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PIONEER pre-intermediate - American edition - TEST: Module 5

Test: Module 5

A. Circle the correct words.

1. The two boys succeeded / managed in swimming to the island.

2. Could you please solve / fasten your seat belt?

3. You should reduce / rent the amount of sugar you eat. It’s not good for you.

4. You will find all the information you need in the insurance / brochure.

5. Let’s go and get our supplies / luggage from the conveyor belt.

6. Who discovered / invented the planet Mars?

score 7

B. Complete with the words in the box.

bargain land dizzy board towel ruins successful

1. Don’t forget to bring your to the gym.

2. Jenny bought the camera because it was a real .

3. Peter studied Medicine and now he has become a very doctor.

4. Come on. Let’s visit the ancient .

5. What time does your plane ?

6. Come on, it’s time to the plane.

7. John was a little and left work early today.

score 7

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PIONEER pre-intermediate - American edition - TEST: Module 5

Complete the dialogue with the sentences a-e. There is one extra sentence which you will
not need to use.

a. You have a point.

b. You should be more careful.
c. You’d better not.
d. Could you help me look for it?
e. There you go.

A: What are you doing?

B: I borrowed Tony’s shirt yesterday and now I can’t find it anywhere! 1

A: Oh, Jake! 2 You’re always losing things.

B: 3 But I need to find it now. Help me, please.

A: Is it that blue one you were wearing yesterday? I think I saw it in the bathroom.

B: Really?

A: Yes, let me check... 4

B: Thanks! Just in time, Tony’s outside waiting for me!

score 4

A. Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple or the Past Perfect Simple of the verbs in

1. A: What time Joey (come) over last night?

B: He (be) late, as usual. We (already / start)

eating by the time he (arrive).

2. A: Hi, Mary. Are you feeling better today? You (look) very tired

B: I know. It was because I (not sleep) well the past two days.

3. When Jenny (get) into her car, she (realize)

that she (not take) her purse with her.

score 9

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PIONEER pre-intermediate - American edition - TEST: Module 5

B. Circle the correct words.

1. A: Can / Will I borrow this pen?

B: Yes, of course.

2. A: May / Would you get me a glass of water, please?

B: Sure, no problem.

3. A: Could / May you drive me to the mall tomorrow morning?

B: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to go to work.

4. A: Hello. May / Will I help you, sir?

B: Would / Could I make an appointment, please? score 5
A: Certainly.

C. Rewrite the sentences using the words given.

1. It’s not a good idea to exercise when your back hurts. (should)

2. We have to leave now because we’re going to miss our flight. (had better)

3. Don’t forget to take your car to the mechanic. (had better)

4. It’s a good idea to arrive early for the interview. (should)

score 4

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PIONEER pre-intermediate - American edition - TEST: Module 5
Listen to people talking in three different situations and answer the questions.

1. What time is the plane going to arrive at its destination?

a. 3:30
b. 4:30
c. 5:30
2. What does the man suggest the woman does?
a. See a doctor.
b. Go to the pharmacy.
c. Search the Internet.

3. Why does the woman like the beach?

a. Because it’s peaceful.
b. Because it has a good view.
c. Because she used to go there when she was young. score 6

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PIONEER pre-intermediate - American edition - TEST: Module 5
Read the text and write T for True, F for False or NM for Not Mentioned.

To the 1. Roald Amundsen died when he reached

the South Pole in 1911.

North Pole 2. Robert Peary returned from his

first expedition with a picture of
the pole.
Most people know about the race to be the first person
to reach the South Pole, which Roald Amundsen won 3. Modern explorers think that Peary never
in 1911. But who was the first person to reach the managed to reach the
North Pole? Many history books say it was Robert
North Pole.
Peary, but modern Arctic explorers disagree.
4. No human has ever actually walked
Robert Peary was an American engineer and Arctic
all the way to the North Pole.
explorer who went on eight expeditions to the Arctic.
In 1891 he made his first journey with his wife and his
friend Matthew Henson. In 1909 he returned from his
eighth expedition and said that he had reached the
North Pole. He even had a photograph of Henson
holding a flag at the pole.
But many people at the time refused to accept that he
had reached the pole, especially as he had arrived
back to his base in just over two weeks. Modern
explorers agree and say that it was impossible for him
to have traveled so fast.
Later, other explorers became the first to reach the
pole. In 1948 Alexander Kuznetsov landed a plane
nearby and walked to the pole. And in 1958 a U.S.
submarine traveled under the ice at the North Pole.
But the first explorer to definitely reach the North Pole
on foot was the British writer and artist Wally Herbert
in 1969.

score 8

Write a description of your town/city. Mention some of the sights and things
visitors can do there.
score 10


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