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core product
provide solution (medicine) for illness.
Actual product
delivering high quality and authentic medicines. All our medicines are stored in a controlled
temperature environment to maintain the therapeutic effect. Our pharmacists are highly trained to
provide complete information on how to best take your medicines.
Augmented product
our computerised physician order entry system (CPOE), modified unit dose drug distribution system
and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) to ensure medications delivered to our patients in the hospital
wards are safe, correct and are of the right dosage immediately.

Oncology (Cancer Care)

Core product
Provide alleviation ofabnormal cells.
Actual product
comprehensive cancer centre with state-of-the-art equipment, offering a wide range of facilities such
as screening, diagnostic and treatment services, including high quality nuclear imaging,
chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgical oncology services, and cancer research facilities - all under
one roof.
Augmented product
our oncology patients receive multidisciplinary medical attention from doctors and nurses in the
emergency room, intensive care unit (ICU), special care units, coronary care units, haemodialysis and
diagnostic units, if needed. In addition, several specialised clinics for oncology patients are offered
such as the anti-coagulation clinic, palliative care and nutrition clinic for a holistic approach to patient

Core product
Provide guidance, counselling and treatment for women reproductive concerns.
Actual product
The Clinic offers expecting mothers high quality care through each stage of their pregnancy: ante-
natal, delivery and post-natal. Paediatricians manage a full neo-natal intensive care unit catering to
both the mother's and child's needs. The gynaecology service operates inpatient and outpatient
facilities, a “well woman” service, and provides epidural services for labour pain relief.

Augmented product
Our services can be accessed through our consultation clinics, day care surgery or overnight
admissions. The hospital can, along with the birthing room, offer longer payment terms.

ENT (Otorhinolaryngology)
Restore the function of parts of the head and neck that are diseased or affected.
ENT (Otorhinolaryngology) doctors are internationally trained, specialised nurses and technicians to
offer comprehensive patient treatment plans to repair their tissues & restoring function for adults and
children. ENT services include ear (cochlear) implants, nose and sinus surgery, reconstructive surgery
after a severe accident or injury, cancer and voice disorders.
The ENT Service Line not only limited to basic but it also offers diagnostic and therapy services, such
as hearing tests (audiology) and speech therapy.