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Marapharm Ventures (MDM in Canada, MRPHF in the US)

In an effort to identify lagging MJ stocks, I have been looking at Marapharm Ventures. They
already have businesses in various US states, and they are working on Canadian operations
as well.
- At its Sept. 14 close of 0.195, MDM has a market capitalization of only $26.7 million
- MDM already HAS revenue, of $359K for its last reported period
- While MDM has been at much higher levels earlier this year, it seems to have very good
support at the 0.19 / 0.20 level, so it looks to have limited downside (which I like)
- MDM’s 50-day moving average is at about 0.235, so not too far above where the price is now
- MDM has operations in various US states, including Washington, Nevada, and California, and
are in the process of expanding their licensing and sales
- MDM just issued a news release indicating they had a successful transition in the California
regulatory period, having ongoing supply and good sales
- They are building out a facility in Celista, BC that is a late-stage applicant for a Health Canada
cultivation license, so they look to not only benefit from the Canadian market but also get the
ability to export internationally if they want to
- MDM’s last financing closed in June 2018, at 0.50 per share and included 0.70 warrants that
expire in June 2019 (so there are no ‘cheap shares’ from that financing that will be dumped at
current share prices)
Now, I am sure there is much more going on at MDM (please let me know if you know of
anything), but that is enough info for me to buy some shares – limited downside from current
share price levels, business in multiple US states, low market cap, working on a Canadian
cultivation license, etc. I am in for a few shares and will likely buy more if / when MDM can pass
upwards through its 50-day moving average.
As always, do your own DD, as I am not an investment professional and I am just sharing my
thoughts with the group. Please let me know if your DD points out any errors or omissions in my
post, as I am always looking for feedback.

THC Biomed (THC in Canada, THCBF in the US)

Well, it is getting very hard to identify any Canadian LP’s that are (or may be), good value
right now, but I think THC Biomed fits the bill. With its closing price of $0.83 yesterday, its
market cap was only about $98 million. THC seems to have a lot going for it:
 They already have both their Cultivation and Sales license from Health Canada
 They are already generating revenue ($180K for the last reported quarter) and they are still
ramping up their operations
 They have Rec MJ supply contracts with both Ontario and BC (two of the three most
populace provinces in Canada)
 They recently announced that they have developed an innovate (THC) cannabis beverage,
that they are looking to patent the formulation for
 They have their HQ, lab, and dispensary in Kelowna, BC and they have also purchased land
and greenhouse space in Ontario
 They sell materials (and plants) to home growers
 Their last private placement was at $1.33 per share (and $2.08 per warrant), well above the
current share price
 They are producing organically-grown MJ
Also, THC’s share price is currently at its lowest point since December 2017, so it certainly
doesn’t look to be overvalued. Once THC starts shipping MJ to fulfil its provincial contracts and
starts increasing revenues, the share price looks to strengthen, IMO. It appeared that someone
wanted out of THC yesterday and (perhaps inadvertently) drove the price down below 0.80 for a
short time. As of this writing, the share price is at $0.89, so THC is having a much better day
today so far.
As always, do your own DD, as I am not an investment professional and I am just sharing my
thoughts with the group. Please let me know if your DD points out any errors or omissions in my
post, as I am always looking for feedback.

FinCanna Capital Corp (CALI in Canada, FNNZF in US)

FinCanna is a royalty company that invests in Medical MJ companies, primarily in the US. I
have just started looking into them, but their partnerships that I have read about so far look
promising, and they are primarily in the US, where I have already stated I believe a bigger
opportunity for gains exists due to the lagging behind Canadian MJ counterparts.
Some of FinCanna’s partnerships include:
 Refined Resin Tech. – a California-based MJ research and refinement company, focused on
Medical MJ (services to dispensaries, infused product manufacturers, etc.)
 ezGreen Compliance – a Florida-based company with software for Compliance and Point of
Sale for Medical MJ dispensaries and growers
 Cultivation Technologies Inc – a California-based Medical MJ company that just signed an
agreement with Phoenix Tears to be their exclusive manufacturer and distributor or
Phoenix Tears products (such as oil dispensers, vaporizer cartridges, topicals, etc.) in
California. CTI also has its own line of Coachella ™ premium cannabis concentrates and vape
Some other quick points about FinCanna:
 At the current share price of 0.27, their market cap is only about $CD 20.4 million
 FinCanna’s 50-day moving average is 0.265, so it is just above it right now (which can be a
positive sign for share price growth)
 Their last PP in the summer was initially set to raise $3 million but was increased and closed
at $6.8 million, so there was good demand for their shares. The shares were issued at 0.30,
with warrants at 0.45 that expire in two years - both above current share price levels
 FinCanna has fairly thin trading volume right now, so a little bit of buying interest could
really get the share price moving (also true for selling pressure, I guess)
I am still looking further into CALI but I wanted to post what I have researched so far to see if
anyone else has any information to add (both positive or negative information).
As always, I am simply posting my findings so far here, and I am not suggesting that anyone
buy FinCanna, but should do their own DD. I do own a few shares of FinCanna, but I am going to
look into it further before investing more heavily in it.
True Leaf Medicine Int’l (MJ in Canada, TRLFF in the US)

I have posted about True Leaf before (last January), but I think it bears repeating now.
Okay, so staying in the MJ stock world, but with a slightly different focus, True Leaf “provides
hemp-based pet chews and supplements marketed through natural pet health and veterinary
channels in Canada, the US, and Europe”. I believe many of you already know how much
people LOVE their pets and how they would do anything for them to make their lives better,
especially as they age. I personally believe True Leaf is on to something here…
A few notes about True Leaf:
 They have great Management, including a former Premier of British Columbia, so you
KNOW they have good political (and other) connections
 They have two divisions – True Leaf Med and True Leaf Pet
 True Leaf Med has a late-stage MJ grower application with Health Canada, and is
focused on growing medical MJ for humans (with the goal of being ‘revenue-ready’ by
the summer of 2018), and recently acquired the option to purchase 40 acres of land for
their facility expansion (to 1,000,000 square feet). They ‘could’ get their HC cultivation
license any week now.
 True Leaf Pet is focused on the $105 Billion Global pets market, that includes $1.6 Billion
in spending on supplements and nutraceuticals
 True Leaf is already selling pet products, and their packaging looks attractive and
professional (see attached pic)
 True Leaf’s products are available on (btw, Amazon sold $2 billion in pet
products in 2016, so they HAVE the market that True Leaf
wants), (in general, US pet product online sales have increased
45% in the last two years), and in 415 Pet Supplies Plus stores across the US
 For their latest quarter, True Leaf had revenues of $491,000 – much better than many
other LP’s who either have less revenue or no revenue at all yet. They are currently
operating at a net loss, but that is to be expected as they are in Hyper Growth Phase
(as most MJ-related stocks are right now) and they are only just ramping up their
operations and distribution channels
 At their current share price of $0.56, True Leaf has a Market Cap of $53.4 million
 The stock SEEMS to have good support at $0.50, so with the current share price at
$0.56, True Leaf SEEMS to have limited downside from these levels (see attached
pic of their stock chart)
 True Leaf is currently just above its 50-day moving average of 0.52, another good
It looks to me that the market cap of True Leaf is only for the pet side of the business and
they are not getting any market cap valuation at all for the Med MJ part of their business.
From looking at other publicly-traded late-stage applicants, the value of this part of their
business should be anywhere from $20 to $50 million, IMO, and even more once they are
awarded their cultivation license.
So, overall with True Leaf the thing I like about them is that they are doing something
different by addressing the pet market. The fact that they will ALSO be an LP and the
numbers seem to look good just makes me like them more, so I own some shares.
As always, do your own DD, as I am not an investment professional and I am just sharing my
thoughts with the group. Please let me know if your DD points out any errors or omissions in
my post, as I am always looking for feedback.