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AT THE SUPERMARKET – vocabulary and useful expressions

20% off /tuenti percent of/ To sell /tu sel/

aisle /ail / Trolley /troli/
bag /bæɡ/ warehouse /werjaus/
barcode /barkoud/ cash /kash/
barcode reader /bɑrkoʊd rider/ cashier /cashiir/
bargain /barguen/ check-out counter /chekaut caunter/
cheque /chek/ cash only /cash onli/
closeout sale /clousaut seil/ banknote /bæŋknout/
credit card /kredit kard/ coin /coin/
customer /costomer/ discount coupon /discaunt kupan/
debit card /debɪt kɑrd/ change /cheinch/
escalator /eskeleiror/ sales tax /seils tæks /
express lane /kspres lein/ purchase /perches/
freezer /frízer/ delivery /deliveri/
fridge /fridch/ ticket /tiket/
grand opening sale /grænd openin seil/ receipt /risit/
half price /haf praiz/ guarantee /garanti/
lift /lift/ money-back /mani-bæk/
manager /mænayer/ guarantee refundable /garanti rifondebol/
Market /market/ return policy /ritorn palesi/
Minimarket /minimarket/ department /diparment/
nutritional information /nutrishional informeshion/ bakery /beikeri/
on sale /on seil/ frozen food /frozen fud/
packaging /pækeyin/ dairy products /deri pradots/
price /praiz/ delicatessen /delikatesen/
product /prodact/ pet supplies /pet soplais/
rack /ræk/ cosmetics /kosmetiks/
sales assistant /seils asistent/ electronics /elektroniks/
scales /skeils/ household goods /jausjould guds/
shelf /shelf/ sporting goods /sporin guds/
Shopping basket /shapin basket/ beverages /beveryes/
Shopping cart /shapin kart/ fruit /frut/
Store hours /stor auers/ vegetables /veichtebols/
Supermarket /supermarket/ fish /fish/
supervisor /supervaiser/ meat /miit/
till /til/ groceries /groseris/
To buy /tu bai/ chemist's (UK), /kemist/
To go shopping /tu gou shopin/ drugstore (US) /drogstor/
fresh flowers /fresh flauers/

MALL departments. Look at the pictures and search about the terms which the numbers indicate.
Useful expressions
1. Where can I find the shampoo?
It’s in the aisle …..
2. Do you have a canned food?
a pound of sugar?
3. What times are you open?
we're open from 9am to 5pm,
Monday to Friday
4. Are you open on Sunday?
5. What time do you close?
6. What time do you close today?
 Selecting goods
7. Can I help you?
I'm just browsing, thanks

8. That's cheap/that's good value/that's expensive 13. It's not what I'm looking for
9. Do you sell …? / do you have any …? 14. Do you have this item in stock?
Sorry, we don't sell them 15. Do you know anywhere else I could try?
sorry, we don't have any left 16. Does it come with a guarantee?
10. I'm looking for … 17. It comes with a one year guarantee
11. Can you tell me where the … is? 18. Do you deliver?
12. Have you got anything cheaper? 19. I'll take it/I'll take this
20. Anything else? / would you like anything 32. Can/could I speak to the manager?
else?  Things you might see
 Making payment Open – Closed - Open 24 hours a day
21. Are you in the queue/line? Special offer – Sale - Clearance sale
22. Next, please! Closing down sale - Good value
23. Do you take credit cards? Buy 1 get 1 free - Buy 1 get 1 half price
24. I'll pay in cash/I'll pay by card Reduced to clear - Half price
25. Can/could I have a receipt, please? Out to lunch - Back in 15 minutes
26. Can you wrap this product for me, please? Shoplifters will be prosecuted/encaged
27. Do/would you like a bag? Take a advantage¡ it’s a good bargain
 Returns and complaints  Using a credit card
28. I want / I'd like to return this Enter your PIN
29. It doesn't work/this smells bad Please wait
30. Can/could I have a refund? Remove card
31. Do you have/Have you got the receipt? Signature

Use the learnt vocabulary and put the correct terms according to the numbers in the picture.

Use There is/There are (a-any-some) and How many/How much to describe the products that
there are in the supermarket.
Example: There is a scale in the Produce Section/ There aren’t any clothes in the supermarket.