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The Programs

15 Richard
chair Advertising New York City is the advertising capital of the world, so it should
come as no surprise that the advertising program at the School of Visual Arts
attracts the finest students and draws faculty from the best of the city’s
advertising industry. ¶ Advertising at SVA is a soup-to-nuts proposition: We ground you in the
basics—typography, digital production, 3D design, motion graphics, graphic design and a con-
ceptual approach toward problem solving. We broaden your visual literacy and sharpen your
voice. ¶ Just as important, you benefit from our strong ties to the professional world. Many of SVA’s
advertising classes are held right at the agencies of the faculty members, where students can
mingle with executives, media planners, and copywriters. Students are offered internships
during their junior and senior years, providing further opportunity to connect in the industry,
and senior advertising students gain automatic membership in two professional organizations,
the Art Directors Club and The One Club. ¶ When the time for the big job search arrives, the
department helps students get the exposure they need to land prime positions. The Senior
Library is an annual school-published compendium of the best student work of the year; the
award-winning manual, which typically runs about 500 pages and is distributed throughout
the visual communications industry, has become the benchmark for publications of its kind.
Our graduates have gone on to work at prestigious firms such as Weiden and Kennedy, DDB,
DeVito Verni, Ogilvy & Mather, Cliff Freeman & Partners, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Crispin
Porter & Bogusky, and others. ¶ As anyone at those firms could tell you, advertising today is a
vital, thriving industry, and it’s a different animal than in decades past. The SVA curriculum
has been groundbreaking in recognizing the potential of advertising to advance a social agenda
and to move beyond its traditional platforms. SVA was the first school to offer a guerilla ad-
vertising course, taught by Frank Anselmo, art director at BBDO. SVA was also the first school to
teach the concept of ads with no headlines, broadening the global reach of advertising. We offer a
course in Advertising for Social Change, as well as green-friendly courses geared specifically
towards marketing sustainable products. The department also boasts an intensive, invitation-only
filmmaking class, taught by Bob Giraldi, a longtime faculty member and award-winning director
of commercials, music videos (including Michael Jackson’s iconic “Beat It” video), and films. ¶
The department’s prestige is suggested by the fact that advertising students from the School of
Visual Arts dominate the Graphis New Talent Annual year after year. ¶ That’s what we have to
offer. What do we ask that you bring to the table? Your talent, your creativity, and your daring. 
foundation-year requirements add-3151 / unconventional advertising
Department Highlights
Digital Video The traditional headline/visual print portfolio pales in
In addition to HCD-1010 and HCD-1020, Literature and GDD-3203 Introduction to Maya and Match Moving comparison to one containing unconventional concepts.
add-1010 / principles of visual language
Writing I and II, first-year Advertising majors must complete GDD-3213 After Effects and Final Cut Pro Today's top creative people want to be surprised—not just
This studio course will explore the fundamental principles of
the studio and art history courses listed below. GDD-3222 Motion Graphics Workshop I with great concepts, but also with unexpected creative media
two-dimensional design and how these principles relate to
GDD-3223 Motion Graphics Workshop II executions commonly referred to as “unconventional ad-
visual communication. Through direct, hands-on participation
Two semesters of: GDD-3281 The Music Video I: A “Real-World” Workshop vertising.” The goal and focus of this course is to execute
in assignments and independent projects, students will work
ADD-1010 Principles of Visual Language GDD-3282 The Music Video II: A “Real-World” Workshop concepts in completely new and inventive ways so you
toward developing their own unique “visual language.”
FDD-1030 Drawing won’t be competing with anyone else's portfolio when
Experimentation with composition, visual hierarchy, typo-
Editorial Design you go on an interview. Everyone is used to seeing ideas
graphic design, color interaction and visual narrative will
One semester of: Two semesters of: executed within the print, TV and interactive mediums.
be stressed. Students will explore a wide range of visual
AHD-1010 Survey of World Art I GDD-3521 Editorial Design Those mediums can never surprise people quite like a
concepts, including abstraction, symmetry and asymmetry,
AHD-1015 Survey of World Art II medium that does not yet exist. A medium that's always
contrast, figure/ground relationships, rhythm and harmony.
SMD-1020 Foundations of Visual Computing Graphic Design changing because people are thinking in ways they never
Class time is used for the creation and execution of design
Two semesters of: have before. Great concepts executed in unconventional
work, along with critiques and discussions. Assignments are
GDD-3010 Communication Graphic Design ways don’t lose their luster. This is not an advertising course
paper-based: supplies include construction paper, drafting
second-year requirements where we put work on the wall, critique it and then go home.
and cutting tools, and gouache paint. The primary technique
Typography It is an intense, concept-to-execution, highly detailed
will be collage.
In addition to course work in art history and the humanities Two semesters of: course. Throughout the semester, students will be taken
and sciences, second-year students must complete the GDD-3611 Designing with Typography on an inspiring visual journey of the most effective and
fdd-1030 / drawing
courses listed below. memorable unconventional concepts ever produced.
Focusing on the perceptual skills involved in image-making,
Three-Dimensional Design for the Graphic Designer This course is not just about creating; it’s about inventing.
this course will examine drawing as an act of producing
Two semesters of: Two semesters of:
independent works of art and as a preparatory process in
GDD-2020 Basic Graphic Design GDD-3336 3D Design and Illustration add-3131 / the art of copy
organizing a finished work. Projects will be assigned to study
ADD-2030 Basic Advertising This course is specially designed for the art director who may
the formal elements of art, such as line, space, scale and
GDD-2050 Basic Typographic Design not become a copywriter, but wants to be an art director
texture. Materials will include pencil, charcoal, pen-and-ink
GDD-2060 Drawing fourth-year requirements who can write. These skills are increasingly in demand in
and wash, among others. Projects range from the figure
GDD-2090 Computers in the Studio the industry—particularly on interviews for internships and
and still life, for example, to mapping and storyboarding.
In addition to course work in art history and the humanities firsttime positions. The course will give students a better
One semester of: and sciences, fourth-year students must complete the idea of what it takes to do effective advertising; write better
gdd-2020 / basic graphic design
GDD-2070 Visual Literacy courses listed below. headlines; work more effectively with a creative partner and,
This course is an introduction to the various aspects of
of course, create body copy the way it should be written. Not
graphic communication and will cover concepts, typography,
Two semesters of: to mention adding a few portfolio pieces to your book that
layout and general graphic techniques.
third-year requirements ADD-4010 Advertising Portfolio shows a greater range and depth of creative execution
than your competitors.
add-2030 / basic advertising
In addition to course work in art history and the humanities One course per semester of:
A course that will teach you what good advertising is: how
and sciences, third-year students must complete the ADD-3121 Advertising Concepts add-3162 / design in advertising
to take a product and give it a unique concept, and how to
courses listed below. ADD-3131 The Art of Copy Good design can't save a bad idea. So in this course, we'll
take that concept and creatively execute it in a rough print
ADD-3151 Unconventional Advertising I and II begin with ideas. At the tissue paper stage, we'll reject the
ad or TV commercial.
Two semesters of: ADD-3162 Design in Advertising I bad ones and improve the good ones until we find a great
ADD-3010 Advanced Advertising GDD-3203 Introduction to Maya and Match Moving one. That's when the fun begins. That's when we turn that
GDD-3213 After Effects and Final Cut Pro great idea into a great ad—a skillfully designed, computer-
Two of the following courses each semester: GDD-3218 Web Site Design generated piece that will play a prominent part in your
GDD-3222 Motion Graphics Workshop I and II portfolio. You will study how great art director's work, how
Creative Advertising GDD-3281 The Music Video I and II: A “Real-World” to make body copy your friend, how to pick the right photo
ADD-3121 Advertising Concepts Workshop or illustration, how to find a home for a logo, how to avoid
ADD-3126 Advertising and Graphic Design GDD-3336 Three-Dimensional Design and boring backgrounds, how to choose the right type face and,
for Social Change Illustration I and II most importantly, how to make sure an ad doesn't look like
ADD-3131 The Art of Copy GDD-3351 Advertising and Graphic Design for an ad. This will be a workshop course, with a new assignment
ADD-3151 Unconventional Advertising I Social Change every three weeks.
ADD-3152 Unconventional Advertising II GDD-3378 Information Graphics
ADD-3162 Design in Advertising I GDD-3387 Graphic Design Workshop
GDD-3491 Publication Design
GDD-3521 Editorial Design I and II
GDD-3526 Editorial Design: Style and Culture
GDD-3611 Designing with Typography I and II
GDD-4601 Broadcast Design I and II
Marcelo Miranda, 4th year 71
left page: Alexi Beltrone & Jay Martin, 4th year
right page: Annie Chiu & Anna Echiverri, 4th year
Kianga Williams, 4th year 75
Jonathan Caravello, 4th year 77
left page: Seung Joo Lee, 4th year
right page: Cindy Eunhaee Cho, 4th year
left page: Grace Eunhae Hwang, 4th year
right page: Sungkwon Ha, 4th year
Frank Grosberger & Raymond Lee, 4th year 83
Kianga Williams, 4th year 85
left page: Jihee Kim, 4th year
right page: Wongi Ryu, 4th year
left page: Ben Bartholomew, 4th year
right page: Francisco Hui, 4th year
Jeong Jyn Yi & Sara Roderick, 4th year 91
Sungkwon Ha, 4th year 93
Wongi Ryu, 4th year 95