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i Cad starters 1. Hummus (v) £4.95 Pureed chickpeas with sesame paste & lemon juice 2. Hummus Beiruty (Chilli) (v) £5.50 Pureed chickpeas with sesame paste, garlic, parlsley & chilli 3. Moutabal - Baba Ghanouj (v) £5.50 Grilled aubergines with sesame puree & lemon juice 4, Tabouleh (v) £5.50 Chopped parsley with crushed wheat, mint onion with lemon juice & olive oil dressing, 5. Warak Enab (v) £5.50 Vine leaves filled with rice, tomato & onion stuffing 6. Makdous (v) £5.50 Baby aubergines stuffed with walnuts, spices & garlic 1. Kabis (v) £4.95 Selection of Lebanese pickles 8. Labneh £4.95 Lebanese strained yoghurt topped with mint 9, Shanklish (v) £5.50 Lebanese goats cheese topped with thyme, mixed with onion, sweet pepper & tomato 10. Fattoush (¥) £5.75 Fresh mixed salad with tomato, cucumber, mint, onion, sumac & toasted Lebanese bread with Iemon & olive oil 11, Bamia Bil Zeit (v) £5.50 Okra cooked with tomato & coriander sauce 12, Moussakaa Batinjan (v) £5.95 Oven baked aubergine cooked with chickpeas & tomato sauce 13. Cold Meze Tester (New) £8.95 Vine leaves, hummus, moutabal, tabbouleh & lebneh 14, Feta Cheese (New) £5.75 Feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, lemon juice, olives, peppers, oregano, mint & olive oil Soups 18, Lentil Soup £4.95 19, Vegetable Soup £4.95 20, Chicken Soup £4.95 Food Allergies & Intolerance - Please speak to out staff about the ingredients in your meal when plats your Onde! Jist Starters ma or Kawarma ws 21, mma Sie ab hike or diced am 22, Falafel (¥) 7 £550 Deep fried ground chickpeas and Brom beans (served with tahini sauce) S 23. Fatayer(®) mn Pastry filed with spinach & onion 24, Cheese Rakakat (V) 0 Deep fied thin pastry filled with mixed cheese _ 5, Lamb Sambusek < Dee Tried pastry filled with minced lamb & onion 26, Kibbeh Shameyieh £5.95 Pe fried crushed wheat past filled with minced lamb & onion 21, Arayes 5.25 Miseed lamb with parsley grilled with Lebanese bread 28. Kallaj (8) £5.50 28 Team cheese grilled with Lebanese bread 29, Sabaneh (¥) £5.50 Pan fried spinach in olive oil ‘and gamished with fried onions 30. Batata Harra (v) +£5.50 Cubes of potato sauteed with garlic, coriander, pepper & chilli 31. Makanek £5.95 “Lebanese pan fried lamb cocktail sausages 32. Soujouk £5.95 Spicy pan fried lamb sausages stuffed with garlic & chilli 33, Foul Moudamas (¥) £5.50 Boiled broad beans & chickpeas with lemon, garlic & olive oil dressing 34, Halloumi Cheese (v) £5.50 Grilled or fried halloumi cheese 35. Chicken Wings £5.98 ‘Charcoal grilled, marinated chicken wings served with garlic sauce 36. Chicken Liver £5.95 Pan fried chicken livers with lemon, garlic & pomegranate a 37. Calamari £5.95 Spicy pan-fiied calamari in garlic, chil, coriander & lemon or deep fried 38. Whitebait £5.75 Breaded whitebait deep fried served with tahini . 39. Kraidis £8.95 Spicy pan-fried prawns in garlic, chilli, coriander & lemon ‘Book your party with us Specials ( Charcoal Gril ) (All served with choice of Rice or Chips) 41. Aya Mixed Grill £17.95 ‘Skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes, minced lamb & shawarma lamb and chicken 42, Mixed Grill £14.95 Skewers of lamb cubes, chicken cubes & minced lamb 43, Lahem Meshwe (Lamb Shish) £13.95 Grilled skewers of marinated lamb cubes 4, Shish Taouk (Chicken Shish) £13.50 Grilled skewers of tender marinated chicken 45. Chicken Kafta £12.95 Grilled skewers of minced chicken with parsley & spices 46. Kafta Halabieh £12.95 Grilled skewers of minced lamb with parsley 47. Kafta Khash-khash £13.95 i Grilled skewers of minced lamb on a bed of spicy tomato sauce 1 48, Farrouj Meshwi £15.95 Charcoal grilled baby chicken 49. Farrouj Mussahab £15.95 Charcoal grilled baby Grilled boneless baby chicken 50. Kastaleta £15.95 Charcoal grilled lamb cutlet Main Course Dishes \ 52. Shawarma £13.95 Thin slices off roasted lamb or chicken, or both mixed & served with tahini sauce 53. Dish of the Day £12.95 Ask your server for details of the Chef's special dish 54. Chicken Curry £12.95 Cubes of chicken cooked in curry sauce, served with rice 56. Fassulia £12.95 Butter beans cooked with lamb in tomato sauce served with tice 57. Kharouf Mehse £15.95 Lamb shank served with minced lamb rice 58. Chicken Tagine (New) £13.95 Chicken, green olives, potato & preserved lemon & saffron served with couscous 59. Lamb Tagine (New) £14.95 Lamb, prunes & apricots topped with roasted almonds & sesame seeds served with couscous ood Allene & Inoleance- Pease speak to ou staff abou the ingredients in your meal when placing your order Sea fed Sih 61. Aya King Prawns Fried king prawns cooked in tomato, garlic sauce. Served with rice or chips 62. Grilled King Prawns Grilled king prawns dressed with Jemon, oil and garlic. Served with rice or chips 63. Sea Bass Grilled or deep fried sea bass. Served with rice or chips 64, Samaka Harra Fillet of fish of the day with a spicy tomato sauce. Served with rice or chips 65, Sayadya Samaka Fillet of fish of the day with tahini sauce. Served with rice & caramelized onion 67. Charcoal Grilled Salmon (New) Charcoal grilled salmon fillet served with sauteed vegetable | Main Salads 71. Calamari on Fatoush (New) 72. Halloumi on Aya Salad (New) 73. Aya Grilled Chicken Salad (New) 75. Aya Burger Charcoal grilled homemade lamb burger topped with halloumi, salad & chips 76. Vegetarian Burger Charcoal grilled homemade mixed vegetable served with salad & chips 71. Chicken Burger Charcoal grilled chicken fillet topped with garlic mayo & salad with chips Sides 80. Vermicelli Rice £3.95 85, Tomato & Onion Salad 81. Lebanese Lamb Rice £4.50 86. Olives 82. Lebanese Salad £4.95 87. Basket of Bread 83. Aya Salad (Spicy) £4.95 88. Aya Garlic or Garlic Sauce $4. Yoghurt & Cucumber Salad £4.95 89. Chips £17.95 £16.95 £16.95 £16.95 £16.95 £15.95 £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 £9.95 Lunch Menu ‘Mon-Fri, I2pm-4pm 91, Dish Of The Day ‘Ask your server for detail Gd 92. Shawarma Meal £6.95 A choice of Lamb, Chicken or Mixed served with Hummus, Salad, Rice ot Chips 93. Falafel Meat Served with Hummus, Salad, Rice or Chips = 94 Chicken Wings Meal Served with Hummus, Salad, Rice or Chips ses 98. Kafta Meal Choice of Chicken or Lamb Kafta served with Hummus, wr Salad, Rice or Chips 96. Chi PEAFCHEEE ME a win chips ~~ £6.95 97, Seafood Meal White Bait, Calamari, Hummus & Salad or Chips or Rice. Set Menu (for two persons) 101. Aya Meal £43.95 Hummos, Tabouleh, Warak Inab, Falafel, Meat Sambousek Kibbeh Shameyich, Aya Mixed Grill served with rice or chips Lebanese Dessert 102. Aya Vegetarian Meal £39.95 Hummos, Taboulch, Moutabal, Warak Inab, Falafel, Cheese Rakakat Fatayer, a choice of Mussakaa or Bamia bil Zeit with Rice Lebanese Dessert £39.95 103, Aya Mezza Meal Hummos, Tabouleh, Moutabal, Warak Inab, Falafel, Lamb Sambousek, Kibben Shameyich, Cheese Rakakat, Fatayer, and Chicken Wings Lebanese Dessert 104, Aya Light Meal £14.95 ‘Hummos, Tabouleh, Falafel, Fatayer and ‘your choice from the Grill or Shawarma, ‘One Skewer of served with Rice or Chips 105, Aya Kids Meal £7.95 Hummos, Chips and One Skewer of your choice from the Grill or Shawarma ‘Am optona 10% sevice charge willbe aed your bil We eleven ends & god ed rE