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Games and Sports



A Journey of Pride, Perseverance and Performance !!

Games and Sports Council, IIT Kanpur

About the Council

Clubs and Hobby Groups



Inter-IIT Sports Meet

Awards and Scholarships

About the Council
The governing body of sports and clubs in Campus

A rich legacy for passion for sports ably nurtured

over years

A body with alumni base, greatly bonded and


Provides opportunity to represent the institute , A

fertile playground for budding leaders

Offers something for everyone, from team sports to

exciting club activities and workshop throughout
the year
Clubs and Hobby Groups
 Hobby Groups


1.) Adventure Club 1.) Boxing Hobby Group

2.) Card & Board Games Club
 2.) Bicycling Hobby Group

3.) Chess Club

4.) Shooting Club

5.) Skating Club

6.) Taekwondo Club
Adventure Club

Adventure Sports Club @ IIT Kanpur is

the forum for adventure enthusiasts,
trekkers, climbers and armchair
mountaineers in the student community.
They work to develop the spirit of
adventure in IITk.


- Trekking

- Mountain biking

- Wall climbing
Card and Board Games (CBG) Club

The card and board games club meets at

least t wice a week to play wide variety of
card and board games which includes
Othello, Scotland Yard, Deal Street, Playing
Cards, Go Abalone and many more.


- Frequent workshops are conducted by the 

coordinators in which these games are 

taught to the participants

The primary motto of the club is to popularize chess
as a hobby among the campus residents. This club is
not only for regular players but for beginners too.


- Beginner and Advanced level Workshops

- Regular Chess matches (Blitz, Bullet, Rapid & 


- Puzzle solving sessions, opening and end 

game analysis and tactical trainings

- Prerequisite : Enthusiasm and Dedication
Shooting Club

It is predominantly a skill-based sport where

consistency, accuracy, and concentration are
key features


- Workshops are organised on a regular

- There are three categories :-

1.) Pistols

2.) Rifles

3.) Shot Guns
Skating Club

An opportunity to all those who are

interested in improving their skating skills
or want to learn how to skate.


- Regular roller skating practice sessions in 

the skating arena

- Beginner and Advanced level Workshops

of Roller hockey and Skateboarding
Taekwondo Club

This club aims to provide the finest quality in

martial art in family-oriented environment
to show their skills beyond the classroom


- Regular practice and exercise

- Self Defence Workshop

- Summer and Winter Camp

- Belt Promotion Test

- Participation in various state and

National Championships
Boxing Hobby Group

This hobby group was formed with a vision

of taming the minds of the members at their
own will. Besides this, it is fun to hit the
heavy bag as hard as possible and achieve
the point bet ween rage and serenity.


- Frequent workshops and training sessions

Bicycling Hobby Group

This hobby group was formed with a vision

to develop Bicycling as a sport inside the
campus, recognised by the masses of IIT
Kanpur and to bring out the hidden explorer
inside every student, by traveling through
the mysterious city that we live in - Kanpur. 


- Weekly morning trips organised by the club 

participated by students and professors



- Freshers’ and Main Inferno
 - Institute Phatta League


- Josh
 - Institute Football League


- Udghosh
 - Institute Volleyball League


- One Week One Sport
 - Institute Futsal League


- Enthusia
 - Institute FIFA League


- Marathons - Institute Pool League

- Inter hostel sports festival where
students play hard to fight for the
glory of their respective halls

- Provides a platform for every
student to get a taste of competitive
sports and team play.

- The extra-ordinary students find
the way into institute teams

- Josh is the annual intra-college sports
festival organised for the students of IITK. 

- With no restriction on the number of
participants in any of the events, the aim of
the festival is to bring out the sportsperson in
each and every individual in the campus

- Students participate in more than 20
different sports, informal events like slow
cycling race and several card games
UDGHOSH is the largest intercollegiate sports festival in the country with
participation from colleges (including the IITs, NITs and other major institutes)
around the country offering an unparalleled competitive environment.
Events Continued….

One week One sport

One week is allotted to a particular sport and anyone from
the campus community can come and try that sport out.
Talented individuals get a chance to represent the institute


An inter-hall sports fest for PG community.


A number of marathon events like Tour-de-Force, Freedom run,
cross country run are conducted through out the year
- IIT Kanpur campus boasts some of the best sporting

facilities among all the educational institutions of

the nation

- Sporting Facilities for 12 disciplines ranging over 

old and new sports complex; Swimming Pool; Tennis, 

Volleyball and Basketball Courts; and Athletics, 

Cricket, Hockey and Football fields.

- In addition to it, we also offer separate avenues for 

club and hobby group activities and other exciting 

activities like wall climbing

Inter-IIT Sports Meet

- A platform where all the IIT’s fight for the ultimate

glory; The General Championship Trophy

- IITK has been winning the trophy from 3 consecutive


- Inter-IIT’16 was held in IITK and we created history by 

winning the championship with a margin of 33 points

- Inter-IIT’17 will be held in IIT Madras

- Institute teams, Coaches organise regular practice

sessions in the evening daily for the preparation.
Our Performance in Inter-IIT’16

- Teams that won Gold were Badminton (Boys), Cricket, Football, Squash, Weightlifting

Lawn Tennis (Men), Volleyball (men)

- Teams that won silver were Aquatics (Men) in waterpolo, Athletics (men), Hockey, 

Badminton (Girls)

- Bronze was won by Basketball (Girls), Lawn Tennis (Girls) and Volleyball (Girls)


To win the Overall General Championship(GC) trophy
for the 4th time in a row along with Men and Women
Awards and Scholarships


Best Incoming Sportsperson

Best Outgoing Sports Person

Special Appreciation Award

Sports Performer of the year

Institute Blues


Institute offers various sports scholarships to the 

sportspersons present in the campus

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Nikhil Srivastava

General Secretary Sports