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Vision Statement ​2

Vision Statement

Makaylia McDonald

EDUC 3320

Dr. Pearce

October 27th 2019

Vision Statement ​2

Teachers are the ones who help to create the future of America. They are the ones who

are shaping the minds of young children, teaching them right from wrong, and supporting them

throughout the first eighteen years of their lives. The future president, mayor, police officer, or

doctor is first placed in the hands of teachers, and they are the ones who guide these students and

support them in their decisions. Without teachers, we would not have the knowledge or

commitment to achieve our dreams and receive the degree to get into the profession we want.

What do you think makes a strong, positive teacher?

Teachers should be organized, friendly and supportive. They should form strong trusting

connections with their students, and also with the parents. Yes, it is important to form

relationships with the students so you can form the trusting bond, but forming the relationship

with the parents is also very important. This gives the teacher the opportunity to see if the parent

has any involvement, and if they do how much, and it also tells the teacher what kind of role

model the student has home. They should be understanding of all situations and know that all

students come from different backgrounds and cultures, and not all students come from happy

loving households. When these students come into your classroom they are looking to feel love

and to feel safe, teachers should be the ones to provide this for the students who do not receive

these feelings at home.

Teachers also must make sure the students know they are unique and all have different

abilities, they should celebrate these abilities and not be ashamed. A quote from Tarleton State

University handbook states, “As a facilitator of learning, the teacher models and encourages
Vision Statement ​2

appreciation for students’ cultural heritage, unique endowments, learning styles, interests, and

needs” (Tarleton State University, 2017, p. 33).

My plans as a classroom teacher starts with the things I listed above, creating a safe,

loving, and welcoming environment for the students who do not have this environment at home.

I plan to not only be a teacher, but also be a person that my students can come too when they do

not have anyone else. I don’t see myself conducting my classroom, I see my students conducting

their own classroom. I do not want to be the teacher that stands at the front of the class and

lectures all day everyday, I do not want to be the teacher that creates all the rules and enforces

them, I want a student lead classroom meaning the students create, enforce and follow the rules

that they put in place. I want to have the best method for student success in place, this method

includes Cooperative Learning (Kagan & Kagan 2009).

My vision for teaching and learning will not only be for the students to learn the

curriculum, but also for the students to leave my classroom being better people than who they

entered as. I will set large but attainable goals for my students so they always have something to

strive for and so they know that there is always someone who is supporting and rooting for them

to succeed. Within the curriculum, I want my students to be successful in all subject areas and

excel in their standardized testing.

Teachers have the most important job that any single person can have. They are the ones

who mold the young minds, shaping their brains to be the best that they can be. Teachers are role

models, provide an education, provide guidance, and dedication. Teachers are admired and

looked up too, not only from their students but also from the community (Merrimack College).

They provide advice to people who need it and they are always willing to help and go above and
Vision Statement ​2

beyond for those who need the help. It takes a very special person to become a teacher, because

they are a parent, friend, role model, and a teacher all in one.

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