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Johnson 1

Kylie Johnson

Professor Mandryk

PSY 1100

5 August 2019

Writing My Own Psychology Textbook

If I were to write my own psychology textbook I would start with the chapter on

the history of psychology. This is important because you must know how the study of

psychology was created. If you understand how it was created, then you can truly learn

about it and use what you have learned to help others. The second chapter would be

about how each part of the brain works. It would have an overview of all working parts

of the brain. Psychology is the study of the mind and its behavior, therefore, knowing

about how we think and why we do certain things is very important to know when

studying psychology. Next, the third chapter I believe would be about how the brain

learns and how to condition the brain. The brain is the main part of the body that

influences human behavior. Additionally, learning about classical conditioning and

instrumental conditioning I feel are two big parts of psychology. These two types of

conditioning are important because it helps us to better understand the world around us.

Chapter four would be on the memory of the brain. This chapter would primarily

focus on getting familiarized with how the memory in our brain works and how we store

things. Memories can be easily transformed by what others say. This is something that

is needed to know for psychology. For chapter five, I’d talk about why people forget

some memories or things that they hear. In this chapter, I would like to include some

tips that will help people to remember what they hear. Additionally, such illnesses as
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having amnesia will be added to this chapter. The sixth chapter would be on how people

act in social situations. This chapter is needed for people to get a better understanding

of how the brain reacts to being in a place with lots of people or just a stressful situation.

The seventh chapter is about how to have a healthy life. Having a healthy life filled with

lots of joy is all that anyone wants. Knowing this I would include this chapter so that

people have an idea of how to create their own happy life. Also included in this chapter

would be the three types of happy lives: the good life, the meaningful life, and the

pleasant life.

Learning about the most common disorders would be in chapter eight. Disorders

are always interesting to learn about and are essential in any psychology textbook. This

chapter will include what parts of the mind the disorder comes from as well as an in-

depth description of each disorder that is listed. Chapter nine would be on therapeutic

orientations. This chapter is located right after the chapter on disorders because

therapeutic orientations are used to treat mental illnesses. Psychology is all about the

mind and how we perceive things and discussed in the first and second chapter of my

textbook. The last chapter, chapter ten, would be on the drugs used to help people with

mental illnesses. These drugs are known as psychopharmacology. This chapter would

explain how drugs affect each type of mental illness as well as the side effects that

could occur with each drug.

I believe that my textbook would be very insightful into the world of psychology. It

would cover all the topics that I feel are necessary. This textbook would be intended for

teenagers and adults that are taking a class to learn more about psychology.

Personally, I found the class to be very intriguing because of my textbook. I could only
Johnson 3

hope that my textbook would be as intriguing for students as I found the one that I had

during this class to be.