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Martinez 1

Judith Martinez

Professor Beadle

English 115

7 December 2019

Reflection Essay

Throughout the course, it has taught me to become a better writer and fix all the errors I

had entering college in my writing. My writing has changed on what I had struggles with, which

was with the organization and clearing my ideas. Throughout the semester there were important

essays that had helped expand our writing in learning how to look for our specific claim in the

claim of our writing. One of the essays we had worked on starting the year was Project Space in

which focused on the theoretical strategies and its effectiveness in writing. It taught me the ways

of analyzing and going more in-depth of what my argument is about based on three articles I had

to discuss in my writing. The second essay that I have worked on in the course was Project Text

which made me analyze the book The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and understand the social

criticism message that the author was focusing on. Lastly, the last essay we had worked on for

the semester was our choice of subject in which we analyze and view the effectiveness in

individuals such as the message behind it. All three essays have shown and helped my writing

drastically by understanding the way my organization and ways of analyzing my text.

At the beginning of the semester, we had started with the topic of the theoretical

strategies and the effectiveness they have to create a good article. We had to analyze and find the

theoretical strategies in each article and the end, we had to conclude in which article had shown

the most effective in using the theoretical strategies. As well we had to argue and back up our
Martinez 2

reasoning in why we chose the article. This had helped me organize all of my information to lead

to my argument. I had also been struggling with gathering my thoughts and asked for help at the

LRC. Throughout the essay process, I learned more about how articles show their effectiveness

and credibility. It helped my writing for my future essay in supporting my claim for my essays.

Forwarding into the semester we had to discuss The Metamorphosis and how it showed

criticism through society. I had a difficult time with the essay since I wasn't sure of my claim in

my essay for the prompt. However, it showed me how to rebuttal in a way it is clear on what I

am arguing for. The essay as well showed me the different perspectives many had over the book

in which I had to view to have my argument and be able to argue against my claim. I was also

shown on how to look for my sources in which have helped my writing throughout this essay to

provide more information and evidence from other sources other than the book. Project Text has

helped my writing in the ways of looking at more than one perspective to make my essay


Lastly, in my final essay of the semester, Project Media helped me choose my topic and

discuss the importance of what I was analyzing. I analyzed the show One Day At A Time in

which I had to figure out what was the main purpose and message of the show to the audience. It

was a tough essay to write at first. I was struggling in picking a certain topic of the show instead

of looking for a broad claim. As well I had struggled at first in following the prompt in which I,

later on, had figured out that helped me start a strong thesis and argument. But, when I had

figured out the purpose into a more specific claim it helped me create a strong argument. The

essay, as well as the other, have focused on analyzing different text and finding sources that will

make the argument stronger and argumentable.

Martinez 3

Overall, in the course, I had been shown many ways to create a strong essay that includes

credible sources and argumentative claims. I can say that my writing has gotten better throughout

the course by understanding the strategies that I had been taught in the three different essays we

have worked on in the semester. The essay Project Space shaped my writer's knowledge in

comparing different sources into choosing which to argue. The essay Project Text showed me

how to make my claim about a novella story and relate it to the real-life criticism that is shown in

the book. Lastly, Project Media showed the ways of finding credible sources of our own to

support our claim to the prompt of our presentations and essays. It had all shown us to become

better writers for our future essays.