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I. Choose the right answer!

The text is for number 1-5

My House
My house is big and clean. It has seven rooms. There are three bedrooms, a living
room, a bathroom, a dining room, and a kitchen. My bedroom is comfortable. It’s quite big
and clean. There are a bed, a fan, a cupboard, a table, and a chair. It’s my favourite room.
Beside my bedroom is my brother’s room. His name is Aldo.
1. Is the house big and clean?
a. Yes, it is c. no, it is not
b. Yes, she is d. no, she is not
2. What are in the bedroom?
a. a bed, a fan, and a spoon c. a bed, a towel, and a table
b. a bed, a fan, and a towel d. a bed, a chair, and a map
3. Where is Aldo’s bedroom?
a. beside the kitchen c. beside the dining room
b. beside the bathroom d. beside the writer’s room
4. How many bedroom are in the house?
a. Two bedrooms c. four bedrooms
b. Three bedrooms d. five bedrooms
5. How is the writer’s bedroom?
a. Quite big and clean c. small and clean
b. Big and clean d. small and dirty
6. My favourite food is meatball. The underlined word mean….
a. Nasi goreng c. bakso
b. Roti d. ayam goreng
7. Mother cooks in the….
a. Bathroom c. bedroom
b. Kitchen d. garage

8. Seven plus three is….

a. Eleven c. twelve
b. Nine d. ten
9. in the – take a bath – I – bathroom.
a. I bathroom in the take a bath
b. I take a bath bathroom in the
c. I take a bath in the bathroom
d. Take a bath I in the bathroom
10. There are bed, pillows, and cupboard. It is for sleep. It is….
a. Bedroom c. bathroom
b. Kitchen d. dining room
11. Twelve … eight is four
a. Plus c. divided
b. Minus d. equals
12. I do not like fried rice.
The positive (+) form is….
a. I do like fried rice c. I like fried rice
b. Do I like fried rice? d. I fried rice like
13. Is it number thirty five?
a. yes, it is c. no, it is not
b. yes, there is d. no, there is not

14. I like drink …. in the morning.

a. Ice tea c. ice cream
b. Orange juice d. milk
15. My father drink a coffee in the living room. The synonym of the underlined word is….
a. Guest room c. bathroom
b. Dining room d. bedroom
16. Sixteen plus four is….
a. Twenty c. twenty two
b. Twenty one d. twenty three
17. Towel and toothbrush are things in the….
a. Kitchen c. bathroom
b. Bedroom d. living room
18. What is your favourite drink?
a. Ice tea c. ice cream
b. Lemon tea d. coffee
19. a – g – e – r – a – g =
a. gragea c. geraga
b. garage d. garega
20. What number is it?
a. Twenty four c. twenty six
b. Twenty five d. twenty seven