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Thanks to all the playtesters that worked on this set. Extra special thanks to the artists that worked on this set!

Tallulah Cunningham Wes Jones

Bastet Gossip Network Death of Black Tooth

Prints of this image and the original artwork for this Wes has also done art for various RPG modules. Visit
card are available through this Australian artists web- his gallery to get info on private commissions or com-
site. She is available for commissions. mercial work.

Sandara Tang Cathey Osborne

Prove Your Strength! Whiplash

Sandara is an artist based in Singapore. You can check The original is available through the artist. She also
out her latest work, find out about commissions, and offers lots of ACEOs Don’t know what an ACEO is?
read her blog on her website. Visit her website and find out!
You can see a painting tutorial she wrote on how she
painted this particular piece here: http://sandara.devi- Kelly Bedson Primal Anger

Natasha Perera Kelly is a freelance digital artist. She also works as a

Perfect Cover colorist for comic books such as DC Comics Birds of Prey. Visit her website for information on hiring her.

Natasha takes trades and requests. You get get ahold David “Mutley” James
of her at Okavango Mists

Mutley is a freelance illustrator. In addition to his

Amanda “Hyena” Johnson commercial work, he also has three books of illustra-
Scavenger’s Quest tions available through Lulu.
H.C. O’Neill (Fenris Lorsrai)
The original, uncolored line work for this card is avail- Duck and Cover
able from the artist. Amanda also makes masks.

Fenris also does the layout for these sets. You can find
originals from this set and many others on her website.

Requisite legal reminder: Rage is copyright White Wolf Game Studios. The Artwork is copyright its respec-
tive artists. It is used here with permission. You may print out these cards for your own personal use. You may
not sell them. Any other use of the artwork is prohibited. Please contact the artists directly if you want to use
the art in another project, post it on your website, use it in a music video montage, etc. If you found the artist
through this project, please let them know where you saw them!