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In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Business Enterprise Simulation

“Rice on a Wrap”

Submitted by:

Cipres, Eiron M.

Lozares, Gyle Andrei C.

Saul, Kevin C.

Almeyda, Arnie M.

Barcelona, Realou B.

Barcial, Mia Janelle C.

Blanza, Trisha Mae E.

Daguio, Eliza Jean D.

Gutierez, Rucel S.

Llanto, Arlyn A.

Loyola, Abigail Arca T.

Minglana, Oishane Leigh O.

Padoc, Raquelyn D.

Submitted to:

Mrs. Rosario Roxanne P. Rada

November 29, 2019

Rice on a Wrap

“Ang tunay na sawrap, sa amin lang malalasap”


 Product Description
If you ask Filipinos what their favorite breakfast, they will easily tell you one or more of
the famous Silog. Silog is actually a meal of sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (egg) with many
combinations. Among the popular silog combos are tapsilog, longsilog, tocilog, and spamsilog.
What’s great about this type of meal combo is that it’s easy to prepare and totally delicious also
it is not the usual silogan because we are going to put it on a wrap and fried it. We provide you
many variations of silog combos; they are longsilog (longganisa), tocilog (tocino), cornsilog
(cornbeef), hotsilog (hotdog), sisilog (sisig), chicksilog (chicken), lumsilog (lumpia) and
daingsilog (daing). The sinangag can be serve by sweet, spicy and classic with a little bit of
onion leaves. Also they can have sauce if they want more so called “sawsawan”.

Fried rice is one of the healthiest dishes of rice that rich of energy, carbohydrates, fat,
calcium, phosphor, iron, vitamin A and vitamin C. It maintains healthy skins that help the healing
process of vitiligo, a disease that causes the skin to lose normal pigmentation. Muscle formation
also include in the benefits of fried rice because these foods have high protein compounds that
can help muscle development. Carbohydrates are one of the sources of energy. The content of
vitamin A in this food is also very good for the health of your eyes. Vitamin C not only functions
as an antioxidant. However, vitamin C is also beneficial to make your skin healthier and can
boost your immunity.

Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high-quality protein. More than half the
protein of an egg is found in the egg white, which also includes vitamin B2 and lower amounts of
fat than the yolk. Eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 and minerals such as
zinc, iron and copper. Egg yolks contain more calories and fat than the whites. They are a
source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K and lecithin. Eggs are a useful source of vitamin D,
which helps to protect bones and prevent osteoporosis and rickets. Some brands of egg now
contain omega-3 fatty acids, depending on what the chickens have been fed. Eggs are regarded
as a 'complete' source of protein as they contain all nine essential amino acids, the ones we
cannot synthesize in our bodies and must obtain from our diet. Eggs are rich in several nutrients
that promote heart health, such as betaine and choline. A recent study of nearly half a million
people in China suggests that eating one egg a day may reduce the risk of heart disease and
stroke, although experts stress that eggs need to be consumed as part of a healthy lifestyle in
order to be beneficial.

Rice on a wrap is very convenient to all students and to every people there due to its
location and easy way of availing our products through using of technology such as advertising
and different promoting strategies and also the affordability of products to meet the consumer’s
satisfaction. Other benefits that the customer can get through Silog is, it can help them to loss
their weight because egg has a high in protein and low in calories that can boost metabolism
making them an excellent addition to any weight regimen and also it has incredibly versatile and
easy incorporated into their diet. Another benefits in egg it is good to skin it can reduce, treat
and prevent acne and other skin conditions because of the niacin that the egg has, niacin
displays anti inflammation and irritation properties and also effective and prompt in treating
inflammatory skin diseases.



Hotsilog Quantity Cost per quantity Total Cost

Bossing Hotdog 1 Pack/ 18 pcs 5.83 105
Rice on a wrap (silog) 18 servings 12 216
Cooking oil 2 pack 10 10
Total 27.83 331

Fixed cost

Fixed cost Total cost

Utilities Expense 5
Total Fixed Cost 5

Lumpisilog Quantity Cost per quantity Total cost

Lumpia Wrapper 1 pack 0.35 35
Giniling ½ kg 0.9 90
Carrots 5 pcs 4 20
Potatoes 7 pcs 2.86 20
Pepper 4 packs 1 2
Salt 3 pinch 1 0.3
Cooking oil ½ liter 40 20
Rice on a wrap(silog) 50 servings 12 600
Total 62.11 787.3

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost Total cost

Utilities expense 40
Total Fixed cost 40


Sigsilog Quantity Cost per quantity Total cost

Tokwa 9 pcs. 10 for 3pcs 30
Siling green 5 pcs 2 10
Onions 4 cloves 2.50 10
Mayonnaise 1 ½ pack 15 22.5
Pepper 4 packs 1 for 2packs 2
Soy sauce ½ pack 8 4
Rice on a wrap(silog) 10 servings 12 120
Total 38.5 178.5

Fixed cost

Fixed cost Total

Utilities 5
Total fixed cost 5

Balsilog Quantity Cost per quantity Total cost

Balony 1 kg 60 60
Cooking oil 2 packs 5 10
Rice on a wrap(silog) 40 servings 12 480
Total 77 550

Fixed Cost

Fixed Cost Total

Utilities Expense 20
Total fixed cost 20


Siosilog Quantity Cost per Quantity Total cost

Siomai 1 Pack 46 46
Cooking oil ½ liter 20 20
Rice on a wrap(silog) 10 servings 12 120
Total 66 186

Fixed cost

Fixed cost Total

Utilities expense 15
Total Fixed cost 15


Chicksilog Quantity Cost per quantity Total cost

Chicken 1 kg 180 180
Flour ½ kg 30 30
Pepper 6 packs 1 3
Oyster sauce ½ liter 40 40
Salt 1 ½ tbsp 1 0.75
Rice on a wrap(silog) 12 12 144
Total 252 397.75
Fixed cost

Fixed cost Total

Utilities expense 25
Total fixed cost 25

Rice on a wrap Quantity Cost per quantity Total Price

Rice 8 kg 40 320
Cooking oil ½ liter 20 20
Garlic 8 cloves 5 40
Onion 8 cloves 5 40
Salt 2 ½ packs 1 2.50
Onion leaves 1 pack 45 45
Malunggay leaves ½ string 7.50 7.50
Egg 5 tray 200 1000
Total 123.5 1475

Fixed Cost Total Cost

Utilities expense 137
Advertising Expense 25
Packaging Expense 300
Total 462

Rice on a Hotsilog Lumspilog Sigsilog Balsilog Siosilog Chicksilog

Unit variable 1475 331 787.3 178.5 550 186 397.75
Fixed cost 462 5 40 5 20 15 15
Units 150 18 100 10 40 10 12
Unit-cost 12 18.67/19 15.75/16 18.35 14.25/15 20 35
Mark-up 6 11 14 12 15 10 10
Selling Price 18 30 30 30 30 30 45

We choose Colegio De Montalban because our target market is students that will be
satisfy in our product. Not only College students but also the students in KVNHS maybe we
attract also Elementary students because our product is not just affordable but because it is for
everyone. Also, we decide to make a stall in front of the campus of Colegio De Montalban
because our products have a potential to grow profit only in College Students. We won't waste
our chosen place because we are expecting our product is to be popular in the future.

If ever we experience shortage to our resources in our daily selling, we were looking for
any kinds of things that can help to our stall. If we need to avail resources we choose affordable
things that did not affect our profit. Also, we choose things that will last longer to use if one time
our stall or our business experience lack of resources. Example are tree leaves and rocks, we
can use this as an alternative source for our stall if it is not balance we can use the rocks on to
balance the stall and tree leaves to decorate and to looks like more eco – friendly by using it as
our table cloth.


We want our product to be marketable, to gain profits, and to be

successful. As part of our operations, promoting our product "Rice on a Wrap" is
a great factor in the business. Its primary goal is to create awareness for them to
know that our product is existing and purchasable. But it is not the only purpose;
it is also to inform that our product will have a special offer like rebates, samples
or even freebies.

Rice on a Wrap will be promoted through the use of social media, word of
mouth, personal selling or face to face promotion, special offer and giving flyers
to the students in or near Colegio de Montalban and other near schools.






The people who are in charge in marketing operation in our business are Rucel
Gutierrez, Trisha Blanza, Arnie Almeyda and Oishane Minglana wherein they were assigned to
promoting the business and also it is their duty to reach out to the target market, prospects and
to the community while creating an overarching image that represents our business in a positive
light. When it comes to the financing staffs and the people that will be in charge are Mia Barcial,
Eiron Cipres and Eliza Jean Daguio where they are the responsible for acquiring the funds of
our business, managing the funds and planning of expenditure of funds on various assets. The
people that are in charge in the production of the product are Kevin Saul, Arlyn Llanto and
Abigail Loyola, where they are the one who work in the production line in a manufacturing
environment and they also perform a variety of duties to ensure production goals are met of our
business. The people who are in charge of operating the business are Andrei Lozares,
Raquelyn Padoc and Realou Barcelona Kevin Saul, Arlyn Llanto and Abigail Loyola their duty is
resolving the customer's issues, filling orders and inspecting the merchandise or the product.


We, marketers chose the card board box as our

packaging because aside from it is an eco-friendly packaging,
and can be recycled it is also can preserve our product's
quality and also prevents any moisture and dampness from
ruining the packed product. It has a definite box shape and
structure makes for easy storage and for attracting customer
attention. This packaging is consist of information about our
product which is the "Rice on a Wrap" and also has a brand
displays and logo


Rice in a Wrap is a newly offer product of Grade 12 ABM students in San Jose Litex
Senior High School that will establish near the school of Colegio de Montalban (CDM) . Rice in
a wrap is a food that is new for our market that will surely satisfy their hunger, with its all in one
kanin and ulam inside that is wrapped by the use of Lumpia Wrapper. We offer a different
variety of kanin and ulam inside it that will fits on their wants or what they crave. Since our
product is new, we will have an advantage towards our competitors because our product is not
like other food offer by them.

There is a high potential that we will overcome our competitors in the same market in
CDM because our product differs from others even though we offer same product because its
food. We surely dominate them because of the uniqueness and innovativeness of our product
that is new to the market. Also we are the only one who will start that kind of business in CDM
that's why we have a high potential to dominate our competitors.