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Appendix 2: MCT/MST Observation Feedback Form (template)

Course Code: EPC 2903

Trainee Name: Moudhi School: Tifl Al Emarat
MCT/MST Name: Michelle and Fatima Date: Oct. 31, 2019
The MCT and MST will use this form to formally observe the trainee’s performance and to give feedback
based on the selected teaching competencies.
NOTE: Refer to the course-specific, teaching competencies-based rubric included in section D of the TP Booklet
Commitment to the Profession F D C B A
Comments: Moudhi is having issues with attendance and punctuality.

Planning for Learning F D C B A

Comments: Moudhi plan for the lesson with her MST and MCT. Moudhi, lesson plans include strategies
for teaching/ learning, and tasks are outlined for each stage of the lesson. LOs are clearly stated
however she does not have the time factor in for each task.
Managing Learning F D C B- A
Comments: Make sure you work on your pronunciation roots the students had a hard time
Understanding you. When you put on the video, you did not explain the direction of how to do it. That’s
why they did not participate. In the end, you try to tell them. Explain the video first. Nice prop, the
poster was large, and students can understand. Very good explaining the instructions to teach the
students. During the group, you had great classroom management; you reminded Khalifa his name would
be moved. Make sure you explain that the roots are the yarn. You missed attendance and month of the
year. There was no instruction on putting your name on your work. Due to the size of the table nest time
use small paper plates. Nice to remind them of the next step to write on the table. The process was
different students were told to clean up after whole group activity. This was not effective because only
one student was cleaning up the paint table. Have a cleanup song so that students understand everyone
has to participate.
Implementing Learning F D C B- A
Comments: The transition was smooth because of your calling students to each table.
The flower of the children had a problem that they did not have a model. The teacher had to get the
 The students needed to wash the handprint. Have wipes at the table; it would be easier. The
little boy that did not want to get his hands dirty you should have a paintbrush. However he
wanted the green color.
 The students planted the cup; they seemed happy. The containers were appropriate, and each
child understood their task. Make sure you teach them how to clean up.
 The book activity students were able to complete the task.
 The dice and seeds students could do this independently
 Each activity was appropriate, and students understood. When students are working with paint
make sure they use an apron and cover the table. The book students can take it home. All
activities can go home. I really like the activity with what that took time because the process was
 When you sing the song, does that warn students to come to the carpet?
 Make sure to sing it with the teacher.
 Nice children are not rush to complete their tasks.
 Make sure you said what are the parts of the plants and children corrected you by saying flowers.
 Glad you corrected yourself.
 You have to correct the students that are is your responsibility.
 Remember to finish all the routines. You did not complete the closing; you forgot your teacher
had to remind you.
 Closing was good, but the students needed to explain.
 Make sure you explain the action.
 The whiteboard screen should have been down so that children could. See.

Assessment F D C B A
Comments: Moudhi assesses students in whole group by having them draw a flower independently.

Reflection on Practice F D C- B A
No reflection, however discussed during post-observation feedback.

Action Plan:
 Write down the morning routine so you will not miss some procedures and steps.
 Explain the video first and demonstrate the action.
 Have all models on the carpet; this will save time.

Your grade is a C