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A Day in Art Class Ms.

Most days, class begins with an art (School name/ Location/ Room #)
demonstration of a new technique or
material. Other days, students look at
and think about art from both today and
in history.
After the demonstration or discussion Hello! I am Pittsburg State University
time, students get to work. Students are graduate. I am a ceramic artist. I enjoy the
either given assignments or the outdoors and making art in my spare time. I
opportunity to design their own projects. am so excited to be working with your
Assignment days help students develop students this year. I believe every child is an
specific skills or expand on their studies artist, and the classroom is their studio.
in other classes. On days where they are
free to design their own projects, students
can either do the newly demonstrated
project, in effect continuing to have art
the traditional way (the teacher
introduces a new project they can do) or,
they can work on their own ideas at any
of the open art centers. When students
are able to choose where they work, they
often come to class with art ideas that
they are excited to explore. Students are
never rushed and have time to continue
working on artwork from the previous
class. Through the freedom of designing
their own projects, students learn to be
creative thinkers. They learn how to
organize themselves and plan things out.
Students working on pieces that they care
about are more invested in their work.

While students work, the teacher is

The Art Room
constantly monitoring them; asking them
to persevere, making sure that everyone 2020
is trying new things and pushing him or
herself to learn more.
“Every child is an
Rubrics will be used for student self-
assessment as well as instructor
artist…the problem
assessment. Grading scale will follow
_________ Schools’ district grading policy.
is how to remain an
The majority of our work will be assessed
artist once he grows
using the Studio Habits of Mind:
 Develop Craft
 Engage and Persist -Pablo Picasso
 Envision
 Express
 Observe
 Reflect
A Day in Art Class Cont.  Stretch and Explore Outcomes and Assignments
 Understand Art Worlds
Although students' finished choice  Art content comes from National Core Art
artwork may look vastly different than Standards
teacher-directed projects, students are The studio habits of mind describe eight  Students are required to finalize 3
exploring their own ideas and learning dispositions students are taught so that they learn artworks each semester
more about what materials can and to think like artists.  The student may create practice pieces or
cannot do. Rather than following a take-home-art outside of the students 3
major artwork
teacher’s “recipe” for artwork they get to
 The students W.O.W. (finalized artworks)
test their own hypotheses. As a result, will stay at school until the spring art show
students understand why they are doing
what they are doing and engage much When Students Have Art!
more deeply in their learning. Expectations in the art room:
At the end of most class period’s students Students will be RESPECTFUL of others, the
will participate in a format of critique or studio space, and themselves. Students will
reflection. This provides an opportunity display EMPATHY. They will recognize
for students to see each other’s work and struggles of their peers and offer to help. This
celebrate their successes or plan ahead to might mean recognizing progress in a peer’s
problem solve. This could be a “gallery artwork, encouraging a classmate, or helping
walk” where students will walk around clean up a spill. They will work
COLLABERATIVELY; classmates will share
the room to see what they notice about
ideas and materials, and allow others to have
each other’s art, a pair and share with
the mental space that they need in order to
classmates, or a whole class discussion. create.