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Documents from Applicant

1. Current Passport.

2. If you have A old passport take the old passport and also xerox of the old
copy all pages. Just to be ready what the officer request on that day.

3. A signed letter of application containing the following (Follow the Sample

- full name and address
- reason for wishing to visit Ireland,
- planned dates of arrival and departure
- details of inviter’s details & relationship
- details of accommodation
- who will cover costs and how much
-mention medical/travel insurance cover for the duration of the visit, will be
taken once the visa is granted.
- undertaking to observe the conditions of the visa, will not use any publicly
funded services in Ireland or become a burden on the State, and to leave the State
before the expiry of immigration permission.

4. Completed online application summary, printed and signed.

5. Receipt of payment of visa fees and VFS handling charge.

6. Appointment confirmation.

7. Bank account statement on letter-head for the 6-month period immediately

prior to the visa application (name, address, account number and account type must
be visible on the statement). This has to be an original document issued by the
bank. If you are using an internet statement, it has to be officially certified by
the bank.

8. Copy of property papers on Applicant Name

9. 2 recent passport size photos – signature and visa ref number on back (These
photographs will also be taken at vfs).

Documents from INVITER

1. Letter of invitation containing the following (FOLLOW THE SAMPLE)

- reason for inviting
- intended dates for visit
- how you know the applicant
- confirming accommodation will be provided for duration of visit + address with
- who will pay for the visit, how much approximately
- written undertaking that the visa holder will observe the conditions of the visa,
will not become a burden on the state or use any publicly funded services and will
leave the state on the expiration of the immigration permission.

2. Details of relationship (mention in invite letter and application letter) and

evidence of this (e.g., if inviting a parent, this could be a copy of your birth
certificate or passport page which shows the parent’s name).
3. Copy of passport (if you’re not an Irish citizen, you also need to submit a copy
of current GNIB card and copy of stamp in the passport).

4. Latest Utility bill (electricity, internet, etc).

5. Bank account statement for the six-month .

6. Letter of employment from employer. (mention that you’re a permanent full time

7. Payslips from the last 3 months. (better to take last 6 month).

8. Latest P60. (Last 1 year is enough).