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Plan of study

1. Introduction of Global Affairs

The Global Affairs is an interdisciplinary program includes many different

programs, such as Politics, Economy, Culture, Humanity, and so on (George Mason
University, 2019). Globalization is a common worldwide problem, and there are
many interesting cases around the world. Although different countries are tied
closely, the inequity is growing. I would like to figure out what we can do to solve
these problems and make the world fair and booming. In George Mason University,
I have a four semesters program in Global Affairs. It not only can provide good
internships, but also, we have a program to study abroad. I think there are many
good chances to help us to learn and practice in GMU. I will choose Global Culture
& Society as my specialization Declaration because it is related to my BA program,
which is Literature Study and Linguistic, also I am really interested in this program.

2. Academic Goals

The first goal is that I want to graduate my major courses smoothly. To achieve
this goal, I need to work hard to finish each of my assignment carefully and be
active in class, because I need GPA higher than 3.25. Then, in my major we need to
do a plenty of researches and exchange ideas in communication, so I need to
practice my English speaking in order to improve my critical thinking. I think I can
achieve the goal because my EAP and INYO classes help me a lot with my academic
English, and now I have some basic knowledge to study my major courses in the
future. Graduating my major is the most important goal for me, and that is the reason
I study abroad. Even though I have more challenge when I come to the formal major
courses, I have confidence to study in the future.

The second goal is that I would like to get an internship in NGOs. The reason
is that my major Global Affairs is closely related to NGO, and I can apply what I
have learned to my work. Moreover, getting an internship in NGOs also can provide
a chance for me to touch with the society and prepare for my future work. To achieve
this goal, I would like to study hard and try to combine some cases with I have
studied. Also, I can select a job in NGOs which I really interested in and do more
research in that field. Thus, I prepare to find an internship in next year.

The third goal is that I would like to do more reading in my further study,
especially for books in my field. Case study is very important in my field, and we
need to learn a plenty of cases and combine them to theories. Thus, English reading
ability is basic in Global Affairs, and I need to train myself in the free time. In
addition, I really enjoy reading, so I have confidence that I also can read well in
English. To achieve this goal, I prefer to find some books in my field and I really
interested in, that will be easier for me to improve my reading ability.

3. Resources list

I. Ritzer, G., & Dean, P. (2015). Globalization a basic text. Chichester: Wiley-
Blackwell. This book introduces much basic knowledge in the field of Global
Affairs, including Neoliberalism, Postcolonialism, Orientalism, and so no.
Besides, there are some case studies to help me to understand the theory. All
of our studies are based on them so this book is very important to us.

II. Lan, P. (2006). Global Cinderellas: Migrant domestics and newly rich
employers in Taiwan. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. This book
introduced Southeast Asian labors work in Taiwan. It shows an interesting
phenomenon that though these foreign labors seem shortened the distance
between countries, the barriers between regions are increased. It is a good
example for me to study the globalization in Asian region.

III. George Mason University. (2019, April 27). Global Affairs. Retrieved from
George Mason University InfoGuides:
I find this website from the library of George Mason University. This website
shows many useful academic resources in Global Affairs. It is very convince
for my to find some related sources.
IV. Greenpeace Online. (2019, April 27). Greenpeace. Retrieved from
Greenpeace Online: This website
is an independent campaigning organization about solving global
environment problems. A plenty of countries participate in it with their own
websites in different languages. Global environment problem is an important
in our major, I can find news on environmental protection on the website,
and also can donate to this organization.

V. Friends of the Earth. (2019, April 27). Friends of the Earth. Retrieved from
Friends of the Earth: This website is about environmental

protection, including green new deal, oceans, forests, climate and energy,
finance and economic systems, food and agriculture, etc. This website
explores a plenty of cases which destroy the global environment, and wants
to change the rules in politics and economic to protect earth.

VI. Doctors Without Borders. (2019, April 27). Doctors Without Borders.
Retrieved from Doctors Without Borders: Medical problems is another global

issue in our study. This website is an independent and global movement
which help people to get medical assistance from this organization. It
provides a plenty of medical aids every year and I can find how the medical
treatment going under the globalization.

VII. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. (2019, April 27).
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Retrieved from
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations: Food shortage is also a big problem in global,

especially in some African countries. This organization belongs to the United
Nations and it aims to achieve to the global food security. I can find how the
things going and where need help directly on the websites, and find many
cases there.
4. Course plan

2019 spring 2019 fall 2020 spring 2020 summer

INYO 501 INYO 502 GLOA 615 GLOA 710

EAP 506 EAP 507 ENGH 676 PUBP 503

EAP 505 EAP 098 ANTH 687 ITRN 701

GLOA 600 GLOA 610

GLOA 605

11 credits 12 credits 9 credits 9 credits

Core Courses

GLOA 600 Global Competencies 3

GLOA 605 Interdisciplinary Research Methods 3

GLOA 610 Economic Globalization and Development 3

GLOA 615 Case Studies in Globalization 3

GLOA 710 Seminar Abroad 3

GLOA 720 Capstone Research Seminar 3

5. Academic reflection

I would like to share two class activities in this semester. One was that I wrote a
book review in my field. It was hard for me because it was the first time for me to read
an English book which is related my field. I needed to understand what the author said
and wrote a whole book review in my own words. Fortunately, I found a book which
talked about labors in South Asia with a plenty of interesting case studies and similar
cultural background to me, so it is easier for me to understand. Finally, I finished my
assignment and realized that reading can help me to understand what we have studied
in our field. In addition, it made me felt confidence for the further study in the future.

The other one was that I participated in a group discussion. We had some different
topics for each group, and all the students in class need to choose one to discuss. During
the group discussion, we need to show each other cases study and discuss with the group
members. The discussion divided into three parts, first was case review, second was
group discussion, third was class discussion. We spent about more than one hour to do
this discussion, I felt nervous because I cannot speak as fluent as my classmates was,
but I tried my best to express my point of view.

I have learned many things from these class activities. Firstly, I also need to
improve my English skills, especially in reading and speaking. My major need us to do
a plenty of reading, and we need to talk to express our point of view. For that reason, I
must train myself to work well before I move on to the formal courses. Secondly, I need
to practice my critical thinking and to think more logically in future studies. The reason
is that both of them are very important to graduate students to do researches. Thirdly,
being confidence also can help me with my major. Because our major does not have
any accurate answer, believing myself is a good way to courage me to do the research
in my own way.

To sum up, achieve my three goals can help me to overcome some difficulties in
the future. Moreover, finishing assignments carefully with some introspection is also
very important to me. I believe I can do a good job in my future study life.


George Mason University. (2019, April 24). Global Affairs, MA. Retrieved from George
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