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Teenage Pregnancy

Statement of the Problem

1. What factors contribute to the increasing problem of teenage pregnancy?
2. How does this problem impact the lives of children?
3. What can be done to decrease the cause of teenage pregnancy?
4. What does it feel to be a teenage mother?
5. What are some of the struggles that teenage mothers faces?

Teenage Pregnancy has become a major issue in the area of our country. During The
past few years, there has been ongoing observation of see how many young teenage mothers
being pregnant in around in our country. There are many reason of the causation of teenage
pregnancy but they are mainly (1) Socio-Economic Factors (2) Lack of discipline and control (3)
Adolescent sexual behaviour and (4) Psychological Factor : This growing problem has attracted
attention from Government organization such as the Marion House, Agencies for fight against
teenage pregnancy and also the ministry of nation mobilisation and education. Many residents
are must aware of the situation and have also expressed their concern about this increase in
teenage pregnancy especially the senior citizen in our country. Observation of the situation in
our country is the main factor that influenced the conduct of this study.

Teenage pregnancy is a growing problem all around the world. Though the numbers
have lowered, it is still an issue in our society. It can affect teen mother’s relationship with
others and her future in school. When a teen becomes pregnant their relationships with their
family, friends, and the father of the baby can change a lot. The relationship between parents
and the daughter is important, but the relationship is put to the test when the daughter
becomes pregnant. “Studies have shown that girls raised in poverty, in single-parent homes,
and by parents with lower levels of education are more likely to become adolescent mothers”
(Bondy). When a young adult turns into a mother her relationship with her parents change, she
has to grow up very fast and become a parent to her child. Friends are important for a
teenager’s life. That friendship soon becomes strained when she becomes pregnant. Soon she
becomes busy raising her child, and does not have time to act her age. And when she does go
out with her friends she feels guilty for leaving her child at home. But, the most important
relationship is put to the test. When a young teenager becomes pregnant, the relationship with
the boyfriend soon changes, sometimes the couple stay together and sometimes she is shun
out by him and he refuses to acknowledge he has gotten her pregnant. The relationship an
adolescent with her family, friends and boyfriend changes very fast, when the teenager
becomes pregnant. Education is affected when the teenager becomes pregnant. Often young
girls are too busy raising their child, they forget about their education which in turn affects their
future. “Teenage pregnancy does not allow the teen mothers to complete their studies. It has
been seen that some 1.3% teenager mothers can do so because of the good family and friends”
(Nuble). With the help of friends and family she can raise her child and graduate high school.

We believe in the saying of our national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal that “Youth is the hope of
our mother land”. In their hand lies the future generation to follow. But as we see from the
situation nowadays, what were expecting from the youth is the contrary if the saying.
Teenagers are prone to pregnancy. Almost every year there is a rapid increase on the number
of pregnant youth.

Young people are far more ‘sexual’ and sexually active than ever before, and a
perception has been cultivated that if something isn’t done the age of young people having sex
will continue to get lower. Teenage pregnancy is seen as the result of early sexual activeness.
1. In your opinion, what is the main reason why teenagers get pregnant or get someone
_ Mistake _Carelessness _To Keep boyfriend/Girlfriend _Benefits _Want to become

2. In Your opinion, how should a pregnant teenager handle the situation?

_Have and keep the baby _terminate the pregnancy _Give the baby up for adoption

3. In Your opinion, whose responsibility it is if a girl becomes pregnant?

_Girl’s herself _Boy’s _Both but more of a girl’s _Both but more of a boy’s _Both equally

4. To what extent do you agree that it is girl’s responsibility only to take care of the
contraception to avoid pregnancy?
_Strongly Agree _Agree _No Option _Strongly Disagree _Disagree

5. To what extent do you agree that contraception should be available for young people under
the age of 16 without parental consent?
_Strongly Agree _Agree _No opinion _Strongly disagree _Disagree

6. Do you think abortion is ever acceptable?

_Yes _No

7. Do you think that teenage pregnancy is a problem which needs to be tackled?

_Strongly Agree _Agree _No Option _Strongly Disagree _Disagree

8. Do you agree that teenage mothers should have the opportunity for social housing?
_Strongly Agree _Agree _No Option _Strongly Disagree _Disagree

9. Do you agree that being a good mother is not a matter of age?

_Strongly Agree _Agree _No Option _Strongly Disagree _Disagree

10. Are teenage pregnancy-prevention programs effective?

_Yes _No