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19K-0122 Abdeali Mohammed
19K-0273 Shahzaib Khan
19K-1453 Muhammad Ehtisham

Introduction & Background:-
This program will serve as draws generator for round robin tournament sys-
tem.The similar system that from we’ve studied is the tournament system of
cricket & football.These tourneys are usually based on manually developed
draws (on national level)& hence take up a lot of time.So,it will be easier to
develop these draws with code.

Project Specifications
• Generates random draws for matches.
• Draws depends on number of days.

• Adaptable for other tournament systems with minor changes.

• Point system for draws.
• Filing (Separate for all possible matches,draws & points of teams).
• File for points system can be updated until all matches are completed.

Problem Analysis:-
This code will create draws for every match of each team, making sure that
matches are not repeated and that teams do not have more than one match per
day (which is basically the theme for round robin tournament system).

Solution Design:- (Project Details & Features)
main Function:
• prompts to ask for no. of teams in the tourney & stores it.

• prompts to ask for names of teams in the tourney & stores it in array.
• processes the matches list (on the basis of user input)
• processes the random matches list (on the basis of user input)

• prompts to ask the number of matches per day (from user)

• prompts to ask the staring date of matches (from user)
• prompts to ask the choice from given list of options (from user)
• processes the filing system

tournament Function:
• prints team names
• prompts to ask the user for winning team

• processes the points (on the basis of random list & current position of

welcome Function:
• Displays ”Welcome” in various combination of colors (by using system(”cls”),sleep())

date Function:
• processes the dates for draws

prdraws Function:
• prints draws in file

prlist Function:
• prints list of name of teams in file

printRandoms Function:
• processes the procedure for printing random team names in file

Implementation + Testing:-
The code will be adaptable & will be possible to use it for any number of
teams stretched over days (decided by the number of teams that user is going to
enter).Also,as told previously,it is Adaptable for other tournament systems with
minor changes.For instance; you can change point system (for the tournament
you are altering) or you can change dependency of draws (i.e here,it is dependent
on date).
So far, our group has tested out this program only on round robin tourneys &
it worked out perfectly.

Project Breakdown Structure:- (Workload Distri-

1) MEMBER 1: (Abd-e-Ali)
• Filing

• Random list for matches & draws

2) MEMBER 2: (Shahzaib)
• Point system for draws

• Welcome screen

3) MEMBER 3: (Ehtisham)
• Date system for draws

Remaining all stuff (like, alterations,iterations etc.) was done by team collabo-

Result:- (Outcome/Screen-Output)
1) Main Prompt
2) Draws

3) List of Possible Matches
4) Points of Teams

In conclusion,this program will create random draws for round robin tournament
system & can be altered for other tournament/tourney systems.These draws
depends on days & hence, can be stretched over days (as per user’s needs)
Furthermore,it can be used for generating files for all possible matches,draws &
points of teams.