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d c Print Forms :
îc Ænstitute incurs expenditure on printing of admission forms, and in absence of any
reliable forecasting system on how much application it is going to receive, it may
overspend by printing excessive application forms or may fall in crisis if there is
excess demand of application forms
îc xnce printed, changes to the application form are not only difficult but also incurs
additional cost

B c andle Queries & Distribute Forms :

îc astage of institute's resources as same information has to be imparted to
candidates/guardians individually
îc Mandidates/Guardians have to queue up numerous times i e to collect form, to
submit form, to view merit list, etc

M c Mollect Forms :
îc Mhances of form misplacement are very high, because of huge number of
îc astage of institute's resources due to involvement of people/teachers in form

D c ort List Mandidates :

îc Æt is difficult to stop in-eligible candidates from applying
îc Æt is a tedious and time consuming process to list out data of each candidate,
manually check them against documents submitted, resulting in delay and
wastage of valuable resources
îc ºultiple merit lists often leads to duplication of work for the institution, even
candidates/guardians have to visit again and again to check the latest merit list
Æn addition to the above, the admission process is not transparent, leading to scope for
widespread malpractices Æn order to rectify these shortcomings, optimize the current admission
process and make it more transparent we have proposed this ÿ   




Mhallenges to xptimize the ddmission Process:-

1 c ºinimize :
îc Most of Entire Process
îc -otal -ime Required
îc uman Ænvolvement
îc Data Redundancy
îc Paperwork


[ c ºaximize :
îc dvailability
îc -ransparency
îc dccuracy
îc Reliability
îc Productivity

3 c Design a Dynamic Process

4 c ser Ænteractive/Friendly

5 c Real -ime Report dvailability


   is a web based application developed on  and

  allows institutes to receive applications through the
web and candidates need not collect physical forms Mandidates are required to visit the
admission website of the institute dll eligibility criteria, no of seats, selection criteria etc are
mentioned in the website Mandidates are required to fill in the online admission form and submit
it online xn successful submission of the application the candidate receives a unique form no
against which he/she is required to make the payment of the application form For institutes
willing to receive the application fees online we can also  

list of eligible candidates are generated through the application and published on the admission
website -he xnline ddmission dpplication ystem can also be programmed to    

 candidates about the outcome of the admission process

ince the candidates information is entered by the candidate and that to once, this result in

 for the entire admission process -his saves a lot of time and effort
on the part of the institute as well as for the candidates ºoreover, the merit list of admitted
students is generated automatically by the application, ruling out any chance of foul play Æn this
case only the deserving candidates get admission to the institute




d c [4 x 7 olution :
üc ºinimizes time of processing - due to no time barrier, institutes admission
process time is reduced Ænstitutes can publish their merit list lot earlier than they
could have in case the same thing was required to be done manually following the
traditional way
üc ºaximizes dvailability - allows candidates to fill application form at their
convenient time, our statistics from the past trend shows that almost 40% of the
application form are received during the non-office hours (i e 6:00 P º to 08:00


B c o Geographical Boundary :
üc Ænstitutes don't need to take the burden of posting the application form for
outstation candidates
üc Mandidates can fill application form from anywhere i e convenient place

M c o Long Queues :
üc Mandidates don't need to stand in long queues to get their queries answered
üc Mandidates don't need to queue up to get application form and submit the same
üc ºan Power aving - Ænstitutes don't need to assign additional security to manage
huge crowd

D c Reduces Paper ork :

üc Ænstitutes no longer require printing & storing forms
üc Ænstitutes no longer require to collect forms of all the candidates and file them
Ænstitute can take the print of only candidates who are admitted to the college
üc Both these result in not only cost saving but also man power saving

E c xnly Eligible Mandidate dpply :

üc ºinimizes Data Redundancy - checks can be provided so that only eligible
candidates can apply ºoreover the candidate data is to be entered only once

F c Reduces uman Ænvolvement :

üc Releases institutes man power resources
üc Ænstitutes no longer require deputing personnel for addressing to candidates /
guardian's query
üc Ænstitutes no longer require deputing personnel to distribute and collect forms
üc Ænstitutes no longer require deputing personnel to file collected forms
üc Enhance Productivity - as a result of this institute can utilize these man power
resources in other activities

G c dccurate and Reliable :

üc Æn the traditional way human error might creep in due to fatigue and monotonous
nature of work involving numbers
üc ´ery dccurate and Reliable - -he process is very accurate and reliable due to
limited human involvement

 c Dynamic and ser Friendly :

üc -he entire process is very dynamic - any changes can be reflected in real time &
will immediately reach the candidates
üc -he process is simple & user friendly - similar to filing a form manually, the
difference being use of keyboard instead of pen
Æ c Mustomizable Real -ime Reports :
üc Ænstitutes can monitor the ongoing process
üc ave day to day summary of progress of the admission
üc Great Flexibility - ´arious types of reports can be generated in quick time with
minor changes in the design



-he real challenge in designing this system was to integrate a payment system in it ds
the rest of world uses Payment Gateways for online payment, those gateway are not introduced
in epal yet



Æn short, a gateway connects your ecommerce ebsite to your merchant account, or the
service that automates the payment transaction between the shopper and merchant Æt is usually a
third-party service that is actually a system of computer processes that process, verify, and accept
or decline credit card transactions on behalf of the merchant through secure Ænternet connections
-he payment gateway is the infrastructure that allows a merchant to accept credit card and other
forms of electronic payment

-he gateway facilitates online payments by connecting your secure order form with your
specific merchant account at a processing bank -he gateway takes the submitted form data and
presents it to the processing bank hen it receives a response from the bank, it presents that
return data to the site of origin for appropriate handling
-he gateway itself doesn't provide ecommerce features such as shopping carts, eb
hosting, or merchant accounts, although, as you'll see, many larger gateway providers do offer
additional services like these

Before we can compare gateways, we must decide on the criteria we'll use -o keep this
assessment relevant and concise, Æ'll limit my comparison to three factors:

 c c
c  c
c c

xne of the greatest concerns for all parties involved in an ecommerce transaction is security ot
only is your sensitive information kept on file, but your customers' personal information passes
through your gateway every day -his information is of considerable value to hackers, so it must
be protected o, when you choose a gateway provider, you must be confident that security is the
provider's number one priority

-hat said, this review won't assess the security offered by the various gateway providers we
consider dll the gateway providers we'll consider house their operations in state-of-the-art
datacenters, and use the latest security methods to keep data safe


-he gateways we'll review are fully compliant with the security initiatives put forward by the
major credit card providers, including the ´isa Mardholder Ænformation ecurity Program
(MÆP, ºasterMard ite Data Protection (DP, and Discover Ænformation ecurity and
Mompliance (DÆM Æf you decide to user a lesser-known gateway provider, you should verify
that the service is compliant with all those initiatives Æf it's not, you could end up paying higher
fees, having your account closed, and possibly having your organization added to -he ºatch
File, a credit card processing blacklist


ºost online merchants don't realize that their gateway may offer many more features than the
ability to accept credit cards through an online form -he truth is that most gateway providers
offer value-added features that either make the merchant's life easier, or help to increase your
revenue streams ere are some of the more common features


Let's say you receive a call from a customer who has questions about a product on your ebsite
You answer her questions adequately, and she decides she wants to purchase the product Do you
tell her to go back to your site to place their order? ell, you can But why risk that customer
never completing her purchase, when you can take her order right there, over the phone? You
can process the customer's credit card payment on the spot, using a virtual terminal!

d virtual terminal is a eb form that's accessible to the merchant, and allows you to enter credit
card payments manually Æt can also be used to issue returns and void previous transactions


Fraud prevention tools are probably the most important, yet under-utilized, feature offered by the
major gateways ºerchants whose stores have been online for over six months will have been
introduced to chargebacks and will probably have first-hand experience of their negative effects
xne of the main causes of chargebacks for online transactions is fraud tilizing the fraud
prevention tools offered by your gateway provider will allow you to spend less time dealing with
chargebacks, and more time making sales and promoting your business

-he gateways discussed here support the basic fraud prevention tools -hese include dddress
´erification (d´, which compares the customer's delivery address with the address that the
card-issuing bank has on file, and M´´[, the three-digit security number that appears on the
back of ´Æd, ºasterMard, and Discover Mard credit cards (a four-digit number on the front of
dmerican Express cards


ºerchants who charge their customers on a periodic basis will find the recurring billing feature
offered by many gateways a big time-saver sing recurring billing, you can simply provide your
gateway with billing information, and tell it how often to charge the customer - the gateway


takes care of the rest -here's no more keying information into a piece of software or credit card
terminal every month! -his feature is great for subscription and membership based businesses


dlthough credit cards are, by far, the most popular way to pay online, other payment options
shouldn't be ignored dfter all, your goal is to make it as easy as possible for customers to part
with their money Electronic checks (eMhecks are an increasingly popular payment method that
allows customers simply to enter their banking information, rather than physically send a check
by mail


-hough it's perhaps not a true "feature," integration is still worth considering when you're
choosing a gateway hould you make your checkout process completely transparent to
customers? dre you a programming "newbie" who wants a simple set-up that you know will
work? xr are you waiting to switch to a more advanced set-up when you have the time and
experience? aving the option to choose the integration method without incurring any extra
costs can help you avoid headaches during the setup process, and as you manage your business's
growth in later months





% $






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 c c


xn the eb, it seems that one second equals an eternity Every online merchant knows that if
they can't process a transaction when their customer's ready to buy, the sale is lost hy would
customers wait around for a problem to be resolved when they can go to a competitor's site and
make their purchases right now? -he last thing you want is a third party service failing when you
need it most Your gateway must be up and running [4-7







Being the biggest online payment gateway worldwide, it is bad luck for epali webmaster and
people that paypal has not yet introduced in epal ebmasters/Buyers and sellers online mostly
using paypal as their payment gateway so without having a valid and verified paypal account it
will be very tough to have a entry on online business




*c !( 

p p p has good features that are very common in developed countries but is
another great achievement in Ænternet orld of epal Below are most important features
that eewa epal is providing currently:


1c D
3c 




+, $

eewa is currently partnered with Laxmi bank, Bank of dsia etc