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Pilot Program World English 1, National Geographic for basic level

By Xiomara Pinto

Book for the pilot Shift: 15:50 Cycles: WE-A 11 Centro Cultural
program : World and WE-A12 Peruano
English 1, Second (Basic 1 and 2) Norteamericano
Edition, National
Impresion general The units are clearly organized . It has :
del texto :  An overview
 A unit opener
 Four lessons that develops grammar vocabulary
pronunciation listening speaking and writing which are
very well-related
 Finally includes a Section called VIDEO JOURNAL
which is an authentic but carefully graded national
Geographic clip, which helps consolidate the content of
the unit (not only assessment but also really motivating
 Every three units SS will have the opportunity to work
with TED TALKS activities that allow student to build
upon prior instruction in the units to communicate about
issues that affect their community or he world . They
have a pre, while and post phase, where they get
acuianted with ne vocabulary , brainstorming, putting in
order events , summarizing the Tted talk with words from
a box , comprehension questions and activities that
promote debate or discussion
Nivel del texto de It was properly designed and graded for beginning students
acuerdo al de los (basic students)
When reading the texts there is a section that says Word
focus which is a box that provide definitions of additional
vocabulary, useful collocations.
Also it has a section Real Language information which
draw’s students attention to frequently used phrases and how to
use them
In terms of speaking :Communication activities; they are
presented in twice.
First, in lesson B providing students with the chance to practice
the grammar and vocabulary earlier presented in the unit, but in
pair work or group or class work tasks.
Later in lesson D after reading where they have problem solving
tasks so they apply content to real world situations allowing
some personalization as well For example completing a chart
describing jobs
Or the activity in which they have to choose in pairs
what items from a list they should carry when traveling to a
chosen destination; letting students paractice in pairs “we should
and shouldn’t or I think we should or I don’t think we should (but
also supproting ideas) because …So promotes discussion.

Also they have converstion models related to the topic

which they have to change later to personalized it with their own
examples or experiences

In terms of writing this is at the end of the unit after the

reading section and itvhas sometimes some strategies that help
students write better. Tres is also material for it in te teacher’s
book photocopiable worksheets one per unit
Recursos It comes with the workbook which is distributed in the same way
adicionales as the student’s book
It has extra communication activities , grammar activities and
writing guided tasks, photocopiable worksheets
Student’s CD Rom for extra practice
Rendimientode los Ss have done a good job. They can be assessed at any time while
alumnos working individually, in pairs or in groups with the tasks given in
their books and workbooks or extra material.
They are really fascinated by cultural content the book has ,
which really opens their mind to world issues , customs ,
traditions etc that were probably unknown or not well- known .
Questions? It says I comes with online and ebook but we did not have access
to them