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Unit tests

Unit test 1 2 Make questions and sentences using the

present simple.
Vocabulary 1 my sister / love / this show
1 Choose the correct words.
2 I / not like / pop music
1 I’m not very good at/in telling jokes.
2 He wants to go home so/because he’s tired.
3 your cousins / live / in London?
3 There is life/live music at the music club every
4 Pete / not want / to go to the party
4 I want to take/make part in that show.
5 My brother is very keen on/of playing tennis.
5 your friend / speak / English?
2 Complete the sentences with these words.

competition entertainment show talent winner 3 Rewrite the sentences putting the time phrases
in the correct place.
1 His paintings are fantastic! He’s got a lot of 1 My dad gets up at seven. (usually)
2 The is Rob Cooper! Well done, Rob! 2 I meet my friends. (on Saturdays)
3 Computer games are a kind of .
4 She’s very good. She might win the 3 Katie dances at parties. (never)
this year.
5 Pop Idol is my favourite talent . 4 We visit my grandparents. (every Sunday)

3 Match the words with the clues. You do not 5 Ian works very hard. (always)
need all the words.

act audience contestant dream judge

4 Complete the text with the best answer,
performance stage winner
A, B or C.
1 Actors and singers perform on this. Sarah doesn’t watch TV 1 , but she
2 These people watch a performance. 2 Rock Star, her favourite talent show.
3 This person takes part in a She 3 music and she 4 to
competition. take part in the show when she’s older. She wants
4 Something that you really want to to be a famous rock star one day. But her parents
happen. 5 that yet!
5 This person decides which person 1 A today B now C every day
wins a competition. 2 A always B watches C always
watch always watches
Grammar 3 A love B loves C is loving
4 A want B wants C is wanting
1 Complete the sentences with the correct form
5 A don’t know B doesn’t know C don’t knows
of the verbs.
1 My mum (not work) on Saturdays.
2 (your brother/play) football?
3 You (look) beautiful in that dress!
4 We (not go) to school at the
5 What time (your dad/start) work?

My score: ____ /35

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