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Marcel Gloesslein

UIN: 01129428

TPACK Template

Subject World History 1500 to Present

Grade Level 9th grade

Learning Objective The Modern Era

The objective of the lesson is what WHII.10 The student will apply social science skills to understand World
students will be able to do as they
finish the activity. For this objective, War I and its worldwide impact by
use the Standards of Learning (SOL) b) describing the location of major battles and the role of new
to say what you want to focus on.
You can find the SOLs at
look on the right of the screen for the
subjects and go from there.

Online Activity Describe The teacher and students meet online using google classroom.
what the learning activity will be as
the students meet with the teacher
(Students log into google classroom, which has been set up prior
online. What will the students and by teacher) Students join online live discussion via voice and
the teacher be doing? (This includes
what they are doing with the
text. The teacher greats students verbally and begins review
technology). discussion about the major battles during WWI, eliciting student
input to complete a timeline document. After completing the
timeline and review, the teacher opens up a website (via screen
share) to to show students
how to access the online WWI simulation. Afterwards, students
are asked to run the WWI simulation, using the before created
timeline to assist them in running various battles in the
European Theater of War. (ie. Battle of the Somme) The
simulation is randomized, allowing various outcomes. Students
would document which group Allies/Central Powers won which
battle, along with which new technological devices (ie. Tanks,
machine guns, mustard gas, airplane/bomber) where used, and
compare it to the timeline. Once students have finished running
the simulation (approx. 20-30 minutes), they will return to the
online chat to post their results and comparisons. The teacher
then guides a discussion in regards to the results, asking for
student input on which significant battles they thought had the
most accurate representation. In addition, new technologies
would be discussed and a comparison document made to see
which new inventions assisted both groups with winning the
battle. The teacher then combines the classes findings, timeline,

and notes to the google classroom, where students can access

the information for use on future projects, tests, and quizzes.
Technology Technology Device: Windows PC (Using Windows 7 & up) or Chromebook
Name of the device and/or programs
being used. (The description of what
the students will be doing with the
technology will be included in the
pedagogy/activity section).
Interactive Suite: Google Classroom