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Linking words of Contrast

Watch the video and complete the summary using the linking words of contrast:

Although - While - However - Despite

1.) ___________________

___________________​ can occur at the start of a sentence- it is followed by a comma and then
a clause. ​___________________​ can also come in the middle of a sentence to separate two

● Many people think it rains in England all the time. ​___________________​, this is only
partly true - it rains 95% of the time and the other 5% it's overcast.
● Many people think it rains in England all the time; ​___________________​, this is only
partly true.

2.) ___________________

___________________​ can come in the middle or at the beginning of a sentence and

introduces a subordinate clause. It can be replaced with ​though​ and ​even though.

● ___________________​ it is true that we are good at following rules, English people do

not love queuing!

3.) ___________________

___________________​ appears at the beginning of the clause or in the middle of a sentence. It

is always followed by a noun or verb + ING. It can be replaced with ​in spite of.

● ___________________​ being a little formal, English people are actually very


4.) ___________________

___________________​ joins two contrasting clauses together and sits at the beginning of one
of the clauses. Usually at the beginning of the sentence. In a more formal and literary style, we
can say ​whilst​.

● ___________________​ international opinion of our food is not good, I think that English
food is delicious!
More Linking words
Choose the correct linking word.

a)She hasn’t tidied her room yet ​___________________​ ​she promised she would​.

though while because

b) I hate strong flavors ___________________ curry or garlic.

but like although

c) They said they’ll be here by twelve ___________________ the traffic’s slow.

or until unless

d) He said he enjoyed the meal I cooked, but I wasn’t sure ___________________ he really did.

whether while as

e)___________________ being rich, Tom has never been abroad.

In spite of although while

f) She lives near her school. ___________________, she never arrives on time.

like despite however

g) She didn’t recognise him in his and sunglasses __________________ she’d know him a long
despite whether although