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An ISP (internet service provider) that provides individuals and other companies access to the
internet and other related services such as website and virtual hosting. there are several very
comprehensive list of ISPs world-wide available on the web.

The internet was developed as a network between government research laboratories and
participation departments of universities. Other companies and organizations joined by direct
connection to the backbone, or by arrangements through other connected the companies,
sometimes using dialup tools such UUCP. By the late 1980s, a process was set in the place
public, commercial use of the Internet. the remaining restriction were removed, By 1991
shortly after the introduction of the World Wide Web.

In 1989, the first Internet service providers, companies offering the public direct access to the
Internet for a monthly fee, were established in Australia and the United stated. In Brookline,
Massachusetts, the world became the first commercial ISP in the US. Its first customer was
served in November 1989. There companies generally offered dial-up connections, using the
public telephone network to provide last-mile connections to their customers. The barriers to
entry for dial-up ISPs were low and many providers emerged.

However, cable television companies and the telephone carriers already had wired connections
to their customers and could offer Internet connections at much higher speeds than dial-up
using broad band technology such ass cables modern and digital subscriber line (DSL). As a
result, these companies often became the dominant ISPs in their service areas, and what was
once a highly competitive ISP market became effectively a monopoly or duopoly in countries
with a commercial telecommunication market, such as the United States.

During the 1980s, online service provider such as On line (AOL) began to offer limited
capabilities to access the Internet, such as e-mail interchange, but full access to the Internet was
not readily available to the general public. Access provider ISPs provide Internet access,
employing a range of technologies to connect users to their network. Available technologies
have ranged from computer modems with acoustic couplers to telephone lines, to television
cable (CATV), Wi-Fi, and fibre optics.


The primary objective of this report is to comply with the requirement of my course. But the
objective behind this study is something broader. The principal intent of this report is to analyze
the demand of internet service provider and their customer's satisfaction. Objectives of the
study are summarized in the following manner:

To identify the present state of IDLTEK INFORMATICS

 Report on organization structure of IDLTEK informatics.


Idktek informatics is one of the internet service provider company in Bangalore. The scope of
the study is limited to the sales and marketing department. The report cover the functions of
different departments like selling, customer satisfaction. It will also present a brief scenario in
total. I will include in my report first of the introduction of idltek informatics then the overall
marketing activities, selling and services. Finally, I shall provide an analytical view on a real
picture that Idltek informatics is facing, and it is the special focus of my report.


For achieving the specific objective of this study, I have collected the related data both from
primary and secondary sources.

primary data have been collected from

1. Interviewing and interacting with the customers.

2. Observing different organizational activities.
3. conversation with the staffs of this company.

Secondary data have been collected from:

 The annual report

 Different papers
 Various records
 Booklets

Research framework commercial internet service provider company: An analysis of

primary Data: Interview, survey, conversation, Observation

Secondary Data: Brochures, Newsletters, Annual report


Companies in this industry, they provided a many types of internet access like Dial-up,
DSL/VDSL, Cable, Fiber, Satellite, WiMAX, Cellular. Types of Internet providers and Internet
speeds and pricing vary dramatically depending on your exact location. Dial-up Internet is
inexpensive however it is very slow by today’s standard and only suitable for light browsing
and email use. In general, for home Internet providers typically offer the fastest speeds and
data limits. DSL would be next on the list. Wireless Internet, such as satellite, is typically
slower and more costly with lower data limits. Cellular (mobile hotspot) Internet is convenient
when you are away from home however it’s low monthly data limits and extra data cost make
it undesirable for home use. A lot will depends on what Internet providers are available in your
specific area and what levels of services they offer in that location. To compare speeds and
prices of your local competitors, go to a ISP comparison site that let’s you input your address,
and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area port.

Broadband Internet in My Area, otherwise do a search for “ISP comparison” at your favorite
search engine.
The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance
sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door
neighbour can’t you all want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this
can be 1000 Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans can be expensive. You may find that
something in the 25 to 100 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much at lower cost. Free
ISPs are internet service providers that provide service free of charge.
Classification of Internet service provider
 Access provider
 Mailbox provider
 Hosting ISP
 Transit ISP
 Virtual ISP
 Free ISP
 Wireless ISP


IDLTEK in operation for the past 15 years, dedicated to the field of telecommunications,
engaged in the sales / service of wide range of telecom products, a team of 24 professionals,
having more than 5000 customers, under the below company classifications:
Completely equipped to address VOICE / DATA / VIDEO communication needs of Small /
Medium Enterprise Like Multi National Companies, Software Facilities, Corporate Offices,
Factory Setups, Banking Institutions, Insurance Companies, Government Offices, Hospital /
Nursing Homes, Colleges / schools, Hotels, Lodges & Restaurants, Business Centers,
Residential Bungalows, Apartment Complexes & Showrooms.
WHY IDLTEK Informatics

Idltek informatics is a reliable organization engaged in this business with a qualitative range of
industrial products interactive voice response systems. They also one of the leading companies
of this highly commendable range of interactive voice response systems. The team of experts
maintain a vigil on the quality of the products. every single piece of work i ensured with proper
quality assurance. Since company inception in Bangalore, we are continually improving ore
quality to serve their clients better. use of modern technology, industry standards, timely and
quality deliveries, experienced workforce are our USPs.


Idltek informatics have highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals help
us in maximizing the productivity. Idltek informatics team members are experienced in this
business with range of products such as interactive voice response systems. They make their
best efforts to provide quality adhering products range to the clients. Located in Bangalore, our

team work in close coordination with each other and contribute towards fulfilling the set
objectivities of the company. Rich domain expertise and industry experience in this industry
assist us meeting the various experience in this industry assist us meeting various
requirements of our precious clients in the most efficient manner. In addition to this, our team
members easily adapt to the latest changes taking place in the market in term of techniques
used in production.

Idltek informatics is to be a leading company providing superior quality products and services
at competitive prices. They want be a globally innovative and competitive interactive voice
response systems business. providing 100% genuine services to our customers. We are
committed to total customer satisfaction by providing quality products and services.
Idltek informatics has established themselves as a reputed supplier of a wide range of products
like interactive voice response systems. As a ace manufacturer and suppliers of interactive
voice response systems, they have established a strong name in the market. Their introduced
produced are broadly acclaimed and acknowledged for their high performance, low
maintenance cost. They offer interactive voice response systems at reasonable prices.

IDLTEK INFORMATICS is the company which was established in the year 1991. A well
reputed and leading business in Bangalore, engaged in diversified providing services like CC
camera (analogue), network camera (IP),EPABAX, projector with logic screen, Panasonic
display. The company, which stated its business with handful of personnel.
IDLTEK in operation for the past 28 years, dedicated to the field of telecommunications, are
engaged in the dales service of wide range of telecom products, a team of 24 professionals,
having more than 5000 customers.
Completely equipped to address VOICE DATA VIDEO communication needs of small
medium enterprise like Multi National Companies, Software Facilities, Corporate Offices,
Factory setups, Banking Intuitions, Insurance companies, Government Offices, Hospital
colleges, Hotels, Lodges and Restaurants, Business Centres, Residential Bungalows,
Apartment Complexes and Showroom, and the annual revenue of the company is


2016-17 6.5 crores 1.7crores

2017-18 10.2 crores 3.5 crores

2018-19 8.6 crores 2.88 crores



 FAX machines and telephone

 Projector, pana boards, plasma

 IP camera


Profiling customers gives the opportunity to understand a range of key information about them
- including their income level, location and buying behaviour. Researching customers to create
a customer profile will help you to understand who they are, so you know how best to reach
them from a marketing perspective. For example, if the customers are active in the local market
community, promoting the products of the business unit by sponsoring the market fete each
year. reputation, or even the company’s location.


Profiling competitors allows to understand a range of key information about their business -
including what prices they charge for their products, where they find their customers and how
they advertise.
Researching competing businesses to create a competitor profile will help to see gaps in the
market that your business can meet. For example, if the competitors do not have an online
presence, the company might be able to attract customers by offering the products easily
available an at the right time to retain the customers by keeping away from other competitors.
Competitive advantage is what sets the company business apart from your competition. It
highlights the benefits a customer receives when they do business with the company products.
It could be the products, service, reputation, or even the company's location.
Customers buy benefits
When customers buy the company products, they are buying the benefit that it gives them. It
may be the company’s product makes their life simpler, or the service helps them to feel better
about themselves. Think about how the competitive advantage benefits the customers.

Different customers may see different benefits:

 customers with allergies or particular dislikes will enjoy the convenience of ordering a
sandwich with their preferred ingredients
 customers who want to treat themselves will be attracted by the fresh, high-quality
ingredients, and the fact that the sandwiches are gourmet
 customers who want to support local businesses will appreciate that you use only local
Thinking about how the company products can benefit the customers will help the company to
pinpoint the competitive advantage. A strong competitive advantage:

 reflects the competitive strength of the company’s business (e.g. quality of service)
 is preferably, but not necessarily, unique
 is clear and simple
 may change over time as competitors try to cash in on your idea
 must be supported by honest and ongoing market research
 must highlight the benefits to customers rather than boast the company’s business itself.

Few companies are:-

1. Umra Enterprises
2. ACT Fibernet
3. Act broadband
4. Hathway Broadband Services
5. Digital networks
6. Mtel broadband
7. Ticon Broadband internet
8. SV internet
9. Gcn Broad Band Pvt Ltd
10. Telexair Telecom Pvt Ltd
11. Cyber Link
12. Lakshmi Enterprises
13. Bharti Internet
14. Harshita Netcom
15. Allnet Broadband services Pvt Ltd
16. ACT fibernet
17. Mohan enterprises
18. pradhan Solution
19. Waavelite communication









ISP hierarchy is a company which provides internet connection to end user, but there are
basically three levels of ISP. There are 3 levels of Internet Service Provider (ISP): Tier-1 ISP,
Tier-2 ISP, and Tier-3 ISP.

These are explained as follows:-

1. Tier-1ISP: These ISPs are at the top of the hierarchy and they have a global reach they do
not pay for any internet traffic through there network instead lower-tier ISPs have to pay a cost
for passing there traffic from one geolocation to another which is not under the reach of that
ISPs. Generally, ISPs at the same level connect to each other and make allow free traffic passes
for each other these ISPs are called peers. Due to this cost is saved. They build infrastructure,
such as the Atlantic Internet sea cables, to provide traffic to all other Internet providers, not
end users.

Examples: Some examples of tier 1 Internet providers:

Cogent Communications,
Hibernia Networks,
2.Tier-2ISP: These ISPs is a service provider who connects between tier 1 and tier 3 ISPs.
They have regional or country reach and behave just like Tier-1 ISP for Tier-3 ISP.
Examples: Examples of tier 2 ISPs:
Easy net,
British Telekom
Tier-3ISP: These ISPs are closest to the end users and helps them to connect to the internet by
charging some amount. These ISPs work on purchasing model. These ISPs have to pay some
cost to Tier-2 ISPs based on traffic generated.
Examples: Examples of Tier-3 ISPs:
Comcast. Deutsche Telekom.

Tier-3ISP: These ISPs are closest to the end users and helps them to connect to the internet
by charging some amount. These ISPs work on purchasing model. These ISPs have to pay
some cost to Tier-2 ISPs based on traffic generated.
Examples: Examples of Tier-3 ISPs:
Deutsche /Verizon Communications.

2.3 Work flow chart

A free customizable internet service workflow template is provided to download and print.
Quickly get a head-start when creating your own internet service workflow. Here is a simple
internet service workflow example created by Edraw Max, which is available in different

Modern ISP (Internet Service Provider) Developed

Before the advent of modern internet service providers, access to the Internet was limited to
those who had an account at a participating university or government agency. When the internet
first became available to the general public, most people had dial-up access arranged through
their home phone carrier. During the mid-1990s, the number of internet service providers
increase increased and speeds moved away from slower dial-up connections, the internet
economy was born.
Behind all of this was a multi-layered web of connections. Local ISPs sold access to customers
but paid larger ISPs for their own access. These larger ISPs, in turn, paid larger ISPs for access.
Eventually, the trail leads to the Tier 1 carriers that can reach every network access point
without having to pay for access. These are the companies that own the infrastructure in their
region and the company being paid in the end by customers accessing the internet as well as
by Tier 2 ISPs that need to access their internet region.
 An ISP (Internet Service Provider) is a company that makes web access available to
both businesses and consumers.
 An ISP is considered to be an information service provider, storage service provider,
internet network service provider (INSP), or a mix of all of them.
 Internet use has evolved from only those with university or government accounts
having access to nearly everyone
Because of this high cost of investment, the Tier 1 ISPs often appear like a monopoly in their
regions. In the U.S., this appearance of oligopoly rather than a monopoly is reinforced by the
fact that some of the big ISPs got there using infrastructure they inherited from the original
telecom monopoly that was Ma Bell. Others have tried to enter the Tier 1 ISP market and
seemingly failed.
Alphabet, Google's parent company, was running a division called access to operate Google
Fiber, an ambitious project to lay a new network of fiber across the United States, but this plan
was scaled back in 2016. Current Tier 1 ISPs continue to invest in infrastructure and they may

well be the only players in that market until new technologies that don't depend on fiber in the
ground emerge.

ISP works in 3 types

Online Services
The first Internet service providers to become widely known weren't even full ISPs but rather
what were known as online services because of their members-only offerings and somewhat
limited full Internet access. These were America Online (AOL) and CompuServe. It is
usually very easy to set up an account with one of the major online services. A computer user
equipped with a modem can establish an account of this sort and begin surfing the Internet
with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Small ISPs
Small, independent ISPs operate in many local or regional markets. These companies vary
widely in size, stability, and quality of service. On the plus side, their access lines may be less
busy than national ISPs. In addition, many smaller providers specialize in offering services to
small businesses. Some of these ISPs may visit a small business customer's work site, evaluate
the company's Internet access needs, and present different service packages. They may even

assign a personal account representative to handle the small business's growing electronic



The finance department in this company is divided into various sector. The finance is managed
infixed asset management system where the depreciation of the products and an overall view
asset transactions are known. There are 5 members appointed into the sector. There is a separate
sector which looks after the bank accounts where the regular transaction is made. The Accounts
and other ledgers are maintained in order to gain the financial information is organised. The
financial aspects are maintained which helps the department also forecasts the future
requirement as per the budget obtained as per previous product’s sales. Cash inflow and
outflow is also taken as a major consideration and 15 employees are appointed for this
department. The financial budget is maintained monthly as per the sales of the same month.
The accounts are maintained with a usage of a software knowns “Marg Software”. In this
software day to day transactions are maintained from the raw materials purchased till the selling
of the products. The basic purpose of Cost Accounting is to help understand the costs involved

in running the business, On the whole, full integration has been performed amidst Cost
Accounting and the General Ledger application area. In the long-term, it will help to make
analysis with regards to the costs per departments and products. With the help of this analysis,
it will be a whole lot easier for a reliable base to be created with regards Cost Accounting.
Apart from that, it will be able to make allocations for actual as well as budgeted costs of
operations, products, departments as well as projects for an analysis to be carried out over the
profits being gained by the organization. It is necessary to mention here that allocations can
depend on certain other, change location bases. These are inclusive of the sales profits of an
expense centre, or the number of employees serving an expense centre at a time. It will be able
to make use of a variety of reporting options that include financial reports for the assessment
of the business on the bases of cost types, expense centres and even cost objects.

Cost Accounting can be utilized to perform an analysis on the following:

 The different types of costs or expenses that occur while running a business
 Areas where the costs occur
 The individuals responsible for bearing the costs
 Place easy definitions for chart of costs types with the help of a functionality and

structure that holds much in common with the General Ledger chart of accounts.

 In one cost type, you are allowed to place summaries of a variety of general ledger
 A basic chart of cost types, all of which have been formulated with regards to the
General Ledger income statement accounts
 Predefined departments or expense centres, and products/services or cost objects – all
of which have not just been sorted, but have subtotals and title.


Idltek informatics purchase each and every product from Panasonic company. Purchase
Department is committed in setting up of efficient, effective, economical & sustainable policy
procedure in all Purchasing activities. This policy covers:-

 Purchasing of goods from only Panasonic companies

 Considers the Environmental impact of the procurement of the life cycle of goods.
 Accountability shall be taken for all purchasing decision.

The company purchase the varieties of products like:-

Key telephone system




When the customer wants to buy of our product, they will be complete some procedure

like Registration from, sales receipt. Sales Method We have three sales methods. These


01. Cash.

02. Instalments.

03. Hybrid.

Sales depends on the following factors:

 Suppliers
 Order quantity
 Storing
 Shipping and receiving
 Control and record

The sales department plays a pivotal role in the success of the business. The unique

and important role of sales is to bridge the gap between the potential customer’s

needs and the products that the organisation offers that can fulfil their needs. Here

are some of the key ways in which sales impact the organisation’s success:

sales Lead Conversions

Sales people bridge the gap between customer needs and the service that fulfils that need. Sales
people are dealing with already warmed up prospects who have an existing awareness of the
company through marketing and advertising efforts, and it’s the job of the salesperson to close
the deal by introducing further information and helping the customer make those connections.
They sells the product like

 voicemail system
 call billing system
 Voice Mail
 PC Phone
 Call Billing
 Hotel Management Software.
Business Growth

Sales play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between customer and business. Trust
and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose to recommend your company
to a friend or family member, or write a great review of your product or service online.

Customer Retention

Selling is a personal interaction between one human and another, which is a powerful

thing. Never under estimate the personal connection between two people, and the

potential effect this can have on your brand’s reputation.

 Excellent salespeople are those that not only make the sale, but create a long lasting
impact on the customer. Long term customer relationships lead to repeat
 custom, referrals and increase the brand’s reputation by word of mouth.
 One of the keys to customer retention through sales is to perform sales follow ups.
Setting up after-sales calls or meetings is a great way to maintain and build
 a positive relationship and gives the customer an opportunity to feedback their
 experience of the product or service. If the customer has a complaint or issue, it
 can be dealt with quickly and professionally. Too often, unhappy customer will not
complain, they will simply switch their custom to another provider and
 won’t recommend your services or products to others. It’s more cost effective
 to retain customers than to win new ones, so look after your existing customers
 well.
 The power of sales in the continued success of an organisation is not to be
 underestimated or under-used. Take advantage of the impact sales can have, not
 only on revenue but on brand reputation, long term customer retention and business


Marketing department makes strategies in order to allow an organisation to concentrate on its

limited resources on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve as competitive
advantage. Strategically aligned and efficiently implemented spare parts logistics can
differentiate the business from its competitors, lower costs, increase revenues, and thus help
firms generate greater value for customer increase profits. Strategic alignment is the adjustment
of an object in relation to other objects so that the arrangement can lead to the optimization of
results. Aligning an organization to its external environment requires forethought and action.
The concept of strategic alignment recognizes the need for any strategy to address both external
and internal conditions. As part of strategic planning, strategic alignment ensures that products,
processes, organizational structures, systems, and human resources support the business and
organization goals. The fit between external positioning and internal arrangement is critical for
maximizing economic performance. Strategic alignment also goes by the terms “fit,”
“integration,” “bridge,” and “linkage.”

The Marketing Department plays a vital role in promoting the business and mission of an
organization. It serves as the face of the company, coordinating and producing all materials
representing the business. It is the Marketing Department's job to reach out top prospects,
customers, investors and the community, while creating an overarching image that represents
the company in a positive light. The company includes the duties of Marketing Department in
one or more of the following:

 Defining and managing the company brand. This involves defining the company,
what you stand for, what you say about yourself, what you do and how the company
acts. This, in turn, defines the experience the company want its customers and
partnership have when they interact with the business organisation.
 Conducting campaign management for marketing initiatives. Marketing
proactively identifies the products to focus on over the course of the sales cycle, and
then produces materials and communications that get the word out. Create the materials
that describe and promote the company’s core products. They should be kept up-to-data
those products evolve.
 Monitoring and managing social media. Marketing should contribute to, manage and
maintain the social media pages. It should also manage accounts and carefully watch
what’s being posted about the company products.
 Producing marketing and promotional materials. Marketing department should and
carefully watch what’s being posted about the company products.
 Producing internal communications. The employees need to understand the
company, its values, its goals and its priorities. Marketing is often responsible for
employee communications through newsletters.
 Serving as media liaison. When the company is cited in the media, a member of the
marketing department often acts as spokesperson for the company, or guides executives
in how to respond to media queries.
 Conducting customer and market research. Research helps the company to define
target markets and opportunities and helps to understand how the products are
 Overseeing outside vendors and agencies. Marketing is typically responsible for
selecting and managing the agencies and vendors who produce marketing materials or
provide marketing support. These may include ad agencies, print vendors, PR agencies
specialists, Web providers.

Few essential role of marketing department are:

The Project Manager

The Story Teller

The Editor

The Creative

The Technical Director

The Analyst

The visionary


1. Growth: Significant growth in the number of employees over a short period of time,

with projections for the growth to continue. a. Skilled labour supply is not anticipated

to meet demand.

2. Culture: Consolidating three locations into one. a. Cultural issues have prevented

development of a cohesive, positive environment.

3. Technology: Changing SOPs in response to technology developments. a. Customer

complaints have illuminated a flaw in manufacturing. The flaw is more than a training


4. Leadership: Leadership and management development needs. a. Executive team

members from all locations need to be role models for successful integration; currently,

they are not yet a team.

HR Issues

Identifying reasons for the M & A

Forming M & A team/leader

Searching for potential partners · Selecting a partner

Planning for managing the process of the M and/or A ·

Planning to learn from the process

HR Implications and Actions

 Knowledge and understanding need to be disseminated

 Leadership needs to be place · Composition of team impacts success
 Systematic and extensive pre-selection and selection are essential
 Conducting thorough due diligence of all areas is vital
 Cultural assessment
 Planning for combination minimizes problems later
 Creating practices for learning and knowledge transfer

Ensure Compliance with Labour Laws

One of the chief duties of the human resources office of your company is to ensure the business
operates in compliance with all labour laws. The department has to know and comply with that
state’s particular set of rules employment regulations. This includes such issues as the number
of breaks given per number of hours worked and the number of hours and the age in which an
individual can become employed.

Recruitment and Training

Recruiting and training new employees are primary responsibilities of the human resources
team. This part of the job often entails advertising open positions, interviewing and hiring
candidates and setting aside hours devoted to training the new recruits. The human resources

department often publishes training materials including handbooks detailing all aspects of the

Record Keeping

The HR office is in charge of record keeping for the business. According to the IRS, your
company should keep records regarding income, expenses, purchases and a summary of
business transactions. The human resources department should also, of course, maintain
employees’ records including their individual tax forms. The company’s business license,
inventory statistics, insurance records and all other pertinent business information should also
be on file.

Payroll and Benefits

The dispensation of payroll comes under the responsibilities of the human resource office.
While payroll often exists as a separate division in large companies, in small businesses, it is
generally handled by a small human resources staff. Health care benefits are also handled by
the human resource department.

Employee Relations

Another key function of the HR department is the managing of employee relations. When there
is a dispute or misunderstanding between employees or between employees and a manager, it
is the human resource officers who mediate the situation. Employees are encouraged to bring
relational problems to the attention of the human resources staff for resolution.

Employee Performance improvement plans

The human resources department is often instrumental in setting up performance improvement

plans commonly called PIPs. In general, these are written proposals designed to help struggling
employees improve their work to raise it to a certain expectation level of the company. The PIP
may include a description of the behaviour or performance that needs attention, objectives to

be met within a certain time plan for accomplishing the improvement along with support
resources and detailed consequences if the improvement does not occur.


Audit department are appointed by the company to monitor operating results, verify financial
records, evaluate internal controls, to detect fraud.

Areas at which the audit department works are:

 Purchases
 Sales
 Creditors
 Debtors
 Sub-contracting

 Inventory scrap
 Extra incentives
 Price Escalation
 Cash management
 Payroll
 Labour contracts
 Review on internal controls


Accountability of Internal Auditors

1.The internal auditor is responsible for reviewing the adequacy of the risk management,
control and corporate governance framework instituted by the management in ensuring that the
corporate objectives are achieved.

2. The internal auditor is expected to suggest improvements in the existing framework of risk
management, internal control, and corporate governance.

Role of Internal and Statutory Auditors

1.The role of the internal auditor is determined by the management and depends upon the size
and structure of entity and requirement of management.

2. The internal auditor operates in various areas such as review of accounting system and
internal control, examination of financial and operating information for the benefit of
management, economy, efficiency and effectiveness of operations including non-financial
control of various tangible assets, whereas the statutory auditor is concerned with accounts and
documentation as per applicable law and established accounting principles and other
accounting standards issued by the ICAI.

3.The prime objective of internal auditor differs from that of the statutory auditor who is
appointed under the Companies Act, 1956 and has to report independently on financial

4.The statutory auditor should as a part of his audit, evaluate the internal audit function to the
extent he considers that it will be relevant in determining the nature, timing & extent of his

compliance and substantive procedure. Depending upon such evaluations, the statutory auditor
may be able to adopt less extensive procedures that would otherwise be required.

5.The work of the internal auditor can be assistance for the statutory audit. In consultation with
statutory auditor, it is desirable to plan the timing of such work, extent of audit coverage, test
level, and proposed method of sample selection documentation of work performed and
reporting procedure.


From the very beginning, idltek informatics has always shown incessant thirst for Product
Quality and Customer satisfaction. At idltek informatics each component passes through series
of stringent tests of quality from design stage of providing services. Following quality system
requirements are taken care at idltek informatics or conformance to quality standards, on-time
delivery, maintaining product quality and handling customer complaint.

Philosophy: o Understanding and serving the needs of customers. o Providing distinctively
superior value to the global market. Creating the conducive work environment for its
employees. o Serving the customers with technologically advanced products. o Delivering the
best value to customers.

Human Resources: Working at idltek informatics means being a part of leading team in the
internet service providers and Sustained leadership can be maintained only by highly motivated
employees. Idltek informatics management always gives its top priority to total job satisfaction
and job security. The strength of Idltek informatics is its people and sound Engineering Skills
crystallized over a period of more than several decades. Our team of more than one thousand
young dedicated technicians works in close co-operation with each other to offer its customers
unchallenged quality and total customer satisfaction.


The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Cater Link’s business
philosophy. The fact that our activities, or those of our employees, may have an effect on the
environment is of great consequence to us. We therefore endeavour to operate in harmony with
the environment, with particular emphasis on the following areas.

Providing green web hosting and ISP services doing everything we can toprotect the
environment within an industry which consumes a massive amount of power is important to
everyone at WebMate. So as well as recycling reducing our power usage and participating in
environmental, initiatives, both locally and worldwide, we offset 100% of the electricity and
gas we use in our offices and datacentres-certificate 19.32 tonnes of Co2 in 2018-2019. We’re
constantly looking at new ways to be green.


Whilst we can’t actually run our hundreds of servers and switches on vegetables oil for practical
reasons, by carbon-offsetting and following our environmental mission policy, we can sleep
better knowing we’re doing what we can to help the planet.

 To reduce Carbon footprint in real term as much as we can

 Offset remainder of carbon usage with genuine programme in the UK, US and
worldwide so that we offset 100% of our electricity and gas usage for our offices,
 Avoid printing and use digital communication and record keeping where possible.

 Encourage a culture within WebMate of environmental awareness and consideration
for our planet at all times.


Customers have right to know

The Act requires your employer to provide you with all the information you need to control the
hazards you face at work. For example, chemicals at the workplace must be listed. You are
entitled to review this list. Your employer must train you to safely handle the chemicals you
will work with. If you are inexperienced, you must receive an orientation which includes;
What to do in a fire or other emergency;

 First aid facilities

 Prohibited or restricted areas;
 Workplace hazards;
 Any other information you should know.

You must also be supervised closely by a competent supervisor.

Customers have right to participate

You have the right to become involved in occupational Health and Safety. The legislation
encourages employers and workers to work together to maintain a healthy and safe workplace.
Employers at workplaces with (ten or more – consult your provincial act) workers must set up
an occupational health committee of employer and worker representatives.

Committees have duties to:

 Regularly inspect the workplace

 Conduct accident investigations
 Deal with the Health and Safety concerns of employees
 Investigate refusals to work
 Meet at least (four times a year – consult your provincial act) and return minutes of
each meeting to the Division.

Committee members are entitled to five days (consult your provincial legislation) of unpaid
educational leave each year to take occupational Health and Safety courses. They may attend
courses provided by the Division without loss of pay or benefits. Certain types of workplaces
with less than (ten – consult your provincial act) employees must have a worker Health and
Safety representative. The representative must be selected by the workers at the workplace. He
or she has many of the responsibilities of an occupational health committee.

Customers have the right to refuse

You have rights to refuse to do work which you believe is unusually dangerous. The unusual
danger may be to you or to anyone else. An unusual danger could include such things as:

 A danger which is not normal for your occupation or the job;

 A danger under which you would not normally carry out your job; and
 Situation for which you are not properly trained, equipped or experienced.

Once you believe that the work you have been asked to do is unusually dangerous, you should
inform your supervisor. Make sure that the supervisor understands that you are refusing to do
the disputed job for health and safety reasons. Work with the supervisor to attempt to resolve
the problem. If the problem cannot be resolved by the supervisor to your satisfaction, and no
worker health and safety representative or occupational health committee exists at the
workplace, your supervisor should phone the Division and ask for advice. You also have the
right to contact the Division at any time. The supervisor has the right to assign you to other
work (at no loss in pay or benefits) until the matter is resolved. Do not leave the site without
the permission of your employer.

If a committee exists at the workplace, contact your local representative and ask for help. Your
supervisor should contact the co-chairpersons and ask them to investigate. They will try to
resolve the matter. If they cannot resolve the matter to your satisfaction, they will convene for
an emergency committee meeting. The committee will investigate and prepare a report on the

You have the right to continue to refuse until:

 Measures have been taken to satisfy you that the job is now safe to perform.
 Your occupational health committee has investigated and ruled against your refusal.

If the committee rules against your refusal, you have the right to appeal the ruling to an
occupational health officer. The officer will investigate and prepare a report on the disputed
work. If you disagree with the decision of the officer, you may appeal to the director of the
Division. An employer cannot assign another worker to do the disputed job unless the
replacement worker is advised in writing:


A SWOT analysis is a simple tool to help you work out the internal and external factors
affecting your business. It is one of the most commonly used business analysis and decision-
making tools. A SWOT analysis helps you:

 Build on strengths (S)

 Minimise weakness (W)
 Seize opportunities (O)
 Counteract threats (T).

To get the most out of a SWOT analysis, you need to conduct it with a particular business
objective in mind. For example, a SWOT analysis can help you decide if you should introduce
a new product or service or change your processes.

A SWOT analysis is often part of strategic planning. It can help you better understand your
business and work out what areas need improving. It can also help you understand your market,
including your competitors, and predict changes that you will need to address to make sure
your business is successful. It is also a particularly useful step in your marketing planning

SWOT analysis is used to measure views of a single issue from different patterns. From
historical data and practical observation, I found the following Strengths, Weakness,
Opportunities and Threats under SWOT analysis on Idltek informatics.


Strong brand image and fast growing company in Bengaluru.


Strong brand image and fast growing company in Bengaluru.

 Not engaged in unfair business practice.

 Well-known internet service provider companies in Bengaluru.
 Officers are highly educated and experienced.
 Well- furnished and Air conditioned office.
 Strictly complies of government rules, regulations and acts


Take incentives to provide high quality products and services

 Can increase the advertising campaign of the company to highlight latest products and

 Services of idltek informatics can adopt high technology based-depot networking



There is no marketing team, only focus on sales Advertising campaign is less than other

THREATS: The number of competitors in internet service providers are increasing and
technology is increasing.

Service providers are seeing significant strains on their networks from malicious malware,
Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Large
amounts of time, cash and resources are being invested to address security on their networks.
The increase and sophistication of attacks has surpassed the ability of current security solutions
to keep up, thereby creating significant network challenges for SPs.


*High quality of the products

*We have low overheads, so we can offer good value


STRENGTHS *We can change direction quickly if we find that our

marketing is not working.

*very little known

*little experience

*Less number of workers


*Our business sector is expanding, with many future

opportunities for success.

*Local government wants to encourage local businesses.

OPPORTUNITIES *Our competitors may be slow to adopt new technologies.

*Developments in technology may change this market beyond

our ability to adapt.

*A small change in the focus of a large competitor might wipe

out any market position we achieve.

FINDING OF THE STUDY:- Internet service provider industries is very competitive
although a few leading organizations are controlling the industries such as Aakar
telecom,Hardik communication, Amsan technology, A to Z internet service
providers, etc. Although idltek informatics started its journey in it has been also doing
very good. However, it can do better but there are many bottlenecks in the organization which
are as follows:

 Insufficient capital
 Inadequate customer service
 Low employee morale

Idltek informatics have highly skilled, experienced and dedicated team of professionals help
us in maximizing the productivity.

Idltek informatics team members are experienced in this business with range of products such
as interactive voice response systems. They make their best efforts to provide quality adhering
products range to the clients. Located in Bangalore, our team work in close coordination with
each other and contribute towards fulfilling the set objectivities of the company. Competitive
advantage is what sets the company business apart from your competition. It highly the benefits
a customer receives when they do business with the company products. It could be the products,
service, reputation, or even the company's location.
Idltek informatics has established themselves as a reputed supplier of a wide range of products
like interactive voice response systems. As a ace manufacturer and suppliers of interactive
voice response systems, they have established a strong name in the market. Idltek informatics
purchase each and every product from Panasonic company. Purchase Department is committed
in setting up of efficient, effective, economical & sustainable policy procedure in all Purchasing


Idltek informatics is comparatively a large company. Here the activeof Idktek informatics are
practiced in a highly structured.

Idltek informatics may adopt certain changes regarding the following issues Most if the
companies, which means competitors of idltek informatics are well established because they
have come so long ago. So Idltek informatics take more advertising program. Most of the
companies, which have many service centres but Idltek informatics Technologies have not
sufficient service centre.

So, Idltek informatics should establish more service centres. If the candidates want to get the
job, they will provide their original certificate is not good an employer for getting better
opportunity. So the Authority of Idltek informatics Technologies respectively will consider to
getting the original certificate. They should be careful about timely delivery of the sample.
They can import some necessary modern and automated equipment.They can require some
designers to make sample designs by themselves training facilities should be introduced
specially for the new employees.


IDLTEK informatics is comparatively a large company. Here the activities of IDLTEK

informatics practiced in a highly structured. Informatics may adopt certain changes regarding
the following issues most of the companies which means competitors of idltek informatics, are
well establish because they have long time ago. So idltek informatics take more advertising

Most of the companies which have many service centres but idltek informatics have not
sufficient service centres. So idltek informatics should establish more service centres.

If the candidates want to get the job they will provide their original certificate is not good an
employer for getting better opportunity. So the authority of idltek informatics respectively will
consider to getting original certificate.

 They should be careful about timely delivery of the samples

 They can import some necessary modern and automated equipment
 They can require some designer to make sample designs by themselves
 Training facilities should be introduced specially for the new employes



 Annual reports
 Company reports