-pulmonary arrest at the
Makati Medical Center. Up to the time
of his death, the annual Christmas
program Vamos A Blen at the Cultural
Center of the Philippines was at his
oversight. Obusan was also preparing for
the cultural presentation to be made
during the state dinner for the 2007
ASEAN Summit to be hosted by then
President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.