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EXpression Module
Majorine Andrews 11-26-19

A quick summary of what my philosophy of education is that I want to be an educator
that teaches students so that everyone understands what's being taught. There are
times as a student where a teacher teaches a lesson, and only a few students
understand what’s going on. As an educator, I want to make sure that 100% of my
students understand what’s being taught, rather than struggling in the class. I think that
in order to teach successfully, as a teacher you need to learn about each and every
student, and know about their needs.

Project medium (multimedia)

I chose to do a collage because not only will it be fun to do, but it has the potential to
come out great. I wanted to do something artsy and not boring. I also wanted my
finished product to be something that I can refer to years from now. I didn’t want to do
something that I was just going to turn in for a grade and then forget about it. Doing a
collage has a lot of reminders about what I want to do in life, what I want to accomplish,
and what all that will look like 10 years from now.

Potential Benefits of multimedia

The potential benefits of doing this multimedia is that it is very creative but it is also
something that won’t be so quick and easy to do. In order to do a collage you have to
search for the right words, right pictures in order to make it stand out. Doing a collage is
also a great thing because this is something I can look back at as a teacher and remind
myself my role as an educator. Sometimes its very easy to forget where you stand as a
teacher and why you do what you do, so doing this is like a reminder.

Potential challenges of multimedia

There a few potential challenges of doing this multimedia. My number one is that I’m
not quite sure yet where I’ll be getting pictures and magazines from. I think that I have
this great idea of how I should represent my philosophy, of what I’m going to do, the
only problem is getting the materials. Another thing would probably have to be how to
enlarge it, enough for a lot of people to view. I think that for this I’ll take a picture of the
collage and put it in a doc or a powerpoint.

Draft / Completed Project outline (or storyboard)

I will be doing a collage using magazines to represent what teachers are meant to do for
students as well as their role in students’ lives. I will then represent this collage in a
powerpoint that way its magnified and easier to view. This collage will definitely have a
lot of colors that way it doesn’t come off as boring.

Artist statement
My impression of my proiect educational philosophy is something that will be used as a

reminder to me. I’m not just doing this collage just for the fun of it, or just for the grade,

but as something that’s going to be there to remind me why I want to teach, what I need

to do for my students, and why I should keep teaching. In this collage there are parts

that represents what teachers have done so far and how much we can do to improve

our education system. There are times where even as a student you can tell when a

teacher hates his/her job and that is not the kind of vibe or energy I want to give off to

my students. I want to be the kind of teacher that not only creates a safe, comfortable

learning community, but a learning community where students want to learn, rather than

have the feeling of being forced to go to school. School is a place where someone

should be curious. Not only do students need to be curious, but even myself . I should

be curious and open to new ideas. I should want to learn from my students, see what

works for them. I should want to learn from other teachers, and see how they keep their

students engaged. Education should be something that is fun for the students as well as

for the teacher. This collage is something that expresses my philosophy to represent

my desire to teach, and my interest in it, what I can do, what I can improve, and how I
can teach. This collage is a great representation of my philosophy because it shows

who I am as a person, who I want to be in the near future, and the kind of teacher I want

to be. My goal is for my students to leave having had fun learning something new.

They should leave even more curious than they were before the class started. I want to

create curiosty within my students so that they want to keep on learning.

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