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Direction: Identify if the statement are TRUE or FALSE.

Write A if the first statement

is TRUE and the second statement is FALSE, B if the first statement is FALSE and
second statement is TRUE, C if both statements are TRUE and D if both
statements are FALSE.

___c__1. A. According to the Greek philosophers, politics was a subject which deals
with all the activities and affairs of the city state.

B. Politics is the exercise of power, the science of government, the making of

collective decisions, the allocation of scarce resources and the practice of
deception and manipulation.

___c__2. A. Politics is an activity that can be found in society. It can be found in

friendships and the Church.

B. Politics is a human activity that deals, to a certain extent, with power, conflict
and decision-making.

__b___3. A. “Political Science is concerned with the foundations of state and principles
of government.”

B. “Social Science is a study of state in the past, present and future and of
political institutions and political theories.”

___c__4. A. The purpose of political activity is either to bring about change or resist a
change. People compete with each other to satisfy their needs.

B. Politics means either the activities of political life or the study of these
activities. And these activities are generally treated as activities of the various
organs of the government.”

___c__5. A. Conflicts exist because of the different interests of an individual.

B. There is always a potential of conflict among individual interests because they

do not necessarily jive with each other.

___d__6. A. Semi-formal politics pertains to the structured and define operation of

constitutional framework, institutions and methods. Public policy discussions fall
on this category.

B. Formal politics, on the other hand, includes neighborhood associations and

student governments were political party politics exist.
___b__7. A. Power always involves the making of collective decisions for group of

B. Politics is about human relationships. It is how human behave differently when

dealing with others when there is cooperation, competition and conflict.

___c__8. A. The term governance means exercise of political, economic, and

administrative authority in the management of country’s affairs at all levels.

B. It is the decision-making and the exercise of power and authority so that

society is able to manage its developmental processes.

__b___9. A. Effective citizen’s participation is indeed practices regarding good


B. Government is an institution run by on behalf of the state delivering, in more or

less top-down fashion, like for example those public goods of which citizens are
presumed to need

___c__10. A. Good governance requires that institutions and processes try to serve all
stakeholders within a reasonable time frame.

B. Good governance mediates differing interests to reach a broad consensus on

what is the best interest of the group and where possible, on policies and

__c___11. A. All men and women should have a voice in decision-making, either
directly or through legitimate intermediate institutions that represent their interest.

B. Participation needs to be informed and organized. This means freedom of

association and expression on the one hand and an organized civil society on the
other hand.

____a_12. A. Ethics and Leadership for Good Governance must, recognize the values
and diversity of motivations.

B. Ethics and Leadership that would lead to Good Governance rests upon four
(4) pillars

___c__13. A. This is a constitutional mandate as the public office is a public trust.

B. Leaders and the public have broad and long-term perspectives on good
governance and human development, along with a sense of what is needed for
such development.
___c__14. A. The government must consider the interest of all social organizations in

B. The government should also consider the common good.

___c__15. A. Polis refers to the Greek City-State.

B. Politics is the authoritative allocation of values.