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Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education, Mumbai

K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik (Instt. Code: 0078)

Students Progressive Assessment Sheet for Term Work (TW) D-3
Academic Year: 2018-19 Name of Faculty: Mr. A. D. Talole
Programme and Code: Computer Technology (CM) Class: SYCM-I Scheme: ‘I’
Course Name: Data Communication & Computer Network Course Abbr-Code: DCC-22414
Name of Candidate: _________________________________ Roll No:_______
Enrollment No:_______________ Sem: IVth Marks: Max:-25 Min:10
Date of Date of ment Dated
Sr. Page Remarks
Title of the Practical Performa Submissi Marks sign of
No. No (if any)
nce on out of Teacher
Configure Peer-to-Peer network with at least
three host
Create desired standard network cable including
cross cable & test by using cable Tester
Connect computers using given topology with
wired media
4. Connect Computers using wireless Media
5. Write a C program for CRC Error Detection
Create a Network using Bluetooth
Share a Printer & Folder in a network & transfer
a file from one Computer to another
8. Install Operating System (Windows)
9. Configure File Server
Configure Client to File Server & use File
10. Services
11. Configure Static & Dynamic IP Addresses
12. Configure DHCP Server
Run Basic TCP/IP utilities & Network
13. Commands: ipconfig, ping, tracert, netstat,
pathping, route
14. Install Wireshark & Configure as Packet Sniffer
15. Set access rights & security permissions for user
Create IPv6 based small network using a
simulator (Preferably Open source Simulator)
17. Setting up a Wireless Network
Total Marks
Total Marks(Scaled to 25)
Student Signature with Name_________________________________________________
This is to certify that Mr./Ms. ______________________________________Roll No.______of Class: SYCM-I
Semester:4I of diploma in Computer Technology of Institute K. K. Wagh Polytechnic, Nashik (0078) has
completed the Term Work satisfactory in the subject Data Communication & Computer Network (DCC-22414),
for Academic Year 2018-19 as prescribed in curriculum.
Place: Nashik Date: / / 2019 Exam Seat No:_____________

Mr. A. D. Talole Prof. G. B. Katkade Prof. P. T. Kadave

Subject Teacher HOD, CM-Dept. Principal