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Athena’s Chosen

Group Contract
Athena's Chosen: Why this name?
Newkirk was very excited about naming this group for our class. After some research, he shared
with us his idea of “Athena’s Chosen.” Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage, and
inspiration, among other things. The three qualities listed are three that our group aspires to in
the creation and implementation of this project.

Group Members: Bill, Newkirk, Kenzie, Claire

Goals and Expectations

● Goals
○ Organize a project that will have a positive effect on the community by adding to
the community's knowledge and understanding of what Type-1 Diabetes is and
how it affects those who have it and their families.
■ We have all found that we have a passion for young and would like to find
a way to better the futures of those in the Emporia community.
○ Earn a grade in the ninety percentile on this project
○ Learn how to work and communicate effectively in a small group by applying
concepts learned in class to group meetings, conversations, and with other
■ We have all worked in small groups before but have agreed we would
each like to see improvement in our use of google applications, the sharing
of work, and more clearly communicating our thoughts and opinions.
○ Learn how to utilize outside resources for maximum communication results such
as listening to our community partner on how to host a community event.
■ After seeing some of the tools discussed in class, we have decided we
would like to potentially implement the use of Trello to keep our time
organized in class.
● Expectations
○ Show up to meetings on time
○ Do your part (contribute/do your part of the project on time)
○ Be transparent and honest with the group- if you have things going on personally,
and you are comfortable with sharing, we want to listen
○ Communicate with one another

Method of Communication
● As a group we created a shared folder in our Google Drive to upload sources, share ideas,
and collaborate on the paper. We also have created a GroupMe message to communicate
more directly, as well as emailing one another.

Decision-making policy
● Discussion of topic
● Group voting or consensus (majority vote)

● Be willing to hear one another out
● Don’t discount others experiences
● Recognize that your opinion is not the only opinion
● Continue to discuss issue until everyone in the group agrees on a solution

● Upon non-participation we will attempt different methods and approaches to motivate
whoever this potential group member may be if such a situation arises. If a conflict arises
that cannot be resolved, seek thoughts of our professor.

Other Ground Rules

● Show up on time or let team members know you will be late (sending a text message,
call, or email).
● Be friends not just group members.
● Carry your own weight, or do what you say you’re going to do.
● Be considerate of each others schedules.
● Have respect for one another
● Be able to disagree
Athena’s Chosen
- Presently each group member is a student at Emporia State University
- Juniors: Kenzie, Newkirk, Bill
- Senior: Claire Hamlin
Favorite color: Sky Blue
Skills: Feels dedicated to the project, not afraid of hard work, organized, loyal to his word, good
listener because of being coachable through sports.
Tentative Role: Bill will take on the role of encourager. He feels that because of his time on the
baseball team he knows how to give encouraging advice and when the “team” is in a tough spot,
he will know how to encourage/motivate us to keep going. He also thinks because of his time as
a member of a team he would be a good opinion seeker as he makes sure we are all on the same
page with our project so we can work best together.

Favorite color: Variation of blue or sea green, OR ice blue
Skills: Two sisters- has allowed him to be a good listener, has vision, able to see ahead,
STRONG dry humor, good with time frames, knows when to be serious if necessary.
Tentative Role: As Newkirk is a visionary he will take on the role of information giver. His eye
for the big picture makes him an excellent and creative researcher because he may see things the
rest of us to not. He will help us to build our teams vision for the most helpful and productive
project we can possibly have.

Favorite color: Dusty pink or rose gold
Skills: Gets things done, not afraid to be relied on, good at listening to others and open-minded,
organized with school work, knows when to work, and when to play, not afraid to lead, willing
to be put uncomfortable situations for the sake of her team.
Tentative Role: Kenzie will take on the role of the recorder because she is not afraid to be relied
on. Her organization will make her notes thorough and there will be no fear that they are lost.
Because of this she will also be our summarizer and will relay the work we have done back to us.
That way is anything is unclear, we can adjust it before turning it in.

Favorite: No favorite color.
Skills: Organized, strong communication skills, build up others, a lot of experience with
microsoft word and all google applications, has spent a lot of time doing group work so is an
excellent team member.
Tentative Role: Because of Claire’s time participating in groups, she will be the initiator-
contributor. She has seen a lot of things both work and fail in groups so she is not afraid to speak
up when she sees something going in either direction and either furthering it or hoping to turn the
corner to better action. She also will be the elaborator to help assist with her other role as
contributor because she can use her experiences as examples.
*Claire will be the main point of contact for this group. She can be contacted through email at

Group Meeting Tentative Schedule:

* Athena’s Chosen, after having a very enjoyable first group activity, has decided to said
tentative meetings every other Thursday evening as that is when the group is most often
available; even if they do not have things to work on as a class. The group feels this will allow
them to continually grow more cohesive and create a good habit.

Athena’s Chosen decided to take a quick trip to the Bourbon Cowboy to show two of its
members all of the amenities that Emporia has to offer its college students, as these two members
just moved to Emporia at the start of the 2019 school year.