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What is your diagnosis and suggestions from

history, lab investigation, and ultrasound scan?

Dagnechew Degefu February 24th 2019 4:05pm

Clinical Officer

Case description:
The 37 years old male patient presented with jaundice and sever
westing has also the compliant of right upper quadrant abdominal
pain has history treatment traditionally for liver disease. -lab finding
elevated AFP,bilirubin and decreased albumin, HGB levels. -What is
your diagnosis from history, lab investigation, and ultrasound scan?

Case discussion:

Shubham Chate February 24th 2019 4:53pm

Medical Student

Cystic focal lesion of liver like hepatoblastoma

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Akshay Reddy February 27th 2019 5:35am
Intern / F1, Acute

Elevated alpha fetoprotein indicates ,hepatocellular

carcinoma ,and ultrasound shows single large tumor
which rule-out that the cancer is originated from liver
itself in this case ,if multiple masses we should think of
any metastasis from colon,lung.

Jelena Petrovic March 9th 2019 9:34am

General Practitioner

Hepatocellular carcinoma or meta from somewhere

Ramchand Shewkani March 24th 2019 5:36am

General Practitioner


Chileshe Mulenga March 24th 2019 6:23am

Diagnostic Radiographer

Hepatoma, Computed Tomography, if need be with

contrast is advised.

Mohammad Azam Khan April 23rd 2019 8:28am

Registrar, Anaesthetics

Need CT with contrast !

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Omar José López Colón April 23rd 2019 4:21pm
Medical Student


Jessica Paygon April 24th 2019 3:42am

Registrar, Histopathology

Hepato cellular carcinoma

Yogesh Sharma April 28th 2019 12:37pm

Consultant, Anaesthesia

Hydatid cyst

Magdy Abd Elaziz May 11th 2019 1:39am

Consultant, Anaesthesia

Hepatic tuomer for biopsy..and liver cirrhosis

Anderson Gideon August 24th 2019 11:17am


Hepatic tumors . biliary obstruction is strong differential

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Vijay Kumar August 25th 2019 7:26am

Cbd and gall bladder totally contracted .liver shows

enlargement with hyper echoic pranchayma. I think
that chronic cholecytitis . This patient differently
alcholic .

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