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December 2017
/ January 2018


‘not intuitive to use’ – MAIB satcoms
Despite the range of technological aids to navigation available onboard Antenna installation
modern vessels, accidents continue to happen – with incident investigators ‘smartglasses’ under
suggesting that some systems have not been designed with the watchkeeper’s development – 2
requirements in mind

he accident investigation
Maritime satcom
report from the UK MAIB ‘hacks’ offer important
(Marine Accident Investiga- lessons – 10
tion Branch) into the grounding of the
bulk carrier Muros in December 2016
has pointed to improper use of ECDIS
Is shipping ready
as a contributory factor to the inci- for the Big Data
dent, with the investigators noting revolution? – 12
that the number of similar incidents
they have encountered in recent years
has led them to the conclusion that software
previous generations of the technolo-
gy have not been designed with user The bulk carrier Muros ran aground due to improper use of ECDIS, Fujitsu completes voyage optimisation
needs in mind. according to investigators trials - 16
According to the MAIB report,
warnings of the dangers that were alerted the second officer to the dan- are at variance with the instructions and Blockchain in maritime
automatically generated by the ger in time to successfully take avoid- guidance provided by the manufactur- – changing the nature
Muro’s ECDIS ‘check route’ function ing action had been disabled. ers and/or expected by regulators.”
were ignored as the ship approached “The MAIB has recently investigat-
of transactions – 20
Haisborough Sand, where the vessel ed several grounding incidents in Safety study
grounded. which the way the vessels’ ECDIS was The MAIB says that it is now looking Wilhelmsen begins Veracity
A visual check was made by the configured and utilised was contribu- to improve the safe use of ECDIS in
crew of the track in the ECDIS using a tory. There is increasing evidence to the industry by conducting a safety
pilot project – 22
small-scale chart, but this did not suggest that first generation ECDIS study in collaboration with the Danish
identify the route to be unsafe. The systems were designed primarily to Maritime Accident Investigation
passage plan in the Muros’ ECDIS comply with the performance stan- Board that will aim to more fully electronics and
had been revised by the second offi-
cer less than three hours before the
dards required by the IMO, as these
systems became a mandatory require-
understand why operators are not
using ECDIS as envisaged by regula-
grounding, but this had not been seen ment on ships, with insufficient atten- tors and system manufacturers.
or approved by the master. tion being given to the needs of the The goal of the project will be to
MPA and Shell to
The second officer monitored the end user,” MAIB says, in the report. provide data to maritime stakehold- work together on
vessel’s position using the ECDIS but “As a consequence, ECDIS systems ers that can be used to improve the digital projects – 26
did not take any action when the ves- are often not intuitive to use and lack functionality of future ECDIS sys-
sel crossed the 10m safety contour the functionality needed to accommo- tems, both in terms of operator expe-
into shallow water. This lack of atten- date accurate passage planning in con- rience and encouraging the use of The technology behind
tion was compounded by the fact that fined waters. This situation has led to human centred design principles in the autonomous ships – 28
alarms on the ECDIS that could have seafarers using ECDIS in ways which development of the equipment. DS


More than 6000 vessels use our ShipManager

and Navigator solutions to support cost

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December 2017
/ January 2018


‘not intuitive to use’ – MAIB satcoms
Despite the range of technological aids to navigation available onboard Antenna installation
modern vessels, accidents continue to happen – with incident investigators ‘smartglasses’ under
suggesting that some systems have not been designed with the watchkeeper’s development – 2
requirements in mind
he accident investigation
Maritime satcom

T report from the UK MAIB

(Marine Accident Investiga-
tion Branch) into the grounding of the
‘hacks’ offer important
lessons – 10
bulk carrier Muros in December 2016
has pointed to improper use of ECDIS
Is shipping ready
as a contributory factor to the inci- for the Big Data
dent, with the investigators noting revolution? – 12
that the number of similar incidents
they have encountered in recent years
has led them to the conclusion that software
previous generations of the technolo-
gy have not been designed with user The bulk carrier Muros ran aground due to improper use of ECDIS, Fujitsu completes voyage optimisation
needs in mind. according to investigators trials - 16
According to the MAIB report,
warnings of the dangers that were alerted the second officer to the dan- are at variance with the instructions and Blockchain in maritime
automatically generated by the ger in time to successfully take avoid- guidance provided by the manufactur- – changing the nature
Muro’s ECDIS ‘check route’ function ing action had been disabled. ers and/or expected by regulators.”
were ignored as the ship approached “The MAIB has recently investigat-
of transactions – 20
Haisborough Sand, where the vessel ed several grounding incidents in Safety study
grounded. which the way the vessels’ ECDIS was The MAIB says that it is now looking Wilhelmsen begins Veracity
A visual check was made by the configured and utilised was contribu- to improve the safe use of ECDIS in
crew of the track in the ECDIS using a tory. There is increasing evidence to the industry by conducting a safety
pilot project – 22
small-scale chart, but this did not suggest that first generation ECDIS study in collaboration with the Danish
identify the route to be unsafe. The systems were designed primarily to Maritime Accident Investigation
passage plan in the Muros’ ECDIS comply with the performance stan- Board that will aim to more fully electronics and
had been revised by the second offi-
cer less than three hours before the
dards required by the IMO, as these
systems became a mandatory require-
understand why operators are not
using ECDIS as envisaged by regula-
grounding, but this had not been seen ment on ships, with insufficient atten- tors and system manufacturers.
or approved by the master. tion being given to the needs of the The goal of the project will be to
MPA and Shell to
The second officer monitored the end user,” MAIB says, in the report. provide data to maritime stakehold- work together on
vessel’s position using the ECDIS but “As a consequence, ECDIS systems ers that can be used to improve the digital projects – 26
did not take any action when the ves- are often not intuitive to use and lack functionality of future ECDIS sys-
sel crossed the 10m safety contour the functionality needed to accommo- tems, both in terms of operator expe-
into shallow water. This lack of atten- date accurate passage planning in con- rience and encouraging the use of The technology behind
tion was compounded by the fact that fined waters. This situation has led to human centred design principles in the autonomous ships – 28
alarms on the ECDIS that could have seafarers using ECDIS in ways which development of the equipment. DS


More than 6000 vessels use our ShipManager

and Navigator solutions to support cost

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Liberian Registry adds cyber training that maritime companies, ships, and ports
are not adequately protected against what
Vol 18 No 4 The Liberian Registry reports that it has is clearly a rapidly evolving threat.
Digital Ship Limited launched a Cyber and Ship Security com- Furthermore, IMO has issued a resolution
puter-based training (CBT) program, cov- giving shipowners and managers until
1st Floor, 30 Warner Street
ering concepts such as malware, network 2021 to incorporate cyber-risk manage-
London EC1R 5EX security, identity theft, risk management, ment into their ship safety plans. The
U.K. and other common threats to maritime Liberian Registry believes that there is an security. immediate need for both crew and shore-
The two-hour CBT is divided into four based staff to receive cyber security train-
PUBLISHER modules, with evaluation performed ing as part of an overall security skill-set
Stuart Fryer
through a series of questions. A certificate update and has accordingly taken a proac-
EDITOR is awarded on successful completion of the tive approach to the issue.”
Rob O'Dwyer: Tel: +44 (0)20 8144 6737 training course. “The CBT program also provides a com-
email: “Cyber-attacks have been identified as prehensive overview of common maritime
among the most serious emerging threats security threats, including the risk of crim-
SENIOR GROUP REPORTER to the security of today’s shipping indus- inal activity, threats to ship security, port-
Fiona Macdonald : Tel +44 (0) 20 7253 2700 try. Over 40 per cent of crew members based drug-trafficking risks, security roles The CBT course can be used to meet
email: have reportedly sailed on a vessel that has and responsibilities on board, and an intro- STCW security awareness training
become infected with a virus or malware – duction to the ISPS code. It further covers
Cathy Hodge: Tel +44 (0) 20 7253 2700 and only 1 in 8 crew members have issues relating to stowaways, about 2,000
email: received cyber-security training,” said of whom are discovered each year hiding ments for STCW security awareness train-
Jorgen Palmbak, director of maritime secu- on ships, and piracy attacks, of which there ing, and that its own Seafarer Certification
ADVERTISING rity for the Liberian International Ship & have been an average of more than 300 per and Documentation department will
Ria Kontogeorgou: Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based year since 2009.” accept completion of the course as meeting
Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3401 manager of the Liberian Registry. LISCR says that the Cyber and Ship its security awareness special qualification
“In recent years, it has become apparent Security CBT course fulfils the require- requirement.
Young Suk Park: Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3409
email: IoT over AIS platform tested in the UK
PRODUCTION (IoT) platform that can upload sensor data which can then be collected by
Vivian Chee: Tel: +44 (0)20 8995 5540 from vessels in real-time. exactEarth’s satellite AIS constellation.
email: During the demonstration, data
Satellite AIS data provider exactEarth, The 'Automatic Identification System
EVENTS MANAGER working in the United Kingdom with Sensor Network Service' (A-SeNS) project, retrieval from both navigational aid equip-
Jo McGhee: Tel: +44 (0)20 7017 3412 the Satellite Applications Catapult, Pole part-funded through the European Space ment installed at a UK port and environ-
email: Star Space Applications, TeamSurv and Agency's Business Applications channel, mental sensors installed on two working
OceanWise, has completed a demonstra- uses the Application Specific Messaging boats were successfully tested, with trial
MARKETING tion of a new global maritime machine-to- (ASM) capability of AIS transceivers to partners accessing the collected informa-
Gabi Weck: Tel: +44 (0)20 7253 2700 machine (M2M) and Internet of Things broadcast different types of required data, tion in real-time using Cloud services, for
email: subsequent integration into their own
information platforms.
€180 per year for 7 issues “This is an exciting first step in bringing
contact, to market an effective maritime data col-
or phone Stephan Venter on: lection service that provides data from
+44 (0)20 7017 3407 remote assets to users in real-time,” said
Peter Mabson, CEO of exactEarth.
MARITIME CIO FORUM “This innovative approach, using
recent extensions to the AIS standard, sup-
7 December 2017
ports the maritime industry’s desire to
ISHIPPING EUROPE adopt more automated processes and is an
Copenhagen important milestone for exactEarth in the
1-2 February 2018 IoT space.”
The platform uses exactEarth’s space-based AIS system
15 February 2018
Antenna installation ‘smartglasses’ under development
Printed by their line of sight, to ensure that the anten- Jensen, senior vice president, Cobham
The Manson Group Ltd nas are installed correctly during the con- SATCOM.
Reynolds House, 8 Porters' Wood Cobham SATCOM reports that it is cur- version process, Cobham says. “AR has the potential to revolutionise a
Valley Road Industrial Estate
St Albans, Hertz AL3 6PZ, U.K. rently developing a range of augmented The project is planned as a proof of con- multitude of industrial and business appli-
reality (AR) ‘smartglasses’, in collabora- cept to explore how the digital and physi- cations and we are confident that, together
No part of this publication may be repro- tion with software house Kanda and cal world can be blended together to create with Creuna, ODG, and Kanda, we will
duced or stored in any form by any Osterhout Design Group (ODG), for use better user tools. In addition to the AR enable satcom technicians to work
mechanical, electronic, photocopying,
by maritime service technicians installing smartglasses project, Cobham also smarter, faster and more accurately in the
recording or other means without the
and servicing antenna equipment on ships. released a 3D catalogue app in September, field.”
prior written consent of the publisher.
Whilst the information and articles in The team is working with ODG’s exist- which enables its products to be viewed in
Digital Ship are published in good faith ing R-7 smartglasses to develop a system Augmented Reality on Apple
and every effort is made to check accura- to support installation technicians in the and Android devices.
cy, readers should verify facts and state- field performing in-situ ‘conversions’ of “The use of AR in satcom
ments direct with official sources before SAILOR VSAT antennas from Ku to Ka- antenna servicing is an excit-
acting on them as the publisher can band, using field conversion kits and pro- ing prospect, an innovative,
accept no responsibility in this respect. viding step-by-step guidance to the smart- new way of doing things for
Any opinions expressed in this maga- glasses wearer during the process. our global partners and a step
zine should not be construed as those The technician wearing the glasses will forward in enhancing our end- The smartglasses will be based on ODG’s
of the publisher. existing R-7 technology
receive all the information required in user experience,” said Casper

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 2

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Naval Dome cyber security system Fourth Iridium NEXT

to be tested by LR launch date announced “With human operator error the cause service to customers. The new satellites are
of a significant number of security breach- also now undergoing on-orbit testing for
Israel-based cyber security company es, the MoU we have signed with Lloyd’s Iridium has announced that its fourth Iridium Certus, the company’s next gener-
Naval Dome has signed a Memorandum Register will help create a more effective Iridium NEXT launch has been targeted by ation L-band broadband service.
of Understanding (MoU) with Lloyd’s end-to-end solution for cyber defence.” SpaceX for December 22, 2017, to take In addition to the fourth launch date,
Register (LR), with the aim of establishing “Our software engineering team (has place once again from the Vandenberg Air Iridium also announced it has reached
standards and guidelines for maritime previously) performed a series of cyber- Force Base in California. agreement with SpaceX to re-use rocket first
cyber security. attacks on live navigation systems, This fourth launch signifies the mid- stages already used in prior missions for the
As part of the agreement, LR will carry engines and other machinery control sys- way point of the Iridium NEXT launch next two Iridium launches, as part of the
out a series of pilot tests using Naval tems. The attack was able to shift the ves- programme and will aim to deliver anoth- SpaceX booster refurbishment programme.
Dome’s maritime cyber security system sel’s reported position, mislead the radar er 10 satellites to orbit, to bring the total “I believe that reusability is the future
onboard a LR-classed vessel. display, turn on and disable machinery, number deployed to 40. for satellite launches, and I think SpaceX
“The lack of guidelines and standards and override the fuel control, steering and Targeted to take place less than three has intelligently built their Falcon 9 pro-
for creating a more secure maritime envi- ballast systems. In a second test using the months after the third NEXT launch, which gramme around this strategy,” said
ronment is the shipping industry’s Naval Dome software, we carried out the was completed successfully on October 9, Iridium CEO Matt Desch.
Achilles’ heel,” said Itai Sela, chief execu- same attack but were unable to penetrate the December date will enable Iridium to “With three successful flight-proven
tive officer, Naval Dome. any of the ship’s systems.” maintain its plan to complete all launches Falcon 9 launches already this year, we’re
by mid-2018. excited to show leadership towards the
To date, 30 Iridium NEXT satellites have sustainable access to space, while also
been deployed, a number of which have making sure we maintain our cadence to
been integrated with the existing Iridium complete the five remaining Iridium NEXT
constellation and are already providing launches by the middle of next year.”

Naval Dome has already tested its system against

a cyber attack on a ship’s navigation system

Ponant extends comms agreement band and GSM/LTE services, with the
best available service selected at any given
French cruise company Ponant has extend- time to carry IP and voice communica- Iridium will re-use recovered Falcon 9 first stage equipment
in its next two NEXT launches
ed its VSAT and GSM services contract tions. This will be managed by Marlink’s
with Marlink, which will improve band- SMARTConnect service, which handles
width speeds on its five-strong fleet of
yachts and cruise vessels, while also
automatic switching between alternate
Videotel adds cyber training programme
adding four planned newbuilds to its com- “We are committed to delivering
munications deal. unique cruising experiences, visiting exot- nel more aware of the types of malware.”
The four new Ponant Explorers yachts ic destinations while still ensuring high- ‘Cyber Security at Sea’ is available via
currently under construction, for deliv- end facilities on board,” said Jean- KVH Videotel has launched a cyber secu- Videotel on Demand (VOD) and as a com-
ery in 2018 and 2019, will all be connect- Emmanuel Sauvée, Ponant CEO. rity training programme, produced in puter-based training (CBT) module.
ed to Marlink’s multi-band network “As a long term partner, Marlink has association with shipping association
prior to delivery, to ensure connectivity been able to ensure coverage on its global BIMCO, to address the threat of ran-
directly from their maiden voyages. All network for all our vessels wherever they somware and other computer system
of the vessels will be provided with are, providing connectivity for guests and breaches.
internet access, telephone, GSM and data our business, operational and crew wel- The main topics covered in the new
communications for guests, crew and fare needs. The contract extension intro- ‘Cyber Security at Sea’ training pro-
operations. duces even higher speeds and QoS, help- gramme include the nature of cyber secu-
Ponant’s vessels will have access to ing us to improve our on board facilities rity threats, how to assess risks to a ship’s
global Ku and C-band VSAT, as well as L- across the fleet.” IT and OT (operational technology), how
these risks can be reduced, and how to
respond to a cyber security breach or
“A cyber-attack can severely impact
and impair vessel performance,” said
Mark Woodhead, KVH senior vice presi-
dent, EMEA.
“Many cyber incidents onboard are
triggered accidentally by seafarers open-
ing phishing e-mail attachments or hyper-
links, or using infected removable media, The training programme aims to educate
so this training programme explores how crew on how to deal with cyber threats
Ponant’s newest ship, Le Lyrial. PHOTO: Ponant
to minimise these risks by making person-

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 4

p1-13_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:14 Page 5

Evolving your at-sea

communications with VesseLINK
Wherever safety and security matter, we deliver
An extremely lightweight antenna
offers greater configuration
options for unrestricted operation
Seamless global coverage, including DEPENDABLE OPERATIONS
deep-ocean regions and at the poles Rapid and reliable connections
enable clear communications at low
latency both above and below deck

Thales delivers critical solutions for
navies worldwide meeting critical
maritime environmental challenges

Low Earth Orbit satellites
provide instant, clear
communications at low latency

Every moment of every day, Thales is at the heart of critical decisions made
by captains and crews at sea. VesseLINK by Thales gives your critical
maritime operation global communications coverage. VesseLINK operates
using Iridium Certus™ broadband services over a network of 66 satellites
that cover 100% of the globe, including deep-ocean and polar routes.
VesseLINK utilizes this robust network service to provide highly reliable,
cost-effective, mobile and essential voice, text and web communications.
So, no matter where your operation takes you, Thales delivers.

Search: Thalesgroup
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Aker BioMarine vessel installs FX KVH gets Epic Manche’s training network and servers, as Cheyette, IT consultant for Aker BioMarine.
well as allowing for general IT network “Our experience with Sealink C-band
Aker BioMarine’s Antarctic krill harvester troubleshooting and software updates. VSAT on the Krill harvester fleet made KVH is set to launch an upgraded version
fleet support ship, La Manche, has Also provided under the agreement is Marlink the obvious partner for the La of its mini-VSAT service, utilising Intelsat
installed Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress service the Portal 360 online management system Manche upgrade, and the Marlink team Epic high throughput satellite (HTS)
following a deal with Marlink. and Marlink’s network reporting tools, has once again provided a high quality of capacity to boost its network capabilities
La Manche, a 172-metre reefer with which provide reports on the status of the service from installation through to daily and deliver up to 10 Mbps connectivity to
accommodation for up to 68 crew, services Fleet Xpress voice and data services. operations.” maritime customers under a range of
Aker BioMarine’s two krill harvesting ves- “Fleet Xpress has transformed our com- “Having access to Marlink’s portfolio of new plans.
sels, Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea, which munication capabilities aboard La Manche. Value Added Services over Fleet Xpress The new services will leverage the
operate year-round in the Antarctic. Reports from crew and captain are positive, was also attractive for us and has already IntelsatOne Flex platform, a global man-
Marlink is already supplying C-band VSAT with speed and availability highlighted as paid dividends, especially in the context of aged service designed to optimise band-
services to both Saga Sea and Antarctic Sea. the biggest improvements,” said David La Manche’s IT network management.” width allocations and provide flexible
As a support ship, La Manche’s core coverage where needed, as well as adding
duties are to transfer crew and supplies increased Asian satellite capacity from
and deliver the krill meal produced on the SKY Perfect JSAT.
harvester vessels back to shore. The new “Intelsat has been instrumental in help-
Fleet Xpress installation is based on a one ing us develop the advances to our mini-
metre Ka-band antenna integrated with VSAT Broadband service, continuing the
Marlink’s XChange centralised IT and positive working relationship we’ve had
communications management system. for many years,” said Brent Bruun, KVH
XChange is used to manage crew inter- chief operating officer.
net and voice calling accounts, in addition “We expect to provide our maritime
to providing management functions for customers with increased data speeds
quotas and network access. The equipment at the same price points as our current
also provides a platform for Marlink’s service, while offering unparalleled cover-
Universal Remote Access (URA) system, age on a global basis. We just celebrated
which Aker BioMarine uses to maintain La La Manche (right) is a supply ship for two vessels, including the Antarctic Sea (left) the tenth anniversary of our market-
leading VSAT solution, and, with this
new evolution of our mini-VSAT
Updated Gateway system launched by Speedcast Broadband network, we believe KVH is
continuing to set the pace for maritime remote power management, backed up by munications and maintenance, allowing satellite communications.”
multiple automated systems in order to mit- ship owners and managers to leverage the The new network will include southern
Speedcast has launched SIGMA Gateway igate both hardware and software failures. global power of the alliance.” Atlantic and southern Indian Ocean
Xtreme, a new network management SIGMA Gateway Xtreme also includes The agreement between the companies capacity, expanding KVH’s Ku-band cov-
device capable of controlling Speedcast’s cyber-security protection capabilities, aims to simplify customer access to certi- erage by 25 million square miles.
Ku-band VSAT services, Inmarsat’s Fleet powered by Fortinet, with the unit able to fication, management and maintenance “We have simplified the integration of
Xpress and 4G/LTE services, to offer run an optional virtualised device onboard services for bridge electronics on board high-performance broadband services into
redundancy in communications links as a further layer of security. The fully vessels across the globe, allowing all work a network and made bandwidth manage-
alongside virtual machine capabilities. managed service includes content filtering, to be done by a single provider and con- ment easier,” said Mark Rasmussen,
“The launch of SIGMA Gateway earlier a Unified Threat Management (UTM) plat- sequently reducing administrative over- Intelsat’s vice president and general man-
in the year was a milestone in bringing form and intrusion detection with report- head and operational expenses for vessel ager, mobility.
secure virtualised server environments to ing capabilities. management. “KVH, as the inaugural partner for
the maritime market,” said Tim Bailey, In related news, Speedcast has also “Management of multiple vendors and IntelsatOne Flex for Maritime, plans to use
executive vice president, products, market- announced a new strategic alliance with suppliers can be an administrative chal- our global maritime fabric to unlock new
ing and business development, Speedcast. SRH Marine to add SRH’s maritime navi- lenge for ship owners and managers,” said and larger applications for their end users
“We’re excited to be able to offer even gation and electronics products alongside John Laderos, CEO, SRH Marine. while also providing the same high-quali-
better reliability and redundancy with the Speedcast’s satcom portfolio to create inte- “By integrating traditionally disparate ty broadband service wherever operations
launch of SIGMA Gateway Xtreme. grated shipboard system packages deliv- solutions such as Electronic Chart Display take them.”
SIGMA Gateway Xtreme demonstrates ered by a single supplier. and Information Systems (ECDIS) and satel- KVH’s previously fielded base of
Speedcast’s commitment to innovation “The alliance between Speedcast and lite communications in a secure manner, a TracPhone V7-IP mini-VSAT Broadband
and to delivering market-leading products SRH Marine is a giant leap forward in vessel’s daily operations become more effi- antennas will be upgradeable to access the
that bring value to our customers.” addressing the fragmented nature of vessel cient. Marrying that integrated solution with network improvements, and the company
The equipment is comprised of redun- technical management,” said Mr Bailey. a global maintenance service provides pre- has also launched a new 60cm TracPhone
dant and duplicated hardware, including “Speedcast will provide a one-stop shop dictable expenditure and ensures that a fleet V7-HTS antenna system specifically
solid-state hard drives, multiple fans and for e-navigation, bridge electronics, com- is kept on-hire and profitable.” designed to operate on the new services.

Phasor raises $16m in funding financial investors and shareholders. broadband access across all commercial
The B-round of funding closed in sum- use-cases and markets, and it is on track
Flat panel satellite antenna company mer 2017, and will be used to support the for commercial release in 2018,” said Dave
Phasor reports that it has raised $16 mil- commercialisation of Phasor’s first elec- Helfgott, CEO of Phasor.
lion in new funding from a group of satel- tronically steered antenna products. “Phasor is very pleased to welcome its
lite communications mobility companies, “Phasor’s mission is to empower mobile new investors, alongside its supportive
shareholders and other partners. Phasor is
dedicated to meeting the growing, under-
served and unmet needs of today’s net-
work-centric travellers, who require
broadband access everywhere, whether
that is in-flight, at sea or over land.”
Phasor’s antenna is solid-state, with no
The new TracPhone V7-HTS antenna
moving parts, and tracks satellite signals system has been designed to work with
Phasor’s flat panel antenna technology electronically. The equipment can be flat or the Epic-backed network
conformal in design.

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 6

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p1-13_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:14 Page 8


Orange and BlueTide Cyber security Angel launched by Navarino

in collaboration deal attack before taking action,” said Navarino exclusively hosted within the latest release
head of product management, Nik of Infinity Plus or Infinity Cube.” Navarino has launched a new cyber securi- Papanikolaou. “With Angel, our customers can proac- ty service called Angel, compatible with “Angel is the first cyber security service tively take effective steps to protect their
any satellite network or IP-based commu- designed and developed to cater to the vessels and their business from the broad
Orange Business Services and BlueTide nication system and supplied as a fully unique requirements of the merchant range of threats that a cyber-attack can
Communications have entered into a col- managed service. marine IT environment. The core compo- result in and we are delighted to be able to
laboration agreement, to offer services The system comprises maritime-orient- nent of the service is a Unified Threat bring this solution to market for any type
combining Orange’s satellite network with ed intruder detection and intruder preven- Management platform designed to be of satellite network.”
BlueTide’s maritime technology systems to tion systems, backed by a dedicated securi-
vessels in the work-boat industry. ty team that monitors vessels on a continu-
Orange will provide BlueTide with ous basis.
managed global Ku-band VSAT capacity, The Angel security team monitors and
with the ability to switch between alterna- correlates all security logs and events,
tive satellite beams. BlueTide will be able identifying threats and distinguishing
to use this capacity to provide vessels with them from false alerts. Based in the Angel
live video surveillance, cyber security and Security Operations Centre, the team
systems monitoring, the companies said. issues alerts where necessary in addition to
“The relationship with Orange gives us regular reports.
the ability to reach more ships at sea with The system also monitors technology
a larger variety of advanced communica- update procedures, to ensure that applica-
tions,” said Emil Regard, chief executive tion and signature updates are performed
officer for BlueTide Communications. when needed, Navarino says.
“The maritime industry depends on “The cyber threat is becoming ever
consistent, reliable communications more prevalent in the maritime industry
between ship and port to operate. Only and it is no longer an option to wait for an The service was launched at a Navarino partner event in Athens
Orange has a true, international network
to make that connection. Running our
solutions through Orange will have a
transformative effect on how maritime K-IMS gets cyber security type approval from DNV GL
shipping is conducted.” Management System) technology. pilot system assessed under this pro-
KNL Networks has appointed Jørgen K-IMS is a core component in gramme, which focuses on verifying tech-
Peter Rasmussen as the company’s new Kongsberg’s Kognifai digital ecosystem, nical reliability and cyber security in con-
chairman. Mr Rasmussen joins the KNL Kongsberg reports that it has received its and has been designed in accordance with trol systems.
board after spending 34 years in the ship- first DNV GL cyber security type approval, IEC 62443-4-2 and IEC 61162-460. “At Kongsberg we have been delivering
ping and offshore sectors, having worked for its K-IMS (Kongsberg Information For the past year, DNV GL and solutions for remote support and data col-
with Schlumberger, Seawell and Kongsberg have lection for many years,” said Bent Erik
Archer. worked together on Bjørkli, VP digital performance at
Mackay Communications has the development of a Kongsberg Maritime.
signed a partner agreement with new type approval “Over the last few years, however, we
Inmarsat to distribute Fleet Xpress in programme for the have seen an increasing focus from our
the global maritime market. Mackay will cyber security assess- customers in the cyber security of the con-
offer a package including a range of air- ment of control sys- nected systems on their vessels. This was
time service options and a choice of tem components, why we were so interested to work togeth-
approved antennas. Installation and ser- entitled ‘Security er with DNV GL on the development of
vice agreements will also be available. Assessment of the new type approval.”
Control System “With the new type approval, we can Components, now demonstrate the security of our sys- tems through an independent verification
Knut Omberg, DNV GL – Maritime (left), presents Roar Simensen, DNVGL-CP-0231’. K-IMS has been the process.”
Kongsberg Maritime (right), with the new type approval

Hyundai commits to Intellian VSAT In related news, Intellian has also
recently reported that its GX100 and GX60
Maritime satellite antenna company Inmarsat Fleet Xpress terminals have been
Intellian has announced that Hyundai granted certification by TELEC, a radio
Merchant Marine (HMM) has selected its equipment certification and testing body
VSAT antennas to be installed across based in Japan.
HMM's fleet of container ships. Terminal equipment operating on a
Following installation HMM will be Japanese telecommunications carrier net-
supported by Intellian’s global technical work is required to undergo a connectivity
support network at approximately 40 test to verify whether the terminal con-
major ports worldwide. forms to standards set by Japan’s
HMM’s container fleet numbers more Telecommunication Business Act.
than 90 vessels, of various sizes. However, this is not required if the equip-
“Through reliable access to real-time ment has already been approved by a reg-
data, and with robust communications istered approval body. TELEC was con- Hyundai container ships are set to install Intellian VSAT antennas
between the vessel and the shoreside firmed as an approval body by the
office, HMM will be able to realise effi- Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and customers’ markets,” said Eric Sung, CEO customers with an existing Intellian 1m
ciencies across its fleet, share operational Communications in 2014. of Intellian. Ku-GX convertible antenna, v100GX, are
best practice, and ensure that crews have “This full certification acknowledges “This development now also makes also able to use the Inmarsat FX service by
reliable access to high-speed satellite Intellian’s commitment to ensuring that its Inmarsat’s FX service available to major upgrading the system with the GX
communications services,” said HMM, in antennas conform to all regulations and shipping companies in Japan with upgrade kit. The upgrade is simple, and
a statement. meet the highest technical standards in its Intellian’s GX100 and GX60 terminals. The takes less than 20 minutes.”

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 8

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p1-13_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:14 Page 10


Maritime satcom ‘hacks’

offer important lessons
Ethical hackers testing maritime satcom technologies have separately released two recent reports outlining vulnerabilities
discovered in popular shipboard systems. While the circumstances of each case make these ‘hacks’ unlikely to be
repeated during operations, important lessons about shipboard security can nonetheless be learned from their work

ecent reports published separately “Simple phish, take control of his lap-

R by cyber security firms IOActive

and Pen Test Partners have high-
lighted potential vulnerabilities and back-
top, look for a lack of segregation on the
ship network and migrate on to other more
interesting devices. Or simply scrape his
doors into widely used maritime satellite creds to the commbox and take control
communication products that initially that way.”
indicated that they could leave ships open KVH responded quickly to these claims
to cyber-attack by malicious actors looking by Mr Munro, to note that the methods
to hack a vessel network. used to connect to the satcom equipment
However, in both of the reported cases, on this particular ship would not be suc-
the ‘hack’ was not quite as alarming or cessful if applied to a standard CommBox
straightforward as it may have first installation. In particular, the company
appeared, with the technology providers was keen to clarify that the CommBox in
in both cases responding to the exploit question was not in fact in use by one of its
claims by noting that the systems were customers, and was not connected to the
either not being used as intended, or were KVH network.
already beyond their service life. In a statement issued in response to
As such, the fact that a standard install questions on the issue from Digital Ship,
of properly updated systems may not have KVH said that: “The vessel satcom box
been susceptible to the vulnerabilities dis- mentioned was evidently assigned an
covered in each of these cases may turn out unrestricted static public internet IP
to be the most pertinent lesson to learn address associated with another satellite Applying best practices to implementation of satcom equipment
is fundamental to cyber security
from the whole affair – that implementing service provider network, not with KVH.”
technology incorrectly or contrary to “KVH’s practices for its own airtime
providers’ recommendations may just cre- services (had it been on our network) are sion in question was already retired prior removed the ability for users to download
ate an invitation to outsiders to make their designed to guard against such circum- to IOActive’s test, and that it has also pre- and activate AC8 from our public web-
way on board. stances by blocking all inbound access viously issued a patch to close the vulnera- site,” Inmarsat’s spokesperson said, in
from the internet by default when cus- bility discovered. a statement.
CommBox tomers request static public IP addresses.” The research, authored by IOActive's “It is important to note that this vul-
The first of the two cases relates to the Vessel operators should nonetheless principal security consultant, Mario nerability would have been very difficult
CommBox communications management take heed of this ‘hacking’ episode, which Ballano, said that the flaws that were dis- to exploit as it would require direct
system used by satcoms company KVH goes to show that the use of technology on covered in AmosConnect version 8.0 access to the shipboard PC that ran the
alongside its mini-VSAT service. In a blog board a ship in a manner not consistent include the potential to perform a blind AC8 e-mail client. This could only be
post published by security company Pen with the best practices recommended by SQL injection in a login form in the soft- done by direct physical access to the PC,
Test Partners on its website, ethical hacker the manufacturer or operator opens up an ware, as well as a backdoor account that which would require an intruder to
Ken Munro claimed that he had managed enormous level of risk when it comes to a provides full system privileges and could gain access to the ship and then to the
to ‘hack’ a live CommBox unit, simply potential cyber-attack. allow remote unauthenticated attackers computer. (Remote) access was deemed
using the public internet. In his post, Mr Munro recommends, at a to execute arbitrary code on the to be a remote possibility as this would
Mr Munro said in his post that by using minimum, that TLS (Transport Layer AmosConnect server. have been blocked by Inmarsat’s shore-
Shodan, a free search engine for internet- Security) be implemented on satcom man- The report notes that, if compromised, side firewalls.”
connected devices, he had been able to find agement boxes, that complex passwords be this flaw could be leveraged to gain unau- Inmarsat also says that, in addition to
listings for several maritime satcom termi- used to replace default credentials, and thorised network access to information the fixes issued, its central server no longer
nals connected through different that all firmware is kept updated. stored in the AmosConnect server and accepts connections from AmosConnect 8
providers. One search, using the string Qualified and professional maritime potentially open access to other connected e-mail clients, so the software could not be
‘html:commbox’, returned what he satcom installation personnel should make systems or networks. connected even if a customer wanted to
described as “a nice collection of KVH sure that precautions like these are taken IOActive says that it informed Inmarsat use it. The satellite operator notes that it
CommBox terminals.” when a system is implemented onboard of these potential vulnerabilities in October has made IOActive aware of all of the
Clicking through to one of these search ship. Cutting corners on implementation 2016, and completed the disclosure process above information.
results brought up a Username and and configuration can create an invitation in July of 2017. In both the AmosConnect and
Password log-in for a CommBox, with the into the shipboard network – and the con- In response to these claims, an Inmarsat CommBox incidences, the cyber security
vessel name displayed on the screen as sequences of such a breach could be spokesperson noted that AmosConnect 8 message to be taken away is a simple, but
well as a ‘Show Users’ button, which was extremely costly. (AC8) is no longer in service, and said that incredibly effective one when it comes to
said to have provided “a list of all the crew the satellite operator had already begun a safeguarding shipboard systems – profes-
online at that point.” AmosConnect 8 process to retire that version of the soft- sional and competent installation of vessel
Based on the information accessible The second ‘hacking’ incident related to a ware from its portfolio prior to IOActive’s technologies is a minimum requirement,
through that link, Mr Munro was able to report released by IOActive outlining a report, having communicated to customers utilising satcom services in ways other
discover the first and last name of the crew potential vulnerability it said it had dis- in 2016 that the service would be terminat- than those recommended by the providers
member connected to the satcom system at covered in Inmarsat’s AmosConnect plat- ed in July 2017. is dangerous, and consistent software
that time, and after a short Google search form that would provide a backdoor into “When IOActive brought the potential update procedures are a key component of
“had the Facebook profile of the deck cadet the shipboard system. vulnerability to our attention, early in network cyber resilience.
who we had spotted using the commbox.” However, once again Inmarsat has 2017, and despite the product reaching end Fail to follow these best practices and
“This poor chap is ripe for phishing – responded to note that the issue would not of life, Inmarsat issued a security patch you can’t say you haven’t been warned if a
we know pretty much everything about exist in a standard current installation of that was applied to AC8 to greatly reduce less than ethical hacker finds his way on to
him,” the post continues. AmosConnect, given that the software ver- the risk potentially posed. We also your ship in the future. DS

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 10

p1-13_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:14 Page 11

VDR’s go viral!
Netwave’s next generation of VDR’s allow vessel’s long term performance
optimization from the cloud. Already more than 5500 vessels rely on us
and this number is growing every day

Visit us
at Marintec 2017
China Hall N1
Stand Nr

Our newly developed NW-6000 VDR

has been type approved with BSH for
MSC.333(90), based on Lightweight Ethernet
(IEC61162-450) providing the following benefits:
• The only VDR with the latest network technology allowing efficient interfacing with networked systems
• Largest worldwide service network with more than 1100 local engineers in 160 ports
• Remote Monitoring reducing on-board attendances
• Developed with Cost of Ownership in mind
• Largest installed base worldwide
• Stock available in key ports for urgent deliveries Orolia BV
• Experienced in replacing any Brand (S)VDR installation Blauw-roodlaan 100
2718 SJ Zoetermeer
• Replacement kits for any VDR brand available on request The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 - 11 81 500

You are invited to visit our website for quick quotation

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Is shipping ready for the

Big Data revolution?
Big Data is being discussed in maritime circles with an ever-growing level of enthusiasm –
but questions remain as to whether we are equipped to work in this kind of environment with the
prevailing approach to technology in the industry, writes Malcolm McMaster, Globecomm Maritime

ig Data has been the subject of dis- 50 per cent of these vessels consume less need, and this applies to service partners away from shared social activity and

B cussion in shipping for a decade or

more, but how close are shipown-
ers and managers to actually taking
than 1GB per month. It’s hard to imagine
a Big Data revolution taking place on
that basis.
too. We need disruptors who can think out
of the box and perhaps change how we
think and operate.
towards more isolated internet access.
They want to maintain and develop the
social element of working onboard as a
advantage of its transformational poten- Despite consistent complaints that the Until that happens, the question will team, and a lack of social interaction
tial? I would put it this way: if we are not cost of satellite communications is too continue to be whether Big Data has a makes that harder.
there yet, we need to get ready quickly high, prices per MB and for hardware business case. In the eyes of the people But if owners and managers fear the
because, one way or the other, the future have dropped dramatically in recent who should be benefiting, I’m not sure it loss of connection between crew mem-
of our business is going to be defined years. There is greater choice and many always does. bers, the seafarers don’t seem to agree;
by it. more options available. Ultimately Big Data should be used to they are much more concerned that their
The trouble with Big Data starts when colleagues often cannot speak the same
you try moving beyond definition and into language, so lack the most basic form of
its practical implications. Ask people what communication.
Big Data actually means to them and the
answers are not always positive. Understanding ROI
In my experience, they can range from: This is a complex conversation, not
‘I have too much work to do already and least because for suppliers, it has tradi-
this creates more’ to the belief that the tionally been very hard to provide a
‘Paralysis of Analysis’ means it is ‘hard robust and defensible ROI on satellite
for many companies to make sense of and communications.
act on’. In an industry where every dollar needs
This hasn’t stopped the industry from a business case, there are limited examples
getting excited about the prospect of where you can point to direct savings and
smart and digital shipping, with efficiency gains because traditionally com-
autonomous or remote controlled ships, munications has been the channel, rather
all powered by the Big Data that flows than the application.
from the Internet of Things and M2M Often we find owners operate their con-
communications. nectivity strategy according to a basic hier-
There are exciting projects which are archy of needs – connect us to the office
pushing the industry forward, including Big Data is coming – but is the maritime industry ready to take advantage and the rest can come later.
Japan’s autonomous ships project and the Ironically, proving ROI on connectivity
efforts of Rolls-Royce, Wärtsilä and others access for crew is easier. What will hap-
to encourage automation that drives us Service Providers (SPs) have to be much improve productivity, efficiency, safety, pen as crews become more mobile is that
towards safer, greener shipping. more flexible with contract terms, offering and support the profitability that we all they will increasingly choose their
These will all need Big Data, but right the ability to suspend services or change need to stay in business. Better connectivi- employer based on fundamentals like
now there are only a handful of compa- throughput rates. In the past, the answer to ty in itself is not a Big Data platform, but internet access. Only when shipowners
nies actually using it day to day. When such requests used to be no – now it’s yes. owners need a transition plan from where and managers start to feel the pain of los-
you see something like vessel perfor- We have to respond to what the market we are today to where we need to be. ing crew will they realise the risk of a
mance analysis, it is worth remembering is demanding. As part of that transition, I would sug- ‘negative ROI’ that will result from doing
that there is often a team of people This does not mean we don’t recognise gest we have to look closer to home, and nothing.
crunching the data in the background. the tough markets that most owners are specifically to the crew. Seafarers are the Connectivity options and providers are
Don’t imagine that machines can do operating in – and have done so for nearly real users of Big Data and their demand is growing in number all the time. You need
everything. a decade - but I have to ask, is 1-2 per cent growing all the time. They are getting to know as far as possible that your suppli-
of daily Opex for connectivity too high a younger and increasingly demanding the er is going to future-proof you so that you
Cost and usage price to pay, and is that even the right same sort of access at sea they are used to don’t end up taking off the kit you
One issue we have when thinking about number? I have heard estimates as low as at home. installed two years ago when something
Big Data is the reality of comparing activi- 0.5 per cent, but clearly it will vary from Crew want a consistent and reliable ser- comes along that better meets your needs.
ty on land to that onboard ship. Home ship to ship. vice, and many are prepared to pay a fair So, to return to the answer to the ques-
users in the UK and US are estimated to Considering trading conditions, satellite price for it, while many owners will pro- tion I set myself – are we ready for the Big
download up to 200GB of data per month. communications are still expensive at the vide it free of charge. Either way it is some- Data revolution – the honest answer is
From my own experience I know that, on a point of delivery but, as we are starting to thing the industry needs to embrace, with probably not yet. But I absolutely believe
land-based satellite connection, 50GB can hear, the main markets at least are showing appropriate training and sensible restric- we need to get ready and put the platforms
easily be consumed in a couple of weeks. signs of sustained improvement. tions in place. in place to develop it. And we need to be
Maritime VSAT is often seen as the key Even if owners agree that using Big A potential blockage – one that we did- prepared to look for the drivers that will
to unlocking Big Data but, by our esti- Data has the potential to improve efficien- n’t necessarily foresee a few years ago – is get us there where we don’t necessarily
mates, perhaps only 25-30 per cent of the cy they must also accept that it requires the fear of hacking and cyber threats. A expect them. DS
global merchant fleet is on VSAT today. additional resources. IoT is not a case of recent Nautilus survey found that in some
Usage fluctuates wildly from ship to ship, attaching sensors to machines and going cases owners are putting restrictions on About the Author
even in the same fleets, but we commonly home – to get the data and analytics you access for crews because of the threat from Malcolm McMaster is
see usage between 50-100GB per ship need comes with a cost, and how the data infection with malware, ransomware and president of maritime
per month. is used is critical. other viruses. satcom services provider
The remaining 70-75 per cent of the My question is whether shipowners and In addition, owners and managers Globecomm Maritime
global fleet is still on L-band – and at least managers are getting the fresh ideas they often express concern about the shift

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 12

p1-13_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:14 Page 13

The most important thing we build is trust

The new SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku

Best-in-class broadband.
Any vessel. Everywhere.

The super-light SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku delivers unbeatable

performance and connectivity for vessels of any size.
No matter where in the world you sail, you can now take
advantage of any Ku-band network, including the latest high
throughput satellite networks (such as Intelsat’s EpicNG), to enable
business-critical applications and drive operational efficiency.
• Lightweight for easy installation (35 kg)
• Single cable solution
• Outstanding RF performance
• Gyro free
• Dual antenna operation
Visit to learn more about
what the SAILOR 600 VSAT Ku can do for you
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Data driven design to save ten per cent DNV GL goes fully electronic on certificates
on fuel for Hapag-Lloyd Cruises using temporary access codes which pro-
vide access to the secure certificate folder. DNV GL reports that it has begun the roll “Over the last several years we have
out of IMO-compliant electronic class and been leveraging digitalisation to improve
A data analytics programme applied to the statutory certificates across its entire fleet, the experience of our classification cus-
design of two new Hapag-Lloyd Cruises following years of work on pilot projects tomers,” said Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO
passenger expedition ships, currently with owners and flag administrations to of DNV GL – Maritime.
under construction at the Vard Shipyard in test and gain acceptance for the use of elec- “The roll out of electronic certificates is
Romania and Norway, has resulted in pro- tronic certificates. a significant step forward in our pathway
jected annual fuel savings of more than ten The classification society says that towards modernising classification.
per cent, the company says. DNV GL calculated the pressure almost 50 flag state administrations have Electronic certificates will smooth our cus-
DNV GL began working with Hapag- distribution on various hull types as part of now granted DNV GL the authority to tomer’s interactions with class, allow
Lloyd Cruises during the initial design and the analysis process issue electronic statutory certificates on stakeholders across the industry to capture
conception phase for the two vessels, their behalf, and that it expects this num- value from digitalisation, and give us a
HANSEATIC nature and HANSEATIC ing the environmental impact of our ves- ber to grow even more in the near future. platform for future improvements.”
inspiration, creating and exploring more sels is an integral part of the design con- “The electronic certificate regime DNV GL intends to rapidly roll out
than 100,000 hull variations for the vessels, cept. Working with DNV GL has allowed offered by DNV GL has provided us with electronic certificates across the fleet, with
applying the computing power of approx- us to significantly reduce fuel consump- a unique advantage in the contemporary newbuilding vessels receiving certificates
imately 7,000 CPUs. tion, which also decreases our overall market, where leverage from digitalised upon delivery, and existing vessels at their
Analysis of the various hull forms, and emissions.” high-end efficient work processes plays an next scheduled survey or audit.
of the impact on fuel consumption of inter- In related news, DNV GL has also recent- integral role,” said Morten Nygaard, fleet That survey process will also be sup-
actions between the hull form, the initial ly introduced a new ‘Virtual Trial’ applica- manager, Teekay Offshore, owners of one ported by a new DNV GL Smart Survey
general arrangement and stability require- tion, using simulated computational fluid of the vessels used in the pilot projects. Booking tool (SSB), which uses smart algo-
ments, was then applied by Hapag-Lloyd dynamics (CFD) data to allow customers “It is our intention to benefit from the rithms and machine learning to find the
Cruises and Vard in choosing the optimal in any location to analyse, compare and new regime within the shortest possible best time and place to book a survey.
design for the new ships, which are expect- benchmark the fuel efficiency of different time frames.” The algorithms identify when the maxi-
ed to launch in April and October 2019. hull designs before they are constructed. Certificates are published on DNV GL’s mum number of survey items can be com-
After the initial assessment, the efficien- The results are made available within customer portal immediately after an bined, by assessing the initiation and expi-
cy of the hull form was then optimised one week, DNV GL says, via a web-based onboard survey is completed, so that all ration dates for class surveys, audits and
within the given constraint set using DNV report where users can see the CFD results relevant parties can access the latest certifi- conditions. An estimation of the required
GL’s formal optimisation approach. and hull lines in 3D. Users can upload indi- cates. The electronic certificates are time the ship needs to be available for the
During this phase, another 10,000 hull vidual vessel hull forms, run simulations secured with a digital signature and a survey/audit, with the associated travel
designs were analysed, with the most with pre-set parameters and then compare unique tracking number (UTN) which can and costs, is also generated. SSB will then
promising candidates undergoing high their results against the results of similar be checked online to confirm their validity recommend a port of call based on all of
fidelity computational fluid dynamic vessels in the Virtual Trial database. and authenticity. these factors.
(CFD) analysis to confirm the results. “What we have done with Virtual Trial Customers can choose to share access to After a booking is made, SSB also pro-
“The design concept for the two new is to let our customers run CFD simula- their certificates with stakeholders (charter- vides a set of survey preparation docu-
ships was ‘inspired by nature’,” said Dr tions, without having to invest in CFD ers, ports, flag administrations, insurers) by ments for the crew of the vessel.
Henning Brauer, head of new builds, expertise,” said Carsten Hahn, product
Hapag-Lloyd Cruises. manager at DNV GL – Maritime.
“The vessel interiors have been created “Virtual trials can be launched in com-
to reflect the environments our passengers plete anonymity, from anywhere, at any
are experiencing inside the ships. But these time, by simply uploading the hull geome-
are also sensitive environments, so reduc- try file and defining the operating profile.”

“K” Line fleet to roll out weather routing system Integrated Maritime Solution (K-IMS) plat-
form already used by “K” Line ships, previ-
Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha (“K” Line) reports ously developed in collaboration with KHI.
that it has agreed a deal to implement the “K” Line notes that it conducted tests of
‘Optimum Weather Routing System’ devel- the new weather routing system with KHI The certificates are digitally signed and protected against edits, modifications or revisions
oped by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) on various types of vessels, and found that
across all of the managed vessels in its fleet. the roll, pitch and fuel consumption esti-
This system will be used to improve mates created by the technology matched
efficiency in the planning of vessel routes, actual voyage results with a high level Adonis software integrated with Seagull
with the aim of reducing fuel consumption of accuracy.
and promoting safe navigation. Consequently, the decision was taken at hand in Adonis at any time allows
The software is expected to be installed to roll-out the software across the fleet a customer to include Seagull training
on approximately 120 vessels by 2021, and over the next few years, the Japanese ship- as part of the position requirements pro-
will be linked with the KAWASAKI ping company said. Norwegian software company Adonis file,” said Erick Meijer, product director
reports that it has added integration at Adonis.
Existing Logimatic board member Maran Tankers Management
like between its Adonis Personnel Manager “This means that, during the planning
Lars Francke Riisberg has been appointed and Tsakos Columbia Ship and the computer based training systems phase, requirements for specific Seagull
as the new CEO of the company. The for- Management. provided by Seagull, following the launch training in various positions will be part of
mer CEO, Michael Paarup, will continue of a new add-on module. the competence matrix and notification
as vice director/COO and work alongside Helm Operations has announced A limited connection between Adonis’ process regarding missing and expiring
Mr Riisberg on the board. that its planned maintenance software, software and Seagull’s servers has been documents.”
Helm CONNECT, has been type approved available for some time to allow access to a The integration of the software systems
Q88 has opened a new office in by ClassNK as a recognised planned seafarer’s Seagull Training Administrator also allows Seagull data to be used in
Athens, Greece, to be headed up by Fotis maintenance software system. (STA) profile, the company said, however reports and analysis within the Adonis
Georgakopoulos as client services director. the new module provides a full download application, separately or in combination
Mr Georgakopoulos previously worked of all crew members’ records into the with other records relating to the crew
at ShipNet. The Greek office will also Adonis Database, where they will form an member’s profile.
welcome Athina Lekkou as another client integrated part of the crew’s competence The Seagull Interface is being made
services director, bringing with her profile. available to existing customers as a sepa-
nine years of experience at companies “Having fully updated Seagull records rate, add-on module, Adonis says.

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 14

p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 2
p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 3


GNS launches VOYAGER Hub for maritime applications Samsung to install performance monitoring IMO, Intertanko, SIGTTO and others. A system on newbuilds
search facility is included to find required
GNS has launched its new VOYAGER Hub information or download new editions Cloud-based performance monitoring
application platform, with the aim of sup- as required. solution, SMARTFLEET, where it is anal-
porting implementation of selected soft- The Witherby eReader is provided Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) has ysed by BMT’s data analytics team.
ware systems on board ship while also free of charge as part of VOYAGER agreed a deal with BMT SMART to install “This is a great win for us and we
providing an additional layer of protection Hub, and users can opt for a GNS fixed BMT’s vessel performance monitoring appreciate the support our service part-
against cyber threats. price technical publications bundle spe- system on four VLCCs under construc- ners, Marbiss and Intra Mare Hellas, pro-
VOYAGER Hub will include applica- cific to each vessel type and Flag, or can tion for a Greek owner, in addition to sim- vided to help us secure these projects,"
tions and content from GNS and selected self-select titles to fit their company ilar recently contracted orders to outfit said Peter Mantel, managing director of
partners, ranging from navigation and requirements. seven Suezmax and Aframax tankers BMT SMART.
voyage optimisation to weather and non- Other Hub services include the being built for Norwegian and “In a world where we are inundated
navigation related services. Admiralty eBook reader, which provides Singaporean owners. with data, it’s critical that we focus on pro-
Alongside these services GNS says it is access to the UKHO’s eNP library; a choice BMT will provide SHI with its modular viding a solution that helps to transform
also developing cyber-security systems, of weather routing solutions from compa- vessel performance monitoring solution, this complex information into actionable
to protect against the higher level of risk nies such as Meteo Group; a tool to man- SMART VESSEL, which collects analogue insights – only then can owners and oper-
that results from the increased connectiv- age technical library compliance; and an and serial feeds from shipboard equip- ators truly begin to enhance operational
ity between vessel and shore in modern application that generates a passage plan ment before transferring the data to BMT’s efficiency and profitability.”
shipping. for routes created using GNS’s VOYAGER
Among the applications included is Planning Station. more data and operating in an ever more digital systems, and at the moment crews
GNS’s new V-Drive, used to transfer The Hub also provides the ability to complex business and regulatory environ- may still spend upwards of 30 per cent of
ENCs, ENC updates, permits and route monitor usage of ENCs purchased via ment, but many are still learning what the their time on administration and other low
files from the back of bridge computer to GNS’s Voyager Open Permit ‘pay as you potential of all of the available data might value activity. GNS employs more than 50
the ECDIS. Users plug the V-Drive into sail’ and fixed price bundle services, as be,” said Paul Stanley, GNS CEO. qualified mariners and uses that experi-
the USB port on the PC to copy the files, well as offering a tool that checks the “The VOYAGER Hub ecosystem is har- ence to design software with real mariner
and then plug the V-Drive into their ‘cyber health’ of the back of bridge PC on nessing Big Data and delivering exciting workflows in mind, so that tools can
ECDIS USB port to upload to the naviga- which the Hub sits. new digitally-led efficiencies and safety streamline navigation and other opera-
tion system. Further Hub services are scheduled for improvements to a wide range of stake- tional activities and allow shipping compa-
Another Hub application is the launch later in 2017 and early 2018, GNS holders both ashore and on board.” nies to focus on maximising the value of
Witherby eBook Reader, which provides says. “The maritime industry is making a their most valuable assets – their people
access to 600 nautical publications, from “Shipping companies are generating transition from running on paper to using and their ships.”

Fujitsu completes voyage optimisation Scaldis to implement StarIPS on newbuild

system trials CEO of Scaldis. The trials incorporated data generated “We have been working with MirTac
during 2015 and 2016 on an MOL ocean Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors for many years to mutual satisfaction. The
Fujitsu Laboratories reports that it has going vessel and a domestic vessel operat- has agreed a deal with MirTac to imple- Star solution will help us improve and
completed trials of a new ship performance ed by Ube, with dozens of different types ment the StarIPS fleet management system manage our fleet management processes.”
estimation technology system with Mitsui of ship data collected. onboard Scaldis’ newbuild
O.S.K. Lines (MOL) and Ube Shipping & A total of 90 per cent of the sample data heavy lift vessel Gulliver.
Logistics, used to predict voyage parame- was selected at random from the total Implementation of the
ters such as ship speed and fuel consump- amount of operational data used in the trial software will form part of an
tion to optimise routing and save on fuel. as training data. The remaining sample overall programme of stan-
The company says that the trials have data was used as test data to calculate the dardisation of procedures
demonstrated an estimated margin of mean absolute percentage error (MAPE). onboard, with the applica-
error under 1.5 per cent, in a variety of This error evaluation was repeated ten tion to be applied to the man-
weather and wave conditions. times, and the average of those results was agement of maintenance,
The technology was developed by taken as the estimated error rate compared purchasing, safety and envi-
Fujitsu Laboratories and Tokyo University to actual results. ronmental regulations, and
of Marine Science and Technology (TUM- When performing this error evaluation other operational processes.
SAT), and will be included as an option in for ship speed, the model ‘learned’ the rela- “The Gulliver is our inno-
Fujitsu Mobility Solution’s SPATIOWL, a tionship between ship speed data and non- vative newbuild with a lift-
Cloud-based service that Fujitsu aims to ship speed data, and applied this knowledge ing capacity of 4,000 tons.
introduce in 2018. to predict ship speed. A similar error evalu- She is in the process of being
In May 2016, Fujitsu Laboratories worked ation was performed for fuel consumption. commissioned and will be
Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors’
with TUMSAT to jointly develop technolo- The results confirmed that the technolo- ready for operations early
new heavy lift vessel Gulliver
gy that could estimate a ship’s performance gy could predict ship performance with an 2018,” said Frank Elskens,
with high accuracy by incorporating estimated margin of error under 1.5 per
Fujitsu’s artificial intelligence technologies. cent, Fujitsu says.
SDARI and Marorka partner on ‘smart ships’
Tidetech data added to weather system cant value to the development of more
fuel-efficient vessels with data driven November, from which time clients could The Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & energy management and operational per- choose to upgrade their service to include Research Institute (SDARI) and Iceland- formance,” said Hu Jin Tao, president of
Tidetech data full-time if they so wish. based maritime technology company SDARI.
Metocean data firm Tidetech Commercial “We’re pleased to have the opportunity Marorka have signed a partnership agree- “This will enable our customers to
Marine has agreed a new partnership with to bring Tidetech’s unmatched metocean ment that will see the firms work together reduce fuel consumption with a very short
Weather Decision Technologies (WDT), research and accuracy to WeatherOps,” on a ‘smart ship’ concept. payback time for the system, improve the
under which Tidetech’s marine data will said WDT president and CEO, Michael The companies aim to integrate their environmental foot print by cutting emis-
be made available within the WeatherOps Eilts. own various technologies in the areas of sions and optimise fleet performance giv-
risk mitigation system. “We’re essentially adding over 80 years maritime energy and performance man- ing significant financial savings and
Tidetech’s oceanographic information, of expert marine weather knowledge to our agement, to create efficient and highly improved safety.”
including tide and current modelling data, decision support (system, growing) our automated ships. “This partnership will assist SDARI in
was made available as a free demo within ability to help our clients leverage weather “It is my pleasure to announce that this accelerating the development of a smart
the WDT software until the end of and sea conditions to profit and protect.” partnership with Marorka will add signifi- ship concept.”

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 16

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p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 5


ChartCo launches new version of EnviroManager chart, to prevent the illegal discharge of also been integrated with the requirements announced the appointment of a new
waste by being less than 3NM from the of the BWM Convention. mergers and acquisitions director, as the
ChartCo has announced the launch of ver- required baseline. Information on the various types of dis- company looks to continue its expansion
sion 5.4 of its EnviroManager system, This latest version of the platform also charge are available within the system, following the recent strategic acquisitions
used to assist vessels in complying with integrates all current Ballast Water including bilge water, sewage, air emis- of Norwegian digital safety management
MARPOL regulations for discharges and Management (BWM) Convention informa- sions, garbage, food waste and ballast, system company Docmap and the Swedish
emissions. tion, including national designated BWEA with a colour coded display advising the environmental shipping technology busi-
Installed on approximately 500 vessels (Ballast Water Exchange Areas), which will crew when discharges are, and are not per- ness Marine Position.
since its launch in early 2017, be continuously updated by ChartCo as mitted in any position the vessel is located. Nick Copley will take on the role having
EnviroManager includes the baseline required. EnviroManager operates using a GPS previously worked in the business ser-
information for each nation as required by Regional BWM arrangements for the feed to show the regulations at a given vices, finance and private equity sectors,
the regulations, and displays ‘distance North-East Atlantic, the Baltic Sea Area, position, with a regularly updated geo- and is tasked with pursuing further acqui-
from land’ as measured from the official the Mediterranean Sea, the ROPME Sea graphic database carrying all agreed sitions of firms with digital products
country baseline, as opposed to the shore- Area and national regulations (including national and international baselines. which will complement ChartCo’s current
line which is identified on a navigational State-specific requirements in the US) have In related news, ChartCo has also range of services.

Hanil-Fuji (Korea) integrates with ShipServ Eniram agrees Corsica

Linea performance the process for receiving and managing tude of data and information can be best
Request for Quotations (RFQs) and utilised and automated through a fully
management deal
ShipServ reports that it has signed a full Purchase Orders, removing the need to integrated solution,” said B M Lee, presi-
integration agreement with Hanil-Fuji manually re-type orders. dent, Hanil-Fuji (Korea).
(Korea), a ship supplier and logistics com- With over $100 million in annual sales, “More importantly, they clearly demon-
pany, to improve the efficiency of the Hanil-Fuji (Korea) supplies marine equip- strated the real return on investment that Wärtsilä subsidiary Eniram has signed a
Korean company’s transactions on the ment, spare parts, stores, provisions, lubri- can be generated through improvements in five-year service agreement with Corsica
ShipServ e-commerce platform. cants, and logistics services for the ship- productivity and efficiency. We have high Linea to provide real-time performance
Hanil-Fuji (Korea) will now be able to ping and offshore sectors, via a network of expectations, and are confident that this management systems for the shipping
automate both the process for sending 28 offices in 16 countries. new digitally-advanced approach will company’s owned and operated fleet of
quotations and Purchase Order “The ShipServ team and their integra- deliver real value to Hanil-Fuji (Korea), and five vessels travelling between Marseille
Confirmations to prospective buyers and tion specialists showed us how this multi- our many customers around the world.” and Corsica.
Eniram’s technology systems will be
used to reduce fuel costs and optimise
Panama Canal launches Emissions Calculator operations, as well as assisting in compli-
ance with EU regulations on the monitor- committed to reducing its carbon footprint ships to capture an array of data, includ- ing, reporting and verification of carbon
and impact on the environment,” said ing vessel type, size, capacity, speed, fuel emissions from maritime transport (EU
The Panama Canal has launched an Panama Canal administrator, Jorge Quijano. consumption and route. This will be used MRV) through the provision of reporting
Emissions Calculator, a tool to allow ship- “This new tool allows us to bring that to calculate the GHG (greenhouse gases) and analytics services.
ping companies to accurately assess their same commitment to our customers, giving they emit, including the total emissions “We are extremely happy to see Corsica
carbon emissions, which will also rank them the information needed to make a saved by choosing the Panama Canal over Linea take this step and to start collabora-
transiting vessels by the extent to which more informed and environmentally con- other routes. tion with us towards future performance
they have reduced carbon emissions by scious decision when planning their routes.” The data will be centralised in the management,” said Johan Backas, manag-
using the Canal versus alternate routes. The Emissions Calculator will work by Canal’s CO2 Emissions Reduction Ranking ing director at Eniram.
“The Panama Canal has always been leveraging technology already aboard platform, which ranks customers by those Corsica Linea is the new brand name of
with the fewest emissions each month. The Maritima Ferries, which acquired SNCM
Panama Canal says it hopes to incentivise ships in 2016. Corsica Linea's five ferries
Bahri and DNV GL in Big Data deal customers to demonstrate their environ- provide year-round services from
mental awareness and adopt sustainable Marseille to the French Mediterranean an important opportunity to combine our itineraries. island of Corsica.
industry-leading expertise in Big Data and
Dubai-based Bahri Data and DNV GL advanced analytics in shipping, oil and gas,
report that they have signed a contract to and marine services with Veracity’s innova- Transmar to integrate with INTTRA
co-develop Big Data technologies for use in tive and advanced data-assessment capabil-
the maritime sector. ities to drive long-term value,” said Anwar recently welcomed Locus Software
Bahri Data is one of the six business units Siddiqui, president of Bahri Data. Limited into its network of partners. Locus
that make up the Bahri Group, the national “These collaborations are remarkable Container shipping company Transmar Software is the developer of Odyssey, a
shipping company of Saudi Arabia. The pro- enablers of growth for the sector, allowing Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary Cloud-based enterprise shipping system
ject will make use of Bahri’s BRISO (Bahri global players to continuously innovate, of IACC Holdings, has joined the INTTRA for both ocean carriers and non-vessel
Resource Integrated Sea Operations) system, stay ahead of industry trends, and imple- network to expand its electronic booking operating common carriers.
which stores fleet data in a ‘Data Lake’ to ment best practices that will enable us to and shipping instructions processing capa- This new relationship will allow for
provide intelligence to the Bahri Data Grid, further improve our services and optimise bilities in the Middle East, Red Sea, integration of the Odyssey software with
as well as leveraging DNV GL’s Veracity performance.” Arabian Gulf and East Coast of Africa. the INTTRA system for booking, shipping
Big Data platform. Transmar customers may now send instructions, and eVGM (electronic veri-
Data scientists from their booking and shipping instructions fied gross mass) submissions, as well as for
both companies have through INTTRA’s network, to assist in the publication of sailing schedules and
already begun work integrating with different digital systems. tracking data.
on a prototype system “Transmar’s path to achieving growth “Locus Software has helped numerous
to support vessel oper- and customer satisfaction is through digi- ocean carriers overcome service and pro-
ational decision mak- tisation and optimisation, which has the cessing challenges by improving opera-
ing, incorporating data potential to take cost out of our opera- tional efficiency and maintaining a com-
on a vessel’s safety tions,” said Mohamed El Ahwal, CEO, petitive presence in this market,” said
and quality status and Transmar. Sherrie Orzechowski, vice president,
historical background. “INTTRA and its network will enable strategic alliances, INTTRA.
“This collaboration us to expand by reducing manual book- “We’re looking forward to working
provides both Bahri ings, and building a more efficient book- together to help many more carriers expand
(l-r) Geir Fuglerud and Albrecht Grell, DNV GL, with
Data and DNV GL’s Anwar Siddiqui and Per Helge Pedersen, Bahri ing experience for our customers.” their global presence and improve their
Veracity platform with In related news, INTTRA has also customers’ overall shipping experience.”

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 18

p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 6

official provider of

One Crew Box4all
designed by Kitsch&

Hellenic Radio Services

Worldwide Maritime Communication Services



Piraeus, Greece /

HRS Nig.
Lagos, Nigeria /

Fujairah, UAE /
Hellenic Radio Services S.A.
14 Skouze Street PIRAEUS - GREECE - PC 18536
HRS Mobile Services S.A. Tel: +30 210 41 81 218 - Fax: +30 210 42 82 883
Vodafone Distributor 1BSUOFS„NPCJMF!ISTHS E-mail: -
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Blockchain in maritime –
changing the nature of transactions
Blockchain technologies have attracted an inordinate amount of discussion over the course of 2017, with the maritime
industry in particular showing huge enthusiasm for the potential it offers. Preparing for the possible changes to
shipping operations should form part of the digitalisation of our industry, writes Tore Morten Olsen, Marlink

t’s well understood that shipping is efficiency by enabling a paperless digital
essentially a set of established pro- layer for all city transactions, supporting
cesses for moving goods from A to B. ‘Smart Dubai’ initiatives in the public and
But within those processes there are many private sector. Under the strategy, required
stakeholders, from the goods owner and documentation, such as visa applications,
logistics company to the ship owner, char- bill payments and licence renewals, which
terer and broker, all of whom offer their account for over 100 million documents
own specific value. each year, will be transacted digitally.
This is how it has always been done and
frankly, it works. But what if there was an A sober approach
alternative? What if there is a new, more for maritime
transparent way of doing business that has While mainstream organisations like IBM,
the potential to dramatically improve effi- central banks and governments start to
ciency, reduce waste, increase security and review and apply blockchain technologies,
ultimately streamline shipping to the bene- the adoption of blockchain in maritime
fit of not just the industry itself, but the requires a somewhat more sober approach.
global economy and even the environment? From a technology standpoint, the Blockchain technology was born with the launch of Bitcoin in 2009
Blockchain technology could achieve advent of blockchain might be compared to
this by acting as a platform for the sharing the development of TCP/IP, a set of proto- ject with the potential to make container identities, risk and exposures, and integrate
of information securely and transparently. cols that enabled the World Wide Web and handling in the Port of Antwerp more effi- this information with insurance contracts.
Blockchain is an automatically created which improved our ability to communi- cient and secure. Using blockchain tech- The platform’s capabilities include the
immutable record of transactions that can cate with each other in a variety of ways. nology, processes that involve several par- ability to create and maintain asset data
be applied to any information exchange Blockchain might not have such an ties – carriers, terminals, forwarders, from multiple parties; to link data to policy
process. Key benefits of using blockchain immediate, dramatic impact, but there is hauliers, drivers, shippers etc. – are secure- contracts; to receive and act upon informa-
include removing excess paperwork and potential for forward thinking individuals, ly digitised without any central middle- tion that results in a pricing or a business
reducing the number of ‘middlemen’ organisations and companies to deploy the man being involved. process change; to connect client assets,
required in a transaction chain. And technology in ring-fenced projects designed Ship registry – The Danish Maritime transactions and payments; and to capture
because a blockchain is distributed and to overcome specific challenges or to Authority has launched a pilot project (v) and validate up-to-date first notification or
open to all stakeholders by its very nature, improve bloated and outdated processes. to examine the value of blockchain technol- loss data.
each transaction in the chain is 100 per cent There are already a number of interest- ogy, which, according to the Minister for Supply chain logistics – In March 2017,
verifiable and virtually impossible to ing disruptive maritime projects underway Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Maersk and IBM unveiled the first indus-
defraud. or in the planning stages however. Below Brian Mikkelsen: “… may pave the way for try-wide cross-border supply chain solu-
Starting out as the infrastructure behind is a list of already active blockchain pro- a more open, secure and efficient registra- tion using blockchain (vii). Based on
the crypto currency Bitcoin in 2009, jects and near-future potential applications tion of ships on the Danish registers.” Hyperledger Fabric technology and built
blockchain thinking is being applied to a of blockchain, selected to show where the A press statement said that the project by IBM and Maersk, the blockchain solu-
wide range of applications today. technology could have the biggest impact has been established to clarify whether tion will be made available to the shipping
IBM appears to be committed to it, with first in the maritime world. blockchain technology could support the and logistics industry.
several projects worthy of note. Its Global Dedicated shipping currency – Danish Maritime Authority's digitalisation It will be used to help manage and track
Finance Unit (IGF) has developed a Unsurprisingly, one of the first maritime efforts positively and help bring about an the paper trail of tens of millions of ship-
blockchain solution (i) to significantly focused applications of blockchain is cen- open, secure and more efficient approach to ping containers across the world by digi-
improve the dispute resolution time with- tred around currency. 300cubits (iii) is a the data recorded in its registers of shipping. talising the supply chain process from end-
in its sales channel, consisting of 4,000 blockchain initiative designed to relieve the Security – Security is also a potential to-end to enhance transparency and will
partners and suppliers. pain points of the container shipping indus- area that could benefit from the use of facilitate the secure sharing of information
There are 25,000 disputes every year, but try through the creation of a de facto ship- blockchain in the near future. Shipping among trading partners. According to
the blockchain system provides a transpar- ping crypto currency called TEU and migra- suffers from criminals smuggling e.g., IBM, when adopted at scale the solution
ent record of all transactions that can be tion of industry processes onto Ethereum – drugs, weapons and people, and from theft has the potential to save the industry bil-
accessed by all stakeholders. The increased the second largest crypto currency by mar- of legitimate cargoes enabled by processes lions of dollars.
visibility and trust means that dispute reso- ket capitalisation behind Bitcoin. that can be infiltrated and altered. In a similar vein to its work with Maersk,
lutions are now typically completed within To start, it will implement TEU tokens If these processes were based on in August this year IBM announced that it is
10 days rather than 40, with a reduction of as deposits for the shipment booking pro- blockchain it would be much harder for working with a group of major food com-
40 per cent of capital held in the process. cess with the help of the TEU Ecosystem. criminals to gain access and to forge docu- panies including Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden
Blockchain is also being explored at the Going forward, TEU tokens could provide ments in order to carry out their crimes. To State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and
governmental and national economy level. either better foresight or a hedging tool to this end, we could expect border forces, Company, McLane Company, Nestlé,
The Norwegian National Bank (Norges tackle the volatility of industry cycles. security agencies and port stakeholders to Tyson Foods, Unilever and Walmart, to
Bank) is considering a future implementa- Port logistics – A press release (iv) issued adopt the use of blockchain before the apply blockchain technology to making the
tion of electronic currency, where citizens by the Port of Antwerp stated that just shipping sector does. food supply chain safer (viii).
would have a blockchain based account getting a container from point A to point B Insurance – At the beginning of Blockchain technology can be used to
that would allow for peer to peer transac- frequently involves more than 30 different September 2017 (vi), EY and Guardtime improve food traceability by providing
tions, capable of transferring money up to parties, with an average of 200 interactions announced the world’s first blockchain plat- trusted information on the origin and state
a specific amount. While in its early days, between them. Given that many of these form for the marine insurance sector, devel- of food. The group will also try to identify
this project mirrors reports that several interactions are carried out by e-mail, oped in collaboration with stakeholders new areas where the global supply chain
national banks around the world are phone and even fax, paperwork accounts including A.P. Møller-Maersk and Microsoft. can benefit from blockchain.
exploring the potential of blockchain and for up to half of the cost of container A first of its kind in the insurance indus-
crypto currency. transport. try, the platform will connect clients, bro- Success factors
Likewise, the Dubai Blockchain Strategy To address this, a company called T- kers, insurers and third parties to distribut- In these early days, the blockchain projects
(ii) will contribute to increased government Mining is currently working on a pilot pro- ed common ledgers that capture data about that have the greatest potential to succeed

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 20

p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 8

A unique business platform for

the global shipping industry
Welcomed by the owners of a fleet
of over 4,000 vessels

4 - 8 June 2018
Metropolitan Expo, Athens Greece
p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 9


what extent blockchain will change the blockchain that value could be reduced or
face of maritime though. It’s clear that if we simply become surplus to requirements as
are at the start of something big, something organisations learn to be more open and
revolutionary, it won’t permeate our lives transparent. This is asking a lot of a global
as quickly as the internet did through business established over hundreds
TCP/IP. of years.
However, while blockchain is similar to But the benefits of blockchain are there
TCP/IP – it is a protocol based initiative to be harnessed, if a technical and cultural
with a set of rules on how something should shift can be achieved. Perhaps it will be
be done – its application is very different. millennials in the workplace, and main-
Where TCP/IP changed the way we stream projects in the news that will
communicate, blockchain could change change things in time. Or maybe the pio-
how we interact. And where TCP/IP neering examples we looked at above are
offered widespread benefits from the enough to convince logistics stakeholders
beginning, where it was a win-win for that a more open and transparent transac-
everyone, many areas of shipping may not tional pathway can lead to sustainability
see the benefits of blockchain to start with. and success. DS
In fact, with its ability to reduce the num-
ber of middlemen, blockchain may be About the Author
Container tracking and handling could benefit from the application of blockchain technology
viewed as a risk by some. Tore Morten Olsen is president of maritime
Shipping might be later than many at satellite communications company
are most likely those that are typically to September 4th, 2017. other industries to the blockchain party. Marlink
focused on specific problems and are in Blockchain was used from shipment Today, the middlemen add value, but with
themselves not over-reaching in scope or booking to cargo delivery, allowing the
overly complicated in technical terms. feasibility of adopting the technology into References
For instance, instead of trying to revolu- shipping and logistics to be tested. i. Improving Dispute Resolution for Commercial Financing with IBM Blockchain:
tionise the entire logistics value chain in Blockchain technology was also successful-
one go, using blockchain in more focused ly combined with Internet of Things (IoT) =iv&src_vid=F0P7NM7d-ps&v=0DSNdLDOZ5w
areas, such as electronic document han- systems to assess real-time monitoring and ii. Dubai Blockchain Strategy:
dling, will pay dividends more quickly. managing of the reefer containers on the iii. 300cubits:
Considering the high cost of managing the vessel. iv. Port of Antwerp:
paperwork of a single container, the ship- This points towards the potential end develops-blockchain-solution-safe-efficient-container-release
ping industry stands to benefit significant- goal of a unified blockchain solution from v. Danish Maritime Authority:
ly if blockchain can streamline this process. A-Z; from farm to dining room table. technology-paves-the-way-for-digitalisation.aspx
Hyundai Merchant Marine is one com- Perhaps we won’t see such a complete vi. EY:
pany already putting blockchain to the application of blockchain in the short term, participants-launch-the-worlds-first-marine-insurance-blockchain-platform
test for improving document handling. Its but by being used in specific areas of the vii. IBM:
first pilot voyage (ix) using blockchain logistics value chain the technology is viii. IBM:
technology, between Busan in South being driven further into the maritime ix. Hyundai Merchant Marine:
Korea and Qingdao in China with reefer world as a whole. prcenter/news/1202833_7540.jsp
containers, took place from August 24th We don’t have a crystal ball telling us to

s at
Visit U cific
Wilhelmsen begins Veracity pilot project
ia Pa
As ime
Marit H30
B -

Wilhelmsen has begun one of the first data

sharing pilot projects on the DNV GL
Veracity open data platform, testing a sys-
tem to share ship compliance and condi-
tion data with port state authorities to
reduce paper work and physical inspec-
tions when entering ports.
“As ships and their systems become
more sophisticated, we have more equip-
ment with sensors onboard that are gener-
ating and sharing data,” said Inge André
Inge André Sandvik, Wilhelmsen Group
Sandvik, chief digital officer at the
Wilhelmsen Group.
“If we can gather and systemise this major port state authority.
data, this opens up a huge range of possi- Wilhelmsen has created a secure data
bilities, for example predicting mainte- container within Veracity where it can col-
nance needs, optimising vessel perfor- lect compliance, condition and other rele-
mance and safety, or, as we are now test- vant data on its vessels. The PSA can then
ing, making port entry procedures more be granted access to this data, reducing
smooth and efficient.” paper work and speeding up port entry.
“The Veracity platform from DNV GL “We have built Veracity to create a
enables us to make better use of this data secure data platform for digital innovation
by being able to invite partners, suppliers and collaboration that can drive improved
and other stakeholders to share data and business performance and safety manage-
collaborate on the platform. The project is ment. Veracity is designed especially with
still in an early phase, but it shows how an asset owners like Wilhelmsen in mind,
open and secure data platform could who face the challenge of having data in
reduce friction between stakeholders and many different ‘silos’, which can prevent
create greater efficiencies.” them from extracting the true value of
Currently, Wilhelmsen and DNV GL their data,” said Bjørn Tore Markussen,
say they are conducting the pilot project managing director of the Veracity plat-
on the platform in cooperation with a form unit at DNV GL.

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 22

p14-23_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:20 Page 10

INTELLIGENT Oceanstar is an onboard decision support

system that enhances vessel navigation in
BERTHING confined waters.
The Oceanstar system shows position and movement within,
or relative to, predefined corridors or quaysides in addition to
GNSS quality data.

The Oceanstar system is type approved by DNV~GL as a

GNSS receiver, speed and distance display measurement
equipment (SDME), rate of turn indicator (ROT) and
transmitting heading device (THD).

The Oceanstar system can be used standalone, or integrated

with a bridge system.

The Oceanstar system facilitates quick decisions and leads to

a safer and more efficient operation.

p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 1


Wärtsilä opens first Digital Acceleration Centre Engine optimisation

system launched by phase, we see that as a learning opportuni- Wärtsilä says that it expects the acquisi-
ty and a valuable insight into building a tion to enhance its capabilities in the area Caterpillar
Wärtsilä reports that it has opened the first better solution.” of situational awareness and near-field
of four planned Digital Acceleration The current list of planned DAC pro- measurement, both essential for improv-
Centres (DAC), to support technological jects includes collaboration between ing intelligent vessel navigation.
innovation in intelligent vessel develop- Wärtsilä subsidiary Eniram and Royal “Guidance Marine’s core competences Caterpillar Marine has launched a new
ment and other projects in conjunction Caribbean Cruise Line (RCL) to accelerate are wide ranging and include the devel- Multi-Engine Optimizer (MEO) tool,
with customers and industry partners. the creation of intelligent vessel system opment of sophisticated positional mea- which uses proprietary performance data
The first DAC is located in Helsinki, prototypes, while Wärtsilä has also part- surement sensors and systems for high and control algorithms to provide intelli-
Finland, with the centre now officially nered with Accenture Interactive to accuracy control applications,” said Maik gence for power management systems,
opened having operated in ‘beta’ for a explore new opportunities for digital ser- Stoevhase, director, automation, naviga- which can be applied to improving fuel
number of months. A second DAC is due vices in the maritime sector. tion & communication, Wärtsilä Marine efficiency by more precisely balancing
to open in December in Singapore, with The development of Wärtsilä’s Solutions. engine loads.
two further acceleration centres, one in Intelligent Vessel strategy will additionally “These competences complement our MEO advises the power management
Central Europe and one in North America, be bolstered by the company’s newly own activities in the field of radar tech- systems on which engines should be oper-
expected to open during 2018. announced acquisition of Guidance nology, navigation and dynamic position- ating in a particular situation, and enables
In addition, Wärtsilä says that it plans Marine Limited, a developer of marine ing. By joining forces we can certainly fur- the use of dynamic asymmetric loads to
to introduce a number of further “pop-up” sensors for dynamic positioning and other ther accelerate the introduction of solu- create the combination of engines and
DACs around the globe to test the concept vessel control systems, such as collision tions that will take shipping into a new loads that will offer the lowest possible
with a wider range of customers. avoidance and remote control operations. era of efficiency.” fuel consumption.
“The Digital Acceleration Centre is all “MEO is designed to operate in con-
about getting business outcomes at pace. junction with any system, new or retrofit,”
By adopting a start-up mind-set, we can said Theodore Wiersema, business pro-
rapidly prototype ideas with customers; cess manager for Caterpillar Marine.
including the use of emerging technolo- “The PLC-based system contains pro-
gies such as artificial intelligence, prietary performance data and control
machine learning, blockchain and virtual algorithms providing the highest overall
reality,” said Wärtsilä’s chief digital offi- fuel efficiency. MEO enables a stable bus
cer, Marco Ryan. while engines of different size and rated
“The Digital Acceleration Centre shows speeds simultaneously share load operat-
its true power in such complex concepts ing at different targeted fuel set points.
like Intelligent Vessels. In a matter of weeks The cost savings can be quite significant
we created an aligned strategy, concepts, depending on the load profile of the vessel
roadmaps, and technology requirements and the types of engines on the bus.”
that would have taken months or years.” The 700mm wide MEO cabinet can be
“Each concept can be cut into smaller installed in an engine or control room. As
projects which are incubated and devel- an advisory system it can be turned off at
oped into Minimal Viable Products (MVP) any time, allowing the existing power
far quicker than ever before. Even if occa- management device to return to its normal
sionally an idea fails in the incubation Wärtsilä’s new DACs will support its intelligent vessel development strategy operating procedures.

Nautisk in Korean partnership KESTI provides technology services to South Korean maritime market,” said
several Korean governmental agencies Nautisk head of new business develop-
Maritime navigation company Nautisk has involved in the oceanic, environmental ment, Simon Gliddon.
announced a partnership with the Korea and military sectors. The partnership was “KESTI has a strong digital and techno-
Environmental Science & Technology announced at the Kormarine exhibition in logical focus, which complements our own
Institute (KESTI), which will see the Busan, Korea. competencies. We are looking forward to
Korean company offer Nautisk’s digital “We are very pleased to be partnering working together with KESTI to success-
navigation products and services to its with KESTI, enabling our digital naviga- fully bring digital to the forefront of the
regional market. tion products to be made available to the south Asian commercial shipping sector.”
Caterpillar’s new MEO system

Norwegian VTS centres upgraded operator by providing early identification
of issues and facilitating the management
Kongsberg Norcontrol reports that it has of risk.
completed an upgrade of the Norwegian “A major milestone for us in the mod-
Coastal Administration’s five Vessel ernisation of our Vessel Traffic Services
Traffic Service (VTS) Centres, adding its and how we deliver these to shipping is
new C-Scope Decision Support technology the new C-Scope Decision Support tool.
and intelligent multi-sensor tracking. We have already seen examples where the
The Norwegian VTS Centres at Kvitsøy, new system has contributed to prevent
Horten, Fedje, Vardø and Brevik have all accidents,” said Jon Leon Ervik, head of
been upgraded to the new C-Scope VTS, department for VTS and pilotage in the
which combines data from several sensor Norwegian Coastal Administration.
types with additional real-time and non- “As we look to the future, this tool gives
real-time data sources. This is facilitated us a solid foundation to build on when we
by the use of international open standards, expand our operational services in the form
such as Web Map Services. of a Regional Maritime Service Portfolio in
Various alerting criteria, such as vessel accordance with the International Maritime
class, speed over ground and wind speed, Organization’s e-Navigation Strategic
Five Vessel Traffic Service Centres have been updated with the new technology
can be configured to support the VTS Implementation Plan.”

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 24

p24-32_p1-14.qxd 19/11/2017 10:57 Page 2
p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 3


GasLog in engine optimisation deal MOL to introduce

VR training and specialised technical personnel of the ship engines and streamlining main-
around the clock as well as constant per- tenance accordingly, the operative efficien-
Monaco-based GasLog LNG Services has formance monitoring. cy of GasLog's vessels is optimised at all
signed a remote maintenance and optimi- Wärtsilä’s digital services will manage times,” said Yiannis Christopoulos, direc- Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has developed
sation agreement with Wärtsilä, covering remote troubleshooting and tuning of tor service unit Greece-Cyprus and manag- a new virtual reality (VR) crew safety
eight LNG carriers operating on Wärtsilä engines as well as software updates. ing director of Wärtsilä Greece. training system, using technology created
dual-fuel engines. Additionally, the continuously collected “Instead of concentrating on the theo- by Japanese company Tsumiki Seisaku
The agreement consists of Dynamic performance data will be analysed and retical lifetime of engine components, we integrated into a pair of smart goggles.
Maintenance Planning (DMP), technical used to create regular reports for GasLog. monitor their actual condition. By apply- The VR technology is applied to the
support, secured availability of spare parts “By analysing the operating conditions ing real-time installation data we can strive replication of various operational scenar-
for optimum lifecycle utilisation of the ios for training purposes, and will be used
entire installation. Overall, I'm very for onboard training as well as being
pleased to see how we are extending the offered at shore based offices and training
close cooperation between our companies centres.
through another long-term partnership Initially, MOL says that the training
agreement.” content will focus on preventing acciden-
The new agreement expands an existing tal falls, a major cause of injuries, and will
relationship between Wärtsilä and Gaslog. be expanded to cover other training areas
The two companies have an existing main- in the near future.
tenance agreement in force, signed in 2014, “MOL will introduce the tool to more
which covers seven other LNG carriers. vessels while expanding the range of sim-
The new deal covers eight different LNG ulated experiences to provide more train-
carriers, four new vessels and a renewal of ing in onboard safety,” the company said.
The dual-fuel engines on GasLog’s LNG carriers will be remotely managed by Wärtsilä services for another four.
ABB acquires Tekomar
MPA and Shell to work together on digital projects

ABB Turbo Systems has signed an agree- including electronic data exchange ment to acquire the Tekomar Group, head-
among stakeholders. quartered in Winterthur, Switzerland,
The Maritime and Port Authority of “Singapore will continue to invest with the aim of adding Tekomar’s digital
Singapore (MPA) and Shell Eastern in future capabilities to build up a system for engine analytics and advisory
Trading have signed a Memorandum of strong maritime cluster to generate systems to its ABB Ability maritime digital
Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the good employment opportunities and services portfolio.
research and development and test-bed- stay ahead of the competition,” said The transaction is expected to be closed
ding of maritime projects in areas includ- Andrew Tan, chief executive of MPA. during Q4 2017, and adds a propulsion
ing clean fuel technologies, automation “We are pleased to work with performance monitoring system targeted
and digitalisation. industry partners like Shell to drive at two-stroke main engines and auxiliary
Specifically, the agreement focuses on the digital transformation of the mar- engine applications to ABB’s range of
three areas: developing systems to reduce itime industry in Singapore in the offerings.
emissions in the port; greater use of areas of electronic data interchange, The technology will be integrated into
automation in the port; and support for automation, intelligent systems and ABB’s existing vessel optimisation system,
The MOU was signed by Andrew Tan, MPA (left),
development of digitalisation efforts, cleaner energy.” while also offering a platform for greater
and Nick Potter, Shell Eastern Trading
cooperation with engine licensors and
New version of Alphabridge launched Norautron Group, parent company to
maritime display and computer manufac-
“This acquisition is exactly the right fit
with the existing strengths and capabilities is fitted with JRC’s JMR-5400 marine radar turer Hatteland Display, has changed of ABB in the marine industry, and with
and a new conning system. its name to EMBRON Group AS. our strategic vision for developing value-
JRC and Alphatron Marine have intro- The operator can control all of the main driven digital solutions,” said Oliver
duced a new version of their AlphaBridge displays and various types of equipment Hatteland Display is also moving to Riemenschneider, managing director, ABB
system targeted at medium and small ves- integrated in the bridge within arm’s a new headquarters in Aksdal on the west Turbocharging.
sels, allowing full control from a central reach, including autopilot, VHF and a coast of Norway, 30 miles west of its origi- “As a global market player, ABB is per-
seated command position. propulsion system. nal HQ in Åmsosen. The company’s entire fectly positioned to bring to the highly
The AlphaBridge features a central The new system was displayed to the Norwegian operation is moving to the pur- globalised and demanding marine market
command chair facing three 26-inch navi- public for the first time at the Kormarine pose-built building at Aksdal Business Park. a holistic digital solution for vessel and
gational displays in the front consoles, and exhibition in Busan, Korea, in late October. ship management. Tekomar’s solution is
Alphatron Marine France has proven, well-established and a valuable
signed an agreement for service and distri- extension to our existing solutions.”
Royston expands fuel monitoring system bution of JRC and Alphatron Marine prod-
ucts with five new dealers in France –
“Our goal is to further empower cus-
tomers to achieve the benefits of improved control rooms. Robin Marine, Promat Sécurité, performance, reduced fuel consumption,
The system also transmits that informa- Kongsberg France, AGC Marine Telecom, and lower emissions, together with ABB.”
Royston Diesel Power has added to its tion from ship to shore, where it can be and SIECMI.
enginei fuel management system with the accessed through a web dashboard with
addition of a new module offering computer generated graphs and Google Radio Holland has appointed Steen
improved monitoring of onboard and mapping to show an operational profile of Brodsgaard Lund as regional director
onshore fuel tank inventories. a vessel. Volumetric readings are calculat- Asia, responsible for operations in the
The tank monitoring module features ed by the module after measuring vari- region via the company’s offices in China,
EFMS (Electronic Fuel Monitoring System) ables in temperature and pressure to pro- Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. Mr
technology to provide real-time inventory duce fuel readings. Lund has previously worked at A.P.
measurement capabilities. enginei records The fuel management system is com- Moller Maersk and DNV GL.
data by monitoring bunker deliveries and patible with all marine engine types and
individual engine consumption, with the can be interfaced with newbuild engine
data presented on touchscreen monitors installations or retrofitted to operating Tekomar’s engine monitoring technology will
installed on the bridge and in engine vessels, Royston says. be integrated into the ABB digital portfolio

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 26

p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 4

27 ye ars in the making, APM is the premier exhibition in

Asia trusted by generations of in dustr y professionals.

It ’s where you need to be –

your strategic necessit y, for a sea of oppor tunities.

AT A P M , S T R AT E G Y W I L L TA K E Y O U E V E R Y W H E R E .


6 exhibition
halls across
1,500+ A proven track
record of
14 since
21,000 sqm
exhibiting from 60 1990
area countries editions

14,954 17 62
visitors prominent
official industry
from Asia pavilions speakers



/asiapacificmaritime /company/asiapacificmaritime
p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 5


The technology behind autonomous ships

In the second part of a two-part series of articles on the evolution of autonomous ship systems, we look at some
of the key technological developments driving growth in the sector, as highlighted in the recently published
Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 – Autonomous Systems report
utonomous systems is a rapidly next shopping need. Smart homes also for speed of analysis and decision making sector, which will benefit from being able

A expanding and diversifying area

of growth driven by the consumer
sector. They have widespread application
incorporate AI that can learn your
behaviour patterns and adjust lighting and
heating accordingly.
that far surpasses that of people. Natural
language query and answer systems such
as IBM’s Watson continually improve and
to conduct its business faster, cheaper, and
more efficiently.

across all aspects of our lives. Increasingly AI is enabling machines to move into advance, challenging experts and attract- Sensors
it is permeating areas such as automotive, roles and conduct tasks that we only previ- ing public interest. Autonomous systems tailor behaviour and
home systems, the financial sectors and ously thought humans can do and, in the AI is currently experiencing massive operations to context. To do this the system
healthcare. course of doing so, is solving problems in growth, fuelled by investment from nearly needs to ‘sense’ what is going on in its sphere
In this article we will look at three of the novel ways. all the major industry vendors, including of operation and adapt its course of action in
key technology areas critical to the devel- In the commercial maritime sector AI is Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. accordance with what it ‘discovers’.
opment of maritime autonomy. These already enjoying considerable investment This trend will continue, but those seeking Sensors are therefore fundamental to
include: Artificial intelligence; Sensors and and interest. One of the key areas where it to adopt the technology and master its autonomous systems, combined with the
situational awareness; and Connectivity. is receiving particular attention is automa- potential opportunities should be wary of ability to select those sensors as required to
This is not a complete list, of course (and a tion. It is envisaged that the recent invest- its challenges. gather data about on-board systems and
more extensive technology review can be ment drive by companies, such as the People often regard AI as the ‘silver bul- the external environment, process the data
found in the full report referenced at the Bourbon Offshore Consortium that let’ that will solve all of their problems, (e.g. remove noise), fuse the data with
end of this article). includes Automated Ships Ltd and make people redundant, or become very other data inputs, and ultimately create a
As we review these different innova- digital ‘picture’ of the world.
tions, it is necessary to bear in mind that The data collected enables the system to
the development of ‘individual’ technolo- ‘sense’ the external environment, ‘under-
gies is of lesser importance compared with stand’ the context of operations, develop
our ability to integrate these systems to situational awareness, then based on this
create a maritime ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), information make decisions and adapt.
and exploit innovative combinations of Autonomous vessels feature similar
technology to drive new business models technology to self-driving cars and use a
and applications. We will need to combine range of physical sensors to power
the new technologies with effective ways autonomous functions, including: Global
of working and personal lifestyle choices. Positioning System (GPS), Inertial
Nevertheless, technology development Navigation System (INS), optical and infra-
is fundamental to the creation of red cameras, radar, lidar (light detection
autonomous systems, so here we will and ranging), high-resolution sonar, micro-
examine the progress to date in the three phones, and wind and pressure sensors.
areas specified above. On-board sensors are primarily there
for navigation and collision avoidance. The
Artificial Intelligence autonomous system needs to monitor loca-
There are many definitions offered for tion and heading, along with enough infor-
Artificial Intelligence (AI) although what mation about the world around it, so that it
generally is thought of as ‘AI’ appears to can manoeuvre to its intended position
change as the field advances. The well- without collision or inflicting damage to
known technology analyst company itself or others.
Gartner has characterised AI as “a technol- Improving technologies from the Artificial Intelligence sector will have a significant On a sea glider underwater vehicle this
ogy approach to enable machines to do impact on autonomous ship development can be achieved with sensor technology as
what we formerly thought only humans simple as a GPS, depth sensor and com-
could do.” Kongsberg Maritime, to develop unmanned dangerous leading to the “the downfall of pass (possibly with a depth sounder).
However, for the purposes of this paper, shipping will be further enabled by placing the human race”. None of these situations Unmanned ships require a sophisticated
we thought it apt to ask Microsoft’s AI- AI applications on-board. are helpful, and none of these extremes are suite of highly advanced sensors to operate
enabled virtual assistant, Cortana, for a def- Taking a ship, oil rig or any other ocean- true – right now. But they are genuine per- safely in a busy shipping lane.
inition. Cortana described AI as “the simu- going platform, AI has the potential to sup- ceptions of the technology. Unmanned ships will be more efficient,
lation of human intelligence processes by port both manned and unmanned options. AI is still in its infancy and many of the reduce emissions and operate at lower
machines, especially computer systems.” If manned, conversational AI (through hurdles it faces are not necessarily related cost, but this will require effective integra-
AI is therefore, by necessity, a very software entities such as virtual assistants) to technology, but to more people-centred tion of sensors with improved decision-
broad field and includes much of machine will be able to support command decisions issues, such as privacy, trust, regulation making algorithms.
learning, such as deep neural networks, by passing live, contextualised information and ethics. Modern sensing techniques and sensor
also cognitive computing and many to the crew on demand. Many analysts believe that the human technology are developing at pace, pre-
aspects of natural language processing. AI If unmanned, an AI will have to use race is entering a fourth industrial age dominantly in the consumer tech market.
is a key enabler for so-called smart compiled information passed through where AI is its driving force. The Miniaturisation of electronic components
machines and intelligent systems, and its machine learning algorithms in order to McKinsey Global Institute has suggested is being driven by everything from wear-
importance in the context of this paper is make a decision and then act upon it in a that AI is contributing to a transformation able technology and handhelds to the
that it enables machines to exhibit timely and correct manner, enabling of society ‘happening ten times faster and Internet of Things (IoT).
autonomous behaviour, where little or no autonomous operations. In fact, AI has at 300 times the scale, or about 3,000 times Micro and Nano Electromechanical
human intervention is required. already been used in some defence the impact’ of the industrial revolution. Systems (MEMS/NEMS) in mobile phones
There is now little doubt that AI will research work and proven to be an effec- The current momentum of AI develop- are also being exploited. MEMS accelerom-
eventually impact almost every facet of our tive tool in recognising and categorising ment in areas including automation will eters and gyroscopes are a ‘must have’ fea-
everyday lives. AI has already become per- objects at sea to then allow for the correct likely cause a growing restlessness in soci- ture that has now found its way into the
vasive and is now used in many of our daily application of the COLREGs and track ety. Nevertheless, history has shown that, navigation systems of small unmanned
routines without us actually realising it. planning. just like preceding ages, the technology underwater vehicles.
For example, you will find it in smart- Critical enablers for AI are ever increas- will augment human capabilities rather Adjacent to this is that smaller compo-
phones as virtual assistants, e.g. Siri and ing computer processing power, connec- than diminish the need for human involve- nents are more energy-efficient than larger
Cortana, and in purchase prediction where tivity and technologies such as voice and ment. AI offers a huge opportunity to all ones, and the development of wireless sen-
retailers such as Amazon anticipate your image recognition. It provides the ability sectors of society, not least the maritime sors and ubiquitous connectivity enables a

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 28

p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 6

Digital Ship
continuous flow of data. There are interesting developments that tems, electronic navigation, security alert- Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Investment in non-consumer maritime are transforming sensor technology. An ing, and voice communications. (GNSS) such as Global Positioning System
sensors, such as radars and dynamic posi- emerging area is ‘biosensing’, where the Each of these systems are narrowband (GPS). Without this connectivity, safety of
tioning systems (computer-controlled sys- sensor system incorporates a biological in nature. This suits the communications life, cargo and the ships themselves are
tems that automatically maintain a vessel’s component, and has the potential to create technology with VHF/MF/HF being placed at severe risk and operations would
position and heading), has been significant highly sensitive sensors that are quick and inherently limited by frequency of opera- be far less efficient.
and supports the rapid development of easy to use. tion to a maximum of a few kbps (HF), tens Internet access is becoming a mandato-
maritime autonomous systems. This technology is already finding uses of kbps (MF/VHF) and potentially hun- ry way of life to all generations of people.
Wide uptake and use means that these in healthcare, agriculture and food produc- dreds of kbps (for emerging VHF) of data. In the past, the challenges of delivering the
navigation technologies are relatively tion, environmental and security applica- Satcom, which is capable of much high- internet to crew and passengers were
mature, but exploitation of consumer tech tions. In the maritime sector, biosensors er data rates, is regarded as inherently regarded as being too difficult (or expen-
is driving further development. Maritime mounted on an unmanned vessel are inte- expensive to use but will reduce in cost. sive) due to the nature of the environment.
is also benefiting from the development of gral to the cost effective, near real-time in- More recently, maritime has begun to However, it is now recognised that
low-power sensor equipment introduced situ monitoring of high impact, difficult to make use of other technologies for general internet access is a key differentiator for
from consumer portable electronics measure marine pollutants. communications. Commercial cellular 3G passengers (e.g. on cruise liners) and also
markets. Novel navigation sensors, predomi- / 4G networks can provide ship-to-shore for crew retention on no passenger ship-
Autonomous systems can now position nantly based on quantum technologies are coverage out to 30 km from the coast. In ping (e.g. cargo transportation, fishing etc.)
sensors in almost any environment safely dramatically improving accuracy. The addition, companies, such as Tampnet are where young people are otherwise
and cheaply. A wide range of weather, ‘quantum compass’ exploits the 1997 providing offshore 4G to customers in deterred from entering the industry due to
bathymetric sensors and miniaturised Nobel-winning discovery that lasers can be strategic areas of interest such as the North the isolated lifestyle.
sonar equipment, mounted on unmanned used to cool atoms to within fractions of a Sea and Gulf of Mexico oil fields, where Maritime communications is undergoing
systems, are used for hydrographic survey degree of absolute zero. drilling platforms, Floating Production a step change in technological capability. The
and object detection. Over time, the way in In this frozen state atoms are extremely Storage and Offloading (FPSO) units and VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) will
which these sensors are used will continue sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic and grav- support vessels can make use of low laten- increase the throughput and reliability of
to progress, for example Simultaneous itational field, and provide a type of iner- cy (compared to Satcom) and very high data services for critical ships systems across
Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) will tial ‘dead reckoning’ navigation 1,000 bandwidth communications. all modes of off-ship communications.
provide underwater autonomous systems times more accurate that anything before. In addition, advances in Satcom tech- In the future, autonomous ships will
with real-time navigation and mapping This is being trialled by the Royal Navy. nology and lower operating costs have rely on a number of different layers of net-
capability in an environment where GPS is Moore’s Law, the continual cramming of made it feasible for high value platforms, works and connectivity.
unavailable. more transistors onto silicon chips, is still a such as cruise ships, to be followed by indi- Beginning with the on-board network of
Key challenges associated with sensor reality though near its physical limits with vidual satellite spot beams, delivering very sensors and actuators required to monitor
technology and situational awareness computing performance increases slowing. high data rates for passenger convenience and control the ships, these will form an
includes: However, emerging graphical processing (voice calls and Internet access) over Wi-Fi extension of the Internet of Things (IoT, a
• Data quality and accuracy – incorrectly units offer increasing computing power and cellular access. collection of physical objects connected to
generated, processed or fused data will when matrixed together as an alternative to Critical ship systems depend on off-ship the Internet or other networks allowing
lead to inaccurate or low fidelity situa- conventional computer chips that may not connectivity to provide services ranging them to communicate with people or
tional awareness, compromising the be up to the challenges posed by next-gen- from electronic navigation (including machines to monitor or improve automa-
decisions and actions taken by an eration autonomous systems, prompting a weather reporting) to automated identifi- tion) where reports are fed to cloud-based
autonomous system. transition to alternative solutions, such as cation and distress and safety notifications. computing centres (which could be on or
• Connectivity – unmanned systems, neuromorphic computing (a novel comput- Included in this definition is access to off-ship) that respond accordingly to con-
particularly those collecting scientific er design inspired by the structure of the
data, collect an immense amount of brain) and sensor technology.
data. High connectivity costs and poor A pioneering vision sensor, inspired by
bandwidth makes it difficult to remotely the human visual system, is being devel-
confirm that sensor data is of the quality oped to provide artificial vision for
required for safe/effective operations. autonomous systems at a fraction of the cur-
• Processing – most navigational sensor rent energy costs of existing technology.
systems are designed for use by people, In summary, there are exciting
who manually process and fuse data advances being made in sensing technolo-
(e.g. radar operators know to ignore gy that will better enable autonomous sys-
clutter and manually look along the tems to gather exponentially more, and a
bearing to visually confirm the track). greater variety of, data. We however fore-
The programming required to ‘train’ see that the challenge will be making sense
AI systems is sophisticated and complex. of this vast quantity of data and processing
• Resilience – trained crew configure it with appropriate levels of fidelity to gen- FEBRUARY/MARCH AUGUST/SEPTEMBER
equipment for the prevailing conditions erate the levels of situational awareness APM, 14-16 March SMM, 4-7 September

and assess relevant information, taking that future autonomous systems will need Cyber APM, 15 March DS Cyber Challenge @ SMM, 5 September
CMA, 12-14 March CIO Rotterdam, 27 September
into account how the conditions have to successfully operate in complex mar-
DS Cyber Rotterdam, 27 March
affected sensor range and sensitivity, to itime environments. Satellite 2018, 12-15 March
gain situational awareness of the vessel We believe that the main challenges will OCTOBER
DS Athens, 7-8 November
and surrounding environment. When not be associated with the hardware, but
APRIL/MAY CIO Singapore, 10 October
sensors fail, the crew can detect the fail- with the software and processing ele- ShippingInsight Connecticut, October 15-17
Sea Japan, 11-13 April
ure and, if needed, revert to traditional ments. This will require smart uses of sen- VPO @ Sea Japan, 11-13 April iShipping Middle East, mid-October (TBC)
techniques. Fully autonomous vessels sor fusion techniques, Big Data processing, Danish Maritime Fair, 2-4 May VPO Copenhagen, end October (TBC)

will need to overcome system failure and intelligent systems to condense vast CIO Hamburg, 24 April
DS Big Data Oslo, 29 May
without manual intervention. quantities of raw sensory data into action- NOVEMBER
able information. CIO Shanghai, 28 November

Future sensors JUNE/JULY CIO Bergen, 22 November

Sensors will continue to develop. In the near Connectivity Posidonia, 4-8 June
DS Cyber Challenge @ Posidonia, 6 June
future, they will have the range and resolu- Contemporary maritime surface communi- DECEMBER/JANUARY 2019
CIO Supply Chain London, 21 June International Workboat Show, (TBC)
tion required to automate key roles and cations technology typically falls into one of CIO Tokyo, 29 August DS Cyber Challenge London, 4 December
tasks on-board vessels, e.g. watchkeeping. two categories: Ship to near ship / shore
* This calendar is a guide and is subject to change without notice
The market for small sensors to fit on using VHF/MF (Very High Frequency /
small vessels is growing rapidly. This will Medium Frequency); or Ship to far ship / Editor – Digital Ship Magazine
Sales Manager – Magazine Advertising
continue the drive to improve cost effec- shore using satellite communications Ria Kontogeorgou Rob O’Dwyer
+44 (0)207 017 3442 +44 (0)208 144 6737
tive monitoring and the variety of sensors (Satcom) and HF (High Frequency) +44 (0)7815 481 036
will increase. The use of unmanned sys- There are several important communi-
tems will expand, enabling us to gather cations use cases for this technology, based
Search for The Digital Ship @TheDigitalShip Search for The Digital Ship
more data about our marine environment around maritime standards, including dis-
than ever before. tress and safety systems, identification sys-

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 29

p24-32_p1-14.qxd 14/11/2017 15:38 Page 7


trol all aspects of the ship’s physical and (multiple) high data rate services including tions. Here, ships on busy shipping lanes tracking and status updates being sent to
electronic systems. high definition video and real time radar could relay communications for one anoth- ground control sites and other vessels in
Next, the crew and passenger networks streams. These services can be expected to er, including beyond line of sight, as a the local area. The outcome of such a net-
will provide a range of operational and need multi-Mbps of data throughput, with cheap alternative to Satcom. work could make Automatic Identification
convenience services across the ship and high reliability. Fifth Generation (5G) is the next gener- Systems (AIS) obsolete, given the global
link up with the off-ship connectivity. Improvements in connectivity widen the ation of mobile, cellular communications, reach of the connectivity options available.
IoT technology on ships will rely on possibility of cyber security incidents. While following on from Long Term Evolution Some ships already have PNT backup
large amounts of electronic devices being safety critical systems are currently (LTE) and 4G. 5G has a role to play in sup- systems, potentially including marine
connected through a ship’s superstructure. stovepiped (due to the nature of their histor- plementing ship to shore communications, grade Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).
This is notoriously difficult given the num- ical development), the efficiency benefits of where studies with 4G have shown that However, these rapidly become inaccurate
ber and thickness of metal bulkheads and using common communications and com- with appropriate antenna and power con- and cannot be relied upon over extended
difficult to access areas. It will not be pos- puting platforms may become compelling. figurations optimised for this environment periods. For instance, an inaccuracy of one
sible to rely wholly on wired communica- In the automotive industry, a currently ranges of 100 km could be achieved. nautical mile per hour is typical.
tions, in particular when integrating with common method of cyber-attack is to tar- There is also a possibility of extending Future PNT backup systems include:
legacy shipping. get infotainment systems which then open 5G networks further out to sea, particular- Automated Celestial Navigation (through
Autonomous shipping will be critically up access to other critical systems. ly in busy shipping areas. In addition, 5G star tracking, though limited in some oper-
dependent on Position, Navigation and Autonomous maritime systems would do includes modes to specifically support IoT ating conditions, such as heavy cloud
Timing (PNT) systems to geo-locate them- well to consider security from the outset connectivity, which could be of value to cover); Signals of Opportunity (using sig-
selves. Currently, there is a high reliance and define solutions with a ‘defence in autonomous ship IoT architectures. nals that are transmitted for non-naviga-
on GNSS systems, which have an inher- depth’ mindset. There are many developments in tion purposes, but may be exploited for
ently low amount of received power at the Satcom that could revolutionise off-ship navigation purposes); and Quantum grade
Earth’s surface and are therefore prone to Comms future communications, in particular high band- INS (using cold atom interferometry),
interference. New communications technology will pre- width, low cost services derived from which has an inaccuracy of 1m per day but
GNSS can be made more robust through sent itself as an opportunity for maritime advances in technology in the Ku and Ka is still in an early stage of development and
high quality Multi-Constellation, Multi- systems. To support autonomous ships bands. Higher power satellites will change potentially ten years away from practical
Frequency (MCMF) receivers that use multi- through on-board IoT, it may be necessary the antenna profiles required and open up utility. DS
ple antennas to receive services across mul- to embrace wireless connectivity within the technology to more types of ships.
tiple constellations (e.g. GPS, GLONASS the ship. Multiband access will also allow ships This article is the second in a two-part
and Galileo and Beidou in the future). Different commodity technologies exist to switch between high throughput and series of abridged extracts from the
Spoofing of GNSS signals is an emerg- including: 60 GHz and Wi-Fi that would low cost services as required, while inter- Global Marine Technology Trends 2030
ing threat, where fake GNSS signals slow- need supplementing with ‘relay’ technolo- satellite communications links should also – Autonomous Systems report, published
ly slew a receiver away from its actual gy throughout the ship. This could include benefit the industry. These are already in by Lloyd’s Register, Qinetiq, and the Uni-
location. While MCMF techniques can sections of wired connectivity spanning service, but will continue to evolve as they versity of Southampton. The first article,
help, by spotting outliers in the received some sections. promise lower latency communications covering the legal and regulatory chal-
signals, the most robust defence would be A key technology will be Wireless Mesh than using ground station relay over very lenges of autonomous technology imple-
to use encrypted GNSS services where Networking (WMN), which is a general long ranges. mentation, appeared in the November
applicable, such as the Galileo Public means for automatically establishing mul- With a variety of methods for connect- 2017 issue of Digital Ship. The complete
Regulated Service. tiple paths through a network based on the ing and the data rates that accompany unabridged report can be downloaded at
Fully autonomous shipping will require available connectivity. WMN also has a them, maritime applications utilising the
remote monitoring and this may require part to play with ship-to-ship communica- IoT concept will in time allow for live

Autopilot update from Raytheon RH Marine releases latest AMCS Users can interact with the system via a
Graphical User Interface, which can be
Raytheon Anschütz has launched its new RH Marine has released its next generation configured to the specific requirements of
PilotStar NX autopilot, with a 7-inch touch Alarm, Monitoring and Control System the ship installed.
TFT display providing heading and rud- (AMCS), with the new Rhodium AMCS The Rhodium AMCS is available in
der plot, as well as track data. introduced as a successor to the compa- four versions: Light, Basic, Full and
The autopilot includes functions such ny’s UniMACS and FT NavVision automa- Extended. Each version offers a specific
as a trim mode and a pre-set heading func- tion systems. set of functionalities.
tion designed for specialised workboat The system is modular and
operations. Tillers and handwheels can scalable in terms of configura-
also be connected, to create compact steer- tion, and uses a mesh network
ing gear control systems. topology to provide multiple
“PilotStar NX is the result of a careful paths from sensors to worksta-
design process, implementing the newest Raytheon Anschütz’s new PilotStar NX tions. Rhodium AMCS also
technologies and vast experience from the employs a multi-server system
field,” said Olav Denker, product manager architecture, with embedded
at Raytheon Anschütz. autopilot, its reliability and performance.” software, and has been
“During several months of sea trials PilotStar NX also includes Ethernet designed with a range of data
aboard a search and rescue cruiser in the communication and bridge alert manage- security measures to secure the
Baltic Sea we were able to validate the new ment capabilities. network. RH Marine’s new Rhodium AMCS

Indian government in VDR deal Automated track control system launched by Alphatron and is set to be completed by 2019. late the required rudder output for the
“We are looking forward to this oppor- steering of the vessel to compensate for
Danelec Marine has announced a deal to tunity and working together with the Alphatron Marine has launched an auto- drift and stay on track.
supply its VDR technology to the govern- Indian military,” said Danelec Marine CEO, mated course and track control system for The captain can make adjustments from
ment of India, under a contract struck by Hans Ottosen. “Government agencies have the inland shipping segment that allows a the preset line as required, using a joystick
local distributor Marine Electricals. very high requirements for the reliability of ship to sail automatically along a prede- based control system.
The deal, a first Indian government con- the equipment, so it is also a great recogni- fined line. AlphaRiverTrack can be combined with
tract for the company, covers the outfitting tion for our company and products.” AlphaRiverTrack has been developed an existing AlphaRiver pilot, or imple-
of newly built ships with Voyage Data Marine Electricals will oversee the ini- in conjunction with German company mented as part of a new installation. Only
Recorders (VDRs), including 12 coast tial installations of hardware provided by Argonics, and allows a ship to automati- a small configuration adjustment to the
guard patrol boats, and retrofitting on six Danelec, as well as providing service for a cally sail a planned set of tracks on the autopilot is required to add the new track
navy frigates. Production begins in 2018 minimum of 10 years. chart system. The system will also calcu- function, Alphatron says.

Digital Ship December 2017 / January 2018 page 30

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