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Mini-PakTM 6

Industry’s most advanced additive injection system for load

racks with multiple injection points.
Honeywell Enraf’s Mini-Pak TM 6 (MP6) additive injection system
features a proven microprocessor based Programmable Control
Module (PCM) coupled with our Mono-Block TM II additive
injectors. The smart additive injection system is ideal for load
racks with multiple injection points. It’s compact size takes up
less room on the load rack and reduces costs by controlling up to
six Mono-Blocks with one PCM.
Benefits Typical applications: Seamless Integration
• Performance Enhancing Additives The design philosophy behind all
• Proven technology • Dyes & Markers Honeywell Enraf additive injection and
• Proven reliability • Lubricity Enhancers blending systems is to ensure that the
• Industry standard • Anti-icing Additives needs of every application can be met.
• Compact footprint • Anti-corrosion Additives Regardless of whether the loading
• Seamless integration • Jet-fuel Stabilizing Additives facility has single or multiple arms, the
• Detergent Additives requirement for seamless integration
Additive Injection • NoX Reduction Additives with load rack computers, terminal
With over 35 years experience and • Anti-static Additives automation systems and multitude of
having been at the forefront of • Lead replacement third-party equipment is paramount.
every major technical development • Anti-Foaming Agents
in the history of additive injection, • Cold Flow Enhancers (Bio-Diesel) This seamless integration capability is
Honeywell Enraf continues to develop • Denaturing (Ethanol) further enhanced by Honeywell Enraf’s
new solutions for additive injection provision of all peripheral equipment
applications. Honeywell Enraf has engineered a range like additive offloading pump skids,
of standard and customized solutions additive storage tanks, additive boost
The need for additivation of automotive for vast majority of the additive injection pump pressure skids, containerized
fuels in today’s downstream market has applications mentioned above. These additive units and portable injection
never been greater and is driven by a solutions have been developed to equipment.
number of factors, which have all led to maximize the accuracy, reliability
an increased complexity in the handling and functionality, and minimize the
and distribution of these products. technicalities and implementation costs.

Programmable Control Module Flow Calibration Kit

The PCM (Programmable Control Based on typical loading flow rates of To aid calibration of the MP6,
Module) provides full injector control 600 gal/min the standard flow injector a calibration kit complete with 1000ml
over additive rate, totals, alarms, is suitable for all applications between graduated cylinder is available.
communications, allowing for stand- 100 & 3000 ppm (parts per million), with The stainless steel calibration kit
alone operation, connection to existing a typical injection size between 15cc & incorporates a quick release connector,
rack presets, and RS-485 connection to 200cc. adjustable back pressure valve, gauge
existing terminal automation. and isolation valve, allowing clean,
Additive Supply accurate calibration of the Mono-BlockTM.
Injector Assembly The MP6 requires a pressurized additive
The panel mounted Mono-BlockTM II supply. Typically additive supply Processor
injector assembly features a solid block pressure is 115 psi, and a minimum of The MP6 is supplied as standard with
design manufactured in stainless steel, 45 psi differential is required between the “Multilanguage” processor version,
housing a mini oval gear meter, solenoid additive supply pressure & main product which includes English or French.
valve, integral check valve, needle flow pressure. Alternatively, for those requiring even
valves, and inlet strainer all machined more advanced features, a “Clean Arm”
directly into the control block. Handheld IR Controller version is also available, which includes
Calibration of the device is facilitated clean arm flushing and communications
Arrangements through the use of a hand held functionality; this is available in English
The Mini-Pak TM
6 is supplied with infrared remote controller, a time only.
an Aluminum back-plate mounted proven device offering safe access
arrangement. to the microprocessor in hazardous
environments. It is an obligatory
Mono-Blocks tool used to interface with the PCM,
From 1 to 6 Mono-Blocks can be allowing tasks such as the adjustment
integrated into the Mini-Pak TM
6 unit. of parameters, resetting of alarms and
If less than six blocks are requested calibration of the injector. The handheld
then ‘default positioning’ shall be used, is capable of communicating with all
whereby they will be mounted from the Honeywell Enraf additive and blend
top position down, unless otherwise controllers; therefore it is not necessary
stated. to have a controller for each injection
Gear Material
Ryton (polymer) gears are fitted as
standard. For applications where
Ryton is deemed to be chemically
incompatible, stainless steel gears are
available as an option.
Technical specification
Nominal K-Factor : 5000 PPG
Meter Accuracy : 0.50%
Meter Repeatability : 0.25%
Max Flow Rate : 2.5 gal/Min (9.5 Liters/Min)
Min Flow Rate : 0.1 gal/Min (0.38 Liters/Min)
Max Pressure : 400 psi (27.6 Bar)
Max Viscosity : 300 cst.
Temperature : -40 °F to +150 °F (-40ºC to +65ºC)
Humidity : 5 to 95% without condensation.
Protection Class : IP66
Approvals : Explosion proof components rated for Class 1, Div 1, Groups C&D
Backplate : Aluminium
Manifold : 303 Stainless Steel
Enclosure : Cast Aluminium
Meter Gears : Ryton
Solenoid Seals : Chemraz
Voltage : 120 / 240 VAC
Additional Inputs : 6 x AC Status Inputs (reset, enable, pacing), 6 x DC Status Inputs,
Additional Outputs : 6 x AC Multi-functional Outputs, 6 x DC Multi-functional Outputs
Comms : 2 x RS 485 2 wire.
Display : 4 Line 20 Position Backlite LCD
Conduit Entries (vacant) : 4 x 1” FNPT
Manifold Components : Outlet flow control & diverter valve, Inlet strainer,
Outlet check valve, QRC calibration point.
Manifold Connections : 3/8” FNPT
Backplate Mount : Approx 150 Lbs (6 MonoBlocks)
Interfaces : Handheld IR Controller (P/N 10-31052)
Calibration : Mono-Block Calibration Kit (P/N 10-31565-PKR)
Identification Code

Pos 1, 2, 3 Product family

8 0 - Mono-Block II Multi-Pak Family of injector blocks
Pos 4 Operating Voltage
0 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
1 240 VAC 50/60 Hz
9 Special
Pos 5 Wetted Parts material
1 Standard Chemraz solenoid seat
2 High resistant Option - SS gears, High resistant Elastomers
6 ASCO Solenoids
9 Special
Pos 6 Meter
1 Ryton Gears - 5000 PPG (Nominal)
4 Stainless Steel Gears - 5000 PPG (Nominal)
9 Special
Pos 7 Electrical and certifications
0 UL listed electrical components
9 Special
Pos 8 Configuration
0 Bare Mono-Block II unmounted (when selected Pos 9, 10, 11 not applicable)
1 Full size panel with 1 MBII Injector Block with room for 5 More
2 Full size panel with 2 MBII Injector Blocks with room for 4 More
3 Full size panel with 3 MBII Injector Blocks with room for 3 More
4 Full size panel with 4 MBII Injector Blocks with room for 2 More
5 Full size panel with 5 MBII Injector Blocks with room for 1 More
6 Full size panel with 6 MBII Injector Blocks
9 Special
Pos 9, 10, 11 Control Options
0 0 0 Slave Injectors with terminal strips in enclosure
M P 6 Adder for MP6 electronic controller in enclosure

8 0 - 1 1 1 0 6 M P 6 Typical identification code

8 0 - Your identification code

General Arrangement

7 1 /2" (191 mm)

1 7 1/2"
(445 mm)

1" N P T C O N D U IT E N T R Y
1 0" (254 mm) (2 ) H O L E S P E R S ID E

2 " (51 mm) 3 (76 mm)

6" 1 /2" (13 mm) 1
1 /2 " D IA (152 mm) 4
(4) M O U N T IN G 3 3 /8"
H O LES (89 mm)
Honeywell Enraf

2 3 /4"
(69 mm)

3 /8 N P T IN L E T S
3 /8 ” N P T

4 5" (1143 mm)

4 8-5/8"
(12312 mm)

5 -1 /2"

1 /2"
(13 mm)

9" (229 mm)

1 /2" (13 mm) 2 " (51 mm)
1 4" (356 mm)

UL / CSA Compliant (or equivalent)

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