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Date/ Cues Health Family Goal of Objectives of Interventions Methods Resources Evalua-

Time Problem Nursing Care Care of Required tion

Health Family-
Problem Nurse

S SC: Accident Inability to After the Specifically, >explain what >Home Human No
E >as hazard provide a nursing the family will is fire hazard. Visit Resources: evaluat
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by the client: fire environment ns, the >discuss with >time and done.
T hazards as conducive to family will >define what the family the effort of both
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M sariling threat. maintenance decide on all about. fire hazards and the
B kwentador and personal proper inside their student
E kay naki- development and >recognize home. nurses.
R connect due to appropriat the presence
raman mi sa inadequate e action(s) of the >explain the Financial
akoang family to prevent existing importance Resources:
1 ugangan.” resources, the problem. and benefits of
3 specifically occurrenc eliminating fire >transportati
“nagagamit financial e of fire. >know the hazards: on fee of the
2 mi ug katol constraint/ importance a. prevent the student
0 kay daghan limited and benefits occurrence of nurses going
1 man ug financial of eliminating unwanted fires. to Piapi,
lamok.” resources. fire hazards b. provides Boulevard,
present comfort and Davao City.
OC: inside the safety to the
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s to eliminate mothers.
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of a bottle community
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mosquito understandin to fires.
coil(katol) g by putting >list
residue just into actions ways/methods
beside an the to eliminate fire
LPG tank interventions hazards within
given. the family's
>house available
made of resources:
mixed a. using of
materials mosquito nets
instead of
mosquito coil
b. avoid
placing fire
materials near
the LPG tank
c. limit and
refrain from
the sockets to