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Gonzalez 1

Dayana Gonzalez Trinidad

Instructor Maple

Eng. 101-45


Critical Reflection

A portfolio is an important tool to show the understanding and improvement made overtime for

someone. On this occasion, I am making use of a portfolio to show growth in my English 101

course. In the process of creating the portfolio, I have thought about my growth and how I should

organize it so that my improvement can be easy to see. I think this helped me learn that

improvement takes practice and time.

During the time in this course, I have improved my writing, showing my growth as a writer. As I

began college, I was extremely scared of writing papers because I would feel like my grammar

and organization was not good and that it would make no sense. Now that I look back at all my

work, I can see that my growth as a writer has been improving, but still have a lot to work on. I

can say that in comparing me as a writer in the beginning, I have improved a lot, not only with

my writing skills, but also in organization and writing processes. At the beginning of the

semester, just the thought of having to write so many papers was overwhelming, but during my

English 101 course, I learned new things that helped me improve. Something that helped me was

reading “Shitty First Drafts” by Lamott. After reading and discussing it, I was able to reflect on

my own writing decisions and improve them, I also felt more confident about my writing. This

helped me improve my writing skills because I was able to be more free about expressing my
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ideas on my writing projects and don't feel so pressured about having to be perfect since the

beginning. This was an essential element for me to learn to grow as a writer.

Something I was very insecure about at the beginning of my English 101 course in college was

my English skills in general. I came to the United States about three years ago and I’m still

improving my English. Because of this, I was very insecure because my writing skills are one of

the things that I need to improve on the most. Looking back at all my writing projects, I can see

that my writing skills have grown a lot. My grammar has improved significantly, which not only

helps me as a writer, but also for my professional path as well. Another element that has

improved a lot is my writing process. Previously, I only knew about what I was taught in High

school, which is making a perfect outline, then make a paper following the outline you first

made, with no changes. With the experience I now have, I learned this is not the right writing

process. I think the best thing during a writing process is trial and error. By outlining first, try to

work on a first draft with that outline. If that first outline does not work, then try and make a

better outline, improve it and trying again until I find the best one for my paper. My writing

process now makes it way easier to write a paper than before. Now I can understand my outlines

and feel more confident following them because I know I can change anything and express my

ideas better.

In my portfolio, I decided to show my growth as a writer easily and appealingly. I decided to

create a website because I think that helps the audience visualize this growth easier. I also think

it is faster to navigate and explore a website rather than reading a document, which for me would

be boring to look at. In my portfolio, I decided to start with The SLOS examples because I think
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that sets a first strong base on my improvement from the beginning towards the end of the

course. For my SLO’S I decided to use my Personal Narrative, Research paper, persuasive

project reflection, and my rhetorical analysis first draft. I decided to use these examples because

I think they show my growth in different ways throughout the course. After the examples, I

decided to include my Rhetorical Analysis revision. I decided to do my revision on my rhetorical

analysis because it was one of the papers, I enjoyed writing the most, but also one of the papers I

could improve on the most. In my revision, I did a lot of grammatical corrections and also, I

improved my transitions between paragraphs. My Rhetorical analysis was about the BTS “Love

Myself” campaign video which had a lot of content to analyze, therefore, in my final paper, some

of my analysis was a little messy. In my revision, I made sure my organization was better and

that the paper was easier to read and understand. During the revision for this paper, I also made

sure I covered all the Rhetorical concepts like the rhetorical triangle and the appeals.

In conclusion, I believe I have met all the requirements for my English 101 course, and that I

have improved as a writer significantly. I trust that my portfolio also portraits my growth

throughout the class and that I've tried to improve noticeably. Improving my writing skills have

shown me that writing can be fun and exciting sometimes. Because in the beginning of the

course I was so scared, now that I look back, I know why, because I was always looking for

perfection since the beginning. I learned that with improving, practice and patience are the big